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Microsoft LifeCam Cinema Webcam $29 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Harvey Norman & Officeworks


With widescreen HD video quality and clear, detailed sound, the Microsoft LifeCam Cinema Webcam is a handy must-have for your streaming or video conferencing needs.
Key Features
*ClearFrame image-processing technology delivers smooth, detailed video and optimised audio
*Enhances speech quality via its built-in digital, noise-cancelling microphone
*Integrated 720p sensor captures high-definition (HD) quality video at up to 30fps

The same webcam is listed for the same price at Officeworks. I managed to price match at JB Hi Fi (listed as $89).

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Thanks mate. Snatched one

  • -2

    I don’t have a need for one but seems too well priced to not buy

    • +2

      720p, 30 fps, no auto focus? Sounds like buying this, ie. something you probably own a similar or better model of already.

      • I use this for work, and it does the job. If you were self employed and didn't have one, it's better than some random no brand, at least you know it will be half decent and have support.

        BTW I find it gives me a bit of a tan/oversaturated. Not a huge issue, some might prefer it

  • I got this for around $23: https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B08K95N5L7/ref=ppx_yo_d...

    Had a lot of comments on the quality, most people in my company are using laptop webcams which tend to give a fairly average result with blurred backgrounds in Teams.

    • +18

      That's a filter.

      • +4

        The quality of the camera dictates how successfully the filter is applied. A grainy image and constant light and colour changes stuffs it up. Clearer images work better.

    • price shows as $39.99 now. Did you use a code to drop the price down to $23?

      • Yeah the deal was on here somewhere

    • How is that one? I almost got it when the deal came up

      • +1

        Pretty good, you wouldn't use it for streaming or anything but it's a step up from an integrated camera.

    • I think I have the old version of that, it matches the one shown in the comments. Mine is pretty fish eyed and has bad colour correction.
      Is yours any better?

      • Slightly fish eyed, but just the right amount for me. Colour correction is fine.

  • I recall webcams being non-existent after 1st Covid outbreak. Might as well snag a spare at this price. Thanks, OP.

    • +5

      im ready for mega covid max plus in 2022

      • +3

        Introducing the Mega COVID Max Plus Pro XS XR Y Premium

        • +3

          still waiting for C19 version Xi….

        • +1

          if it's released by Apple, best believe you'll be buying the yearly updates

          • @samuel042: And the vaccine port never fits the previous year

      • Smallpox in January. I'm calling it now.

  • +7

    I don’t have a need for one but seems too well priced to not buy…

    Don't really though cause I'm using an app on Android called DroidCam as a webcam for free in HD. It doesn't overheat your device if you are connected via cable. I have had no problems with them so far! Besides, it's not really good to be on your mobile while you're studying/working :)

    • Wait, you can share through cable with droidcam? Thanks for telling me, I was getting frustrated with the compression through wireless.

      • Yeah I survived covid years without needing to fork out for a webcam..still going strong and 10M+ downloaded users agree.

        • +1

          I just paid for it with all those Google reward. Its so worth it

      • FYI My LG phone requied it to be in developer debug mode

    • It's a great app and using your phone's camera produces great quality in low lighting too. You can even go wireless and move the camera around easily. I use it for taking Zoom exercise classes.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, too cheap to ignore, seems like a lot of stores went overboard with WFH gear, with people moving back to the office and fatigued by zoom, I think there will be more deals like this.

  • Poor webcam even at that price. Would recommend this https://www.amazon.com.au/Streaming-Microphone-100-Degree-Re...

    • +1

      have any videos to compare quality?

    • Hey bud. Please share more. I noted a couple of complaints of autozoom going nuts, but hoped that the latest firmware will resolve. Did pull the trigger and buy it before seeing your comments. Not afraid to cancel if it's not good :D.

      • Yes - auto focus issues, especially within 1m. This Microsoft cam is old tech (2009) and cheaper 1080p cams blow it away. https://www.amazon.com.au/Streaming-Microphone-100-Degree-Re... this one is a bargain for 29..but it just went back to 39 (what I paid a year ago) I've been teaching English online for a while with it.

