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HUAWEI Watch GT 2 Brown + Additional Strap $169 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Use this watch for 1 Year, Super battery life for about 10 days of usage. Ideal watch for people hate recharge by day. Bought black one on Black Friday for my friends and now the brown one is on sale for incredible price!!!

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Price keep going up and down a bit.


    • That's the Amazon UK one so maybe currency conversions?

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    Thanks for posting this. My need for smart watch to send me push notifications on email, appointments, SMS, and messages. I have the Fitbit VERSA, and I keep missing my notification because the Fitbit app keeps getting shut down. Does this watch keep an active link with your phone? Do you need to run any companion apps to get the notifications? Good to hear from someone who uses this for 1 year. Note: I have a Huawei P20 Pro phone.

    • Facing the same issue with notification too

    • +2

      have you given the app permission for background activity?

      I don't have HUAWEI Watch but have a few mi/amazfit watches, they are pretty similar - never missed any notifications

    • No you don't. I get every SMS/Email/discord/Signal notification with a nice vibrate, you can't miss it.

    • I have a P30 Pro and it never had an issue. The Huawei health app is where you can do all your fitness stuff as well as download watch faces and upload your music and change your settings etc.

      I honestly can't remember if I did anything during setup. You might have to select which apps you want to push notifications enabling and disabling. I get all my notifications on my watch without issue. Calls, texts, whatsapp etc. Never had a drop out.

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      I was on the same boat with you when I had a Fitbit Versa, very annoyed, reset it a couple of days and push notifications only worked for a couple of hrs max each time (and I’m quite tech savvy, it’s definitely set up probably). Returned and bought Versa 2, same thing, and within 3 months the thing just would not vibrate at all, it turned out to be a system upgrade issue which was not fixed for weeks by the time I returned it (Fitbit was well aware of the issue). I have since used a Huawei Band, Mi Band, Samsung Galaxy watch and Apple Watch, none of these have notifications issues. Just stay away from Fitbit if you need the notifications on your wrist as much I as do :)
      Also to add that I have used those bands with Huawei, Oppo, Realme and Samsung phones, and they all worked perfectly fine except for the Fitbit.

    • Belated reply, but I had exactly the same issue and it turned out to be a power saving issue in the phone. I had to set the Versa to never sleep in about 4 different places (On Galaxy S10) but now it works perfectly for all notifications.

  • This or Band 6 not sure what the difference

  • Sockpuppeting detected, OP is associated with Huawei. However deal remains as there is interest from the community

    • +4

      I'm actually surprised you find out pretty quickly. I guess its why this website is so dam good. Putting community first.

      • The community helps us to act quickly - a couple of users had reported their suspicions which triggered us to investigate.

    • Maybe edit what they've said then, as it's unlikely they've used it/bought it for friends etc?

      • Probably not necessary as the Brand Rep tag has already been added against the OP username, which makes the statement irrelevant.

    • -1

      What's Sockpuppeting?

      • Sockpuppeting - in this case the OP did not declare association with Huawei.

        • OP member since "4 hours 38 min ago" πŸ™„

  • Perfect timing - was waiting for this to go back on sale.

    How do these work with iPhones and can you still control Spotify?

  • Shame this is 46mm, wife is after the stainless steel look but only black for 42mm

  • +15

    Neg for a Brand Rep writing a description like this

    "Use this watch for 1 Year, Super battery life for about 10 days of usage. Ideal watch for people hate recharge by day. Bought black one on Black Friday for my friends and now the brown one is on sale for incredible price!!!"

  • Sadly spo2 is not 24/7, which makes go with band 6.

    • It can't measure sp02 reliably without you being dead still. Unless it has a sensor that detects for stillness and does a measurement, I don't believe it. I also have this watch and have owned a few others, all similar results.

      • +1

        But at least the band 6 can automatically take few results a day, end up with a chance to warn me if I got covid.

        • -1

          If you have covid you'll feel it, no need for sp02.

          You'll feel like you need more effort to do things, you'll feel fatigued etc. Out of breath more easily doing normal activities.

          • +1

            @Bamboozle: This is not always the case,

            Even with a saturation below 95% people do not always feel so fatigued and breathless.

            This is coming from a 24 year old who had a Pulmonary Embolism and was saturating below 93% In the ER.

            • -1

              @Tehcookiemonsta: You will feel it if your sp02 is below 90.

              • @Bamboozle: Not true. My FIL had what I believe is referred to as silent hypoxia. His SP02 was ~90% but did not feel it until he passed out and woke up in ER. It is a new condition only found with COVID-19. Only way to tell is with oximeter.

                • @Ryballs: I'm not convinced, you don't pass out from sp02 at 90%, something else would have been going on.

                  You don't have sp02 <low 90s without having other symptoms.

                  • @Bamboozle: All he felt was "a bit tired" and was talking normally. I believe when he passed out a few hours later his SP02 was <90%. Anyways silent hypoxia and COVID-19 is fairly well documented.

                    Silent hypoxia is defined as a condition where an individual has alarmingly lower oxygen saturation level than anticipated (~ 50–80% saturation, while the anticipated saturation level is 95% or higher), however, the individual does not experience any breathing difficulty.


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    more of a fitness band than a smart watch, no music apps and no NFC payment support. But this is best hardware.

    • There's on board storage for your music.

      • Agree, i mean music streaming apps

  • +3

    I'm not sure why a sockpuppet should be allowed to profit from breaking the posting rules.

    • Not sure why they felt the need to sockpuppet in the first place.

      These were a front page Black Friday deal on Amazon AU for three days for $149 so you are really paying $20 for the strap. Still a decent deal from the usual price though.

      Edit - The Black Friday deal included the strap too.

  • +3

    This is a great watch with some caveats. I've owned one for over 6 months now.

    It doesn't sync with Strava. There is a new workaround, but it's clunky and doesn't always work. Their included health app is great however.

    The call quality from the watch (via bluetooth) is great. loud and clear.

    The quality of free faces and brown band make it look like an evening watch. It doesn't scream "fitness band" at all.

    Battery life is fantastic and not overstated at all.

    Anyone with any questions, feel free to ask.

    • I read you can't interact with notifications - is this true? Could be a deal breaker for me

      • +1

        Correct. Have had my GT2 for about 2 months now and can only read notifications, cannot reply etc.

    • Re watch faces I've heard the gt2e had more options than gt2 but have also heard this had been updated so they both have the same range. Any idea about this?

      • The gt2 has hundreds, if not thousands of free faces, let alone the ones you can pay for. No issue with range.

  • Does this one has the ECG and BP monitor like the Samsung watch?

    • No.

      Plus the Sammy watch only works with Sammy phones for those functionalities.

      • +1

        thanks bud.

  • -1

    There are another link GT2e for $119 for prime member. Gt2e is the improved model of gt2 I believe.


    • +3

      2e is the cut down model.

      • You are right. I canceled my order

  • +1

    wasnt this 149 on black friday

    • Maybe without extra strap.

    • It was GT2e for $149 (and $119 for Prime members).
      I bought it originally, then cancelled and got the GT2 instead.

      • You either bought yours from some other shop or you're talking nonsense. The front page Black Friday deal was this one for $149 with the extra strap.

        I commented on the other OB post here then ended up going back and buying a couple of them as gifts for family members.

        • Wrong guesses, mate.

          That's exactly the page I bought GT2e from and it was $149 for regular users and $119 for prime users (the price for regular users has changed on this page for GT2e at least several times within 2 days).
          I then cancelled and bought a GT2 (not the "E") from the exact same page.

      • i think it was the GT 2 sport - which is same as GT 2 but with a sports strap. GT2e does not do bluetooth call and is much cheaper at 119

    • $149 not the brown one, same product page but the black one.

  • WHAAAAAT! I honestly purchased this about 2 hours ago, $170 from Amazon UK. Cancelled and now purchased this one which saves $1 and should be delivered tomorrow. :)

  • +1

    Ordered the Amazon UK one a few days back for $171… managed to successfully cancel & ordered this one instead.
    Thanks OP.

    • Yeah, better from AU, the drum I ordered from UK, disappeared and refunded.

  • Remember cashrewards guys, not sure count as watches or electronics.

    • How much do you get back from Cashrewards? I see Shopback has 3%

      • +1

        Electronics 4%, Watches 6%, I think they count it as Electronics.

      • SB seems to be 7.5% ATM. Hopefully applies to my purchase.

        • Scratch that, it doesn't qualify as a watch

          • @scottb721: CR didn't give me 4% , just did an enquiry.

            • @superforever: I think I got 2% from SB which is their rate for wearable tech.

              • @scottb721:

                I think I got 2% from SB which is their rate for wearable tech.

                Same with CR, they emailed me said something about "Smartwatches is part of the exclusions subcategory under Electronics"

  • To the OP Huawei rep - what's the deal with watch GT3?

    Would love to buy, but doesn't look like it's been brought to Australia?

    • watch GT3

      I think only from UK or US, so new.

  • I’m gonna neg it despite it might be a decent watch. Op could have been more upfront about being associated with Huawei, many business owners/managers do it in ozb community and nothing wrong with it. Subtle manipulation is still a manipulation.

  • Still available for 170.94

  • +1

    $157.12 now but from UK, AU $207?

  • Playing with it today, did yours have a plastic screen protector on the watch? The box have sealed sticky, just want to make sure normally they should have some kind of packing plastic screen protector on it.

    Watched some youtube unboxing seem also no plastic screen protector on it.

    Also couldn't find the watch face just like the one on the box, is there one?

    EDIT: found the face on the watch itself.

    • The Huawei health app also needs to update from apk from Check for updates, google play store last updated 2020.

      Also received several firmware updates, one by one.

      Why my bluetooth shows the GT2 was connected, all smart watch I have they won't show an active bluetooth connection in settings, bluetooth, wondering will it use more battery on my phone?

    • Mine didn't have a screen protector but I purchased one of ebay. Fits fine.

      • Mine didn't have a screen protector

        Thanks, in that case I don't think they have like other smart watch.

        Is your Bluetooth kept connected like earphone, etc? My Amazfit or other Smart watch didn't show in the BT list at all.

        • Yeah watch constantly shows as connected to my P30. If I connect Earbuds to phone at same time both show up as connected

  • Well that's rather disappointing.
    Google Fit integration is blocked and I don't really want to be running two separate 'health' environments.
    I'm guessing too that my Playstore watch apps won't work either.

    Might be a return job, such a shame, nice looking watch :-(

    • I'm guessing too that my Playstore watch apps won't work either.

      Yeah have to update app from apk, google play version out of date.

      But I don't mind about google fit such a good watch.

      Play with it and see what do you think, return open until end of Jan 2022

      • But will it let me install other apps from the Playstore that I use on my original Huawei Watch ?

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