      • I have the amazon one. Fish-eyed and white-balance all off. Don't recommend, in the market for a new camera. Afraid I might just have to dish out extra

        • I have the same one and same issues.. Let me know if you settle on something!

    • You reckon this would work with android tv?

      • Got this Amazon one, but not good if you are little away from the cam

    • I’ve got one that looks just like this, was a similar price. Quality is ok for a webcam . But it’s got a really wide field of view so I don’t like it. It gets most of my room and I’m just a little feature in the middle.

      I’m looking to try one that has better picture quality and narrow FOV.

  • +1

    This or the Creative Live Cam 2 for $59? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/662264

    Both seem to have their share of promoters and those with issues.

    • I've got the Creative LC V2. Seems pretty good, but maybe not 2x as good as this.

    • Both are not good.

      • What one is good?

        • Logitech Brio is you have $$
          Stream cam is OK too but only uses USB C.
          Razer Kiyo Pro is also good.

          If you are on a budget you can get the logitech c920

    • +1

      Thanks, just bought the creative one, seems much better than this 5 yrs old model. The lid on creative is something I particularly like.

  • -2

    Just use your phone as webcam. Better quality and free

    • Ozbb costs money to run. If you post against their commercial interests you get thrown off hence the robot negging!!

    • how can i use my phone as a webcam for my laptop?

  • +5
    • +4

      Thanks, I much prefer buying from OW.

      • +5

        Yeah I don't but from Harvey's thanks to all the GST I have to pay thanks to that sod.

        • Once I get my free coffee at HN I ask them when they were going to stock and discount them Paltrow candles!

          • @payless69: How do you get a free coffee at HN?

            • @Gaz1: Towards weekend they have demonstrators so just pretend to be dumb and hope for symphathy….

              One way to pay back mr greed!

    • +1

      legend, thanks mate

    • +2

      I prefer OW but how can I cancel my order from HN?

      • +6

        You ask Gerry Harvey. He's a jolly decent sort, not like those other money grubbers like Lifeline and the Salvos.

        • +6

          Yeah cancel it. He's greedy scum. Incessantly whined to government to get GST added to every import claiming it would prop up the poor business practices, inflated prices, and awful service of Australian retailers. Now I can't buy something on ebay USA with AU$ and ship it to a USA reshipper without paying GST. Meaning you can potentially pay GST twice! Once when paying for the goods in AUD, and again if customs demands more $ when it arrives in Australia - because they have no idea you've already paid GST. There is a way around it, but what a pain in the neck. The things most of us buy overseas cannot be purchased here anyway. So the dumb @#$^% has only cost us more, leaving us with LESS money to buy stuff from Australian retailers.

          To thank him these last few years I now research and look at products in person utilizing HN stores and staff… then go home, research prices online, and buy it cheaper somewhere else.

  • -1

    Do you think my Onlyfans subscribers would say this is acceptable quality?

    • +1

      Depends on the content

      • +2

        Feet streams while playing games

    • They’d prefer you go for something in 360 resolution.

    • +2

      Well, I use a 72p camera for my OnlyOZBargainFans account and the eneloops just keep rolling in!

  • I had this for my main webcam for working from home for a while.

    Not perfect, but does the job for Zoom meetings etc.

    Bought another one from OW to use with my laptop.

  • +4

    PSA: Does not work with MacBook (macOS?). Known issue with overexposing: https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/microsoft-lifecam-hd-wa...

    • Yes, this webcam and Microsoft’s 1080p webcam are both overexposed when using with iMac or MacBook.

      • I've been through a few webcams (including this MS one), and none of them seem to work on Mac or Linux… not sure why. Windows is always fine.

        The IP streaming camera function on an old Android phone has worked every time though!

  • Cooool. Needed a not totally crap mic for my desktop, this will work.

  • Anyone know if it’ll work with raspberry pi or octoprint?
    I need more than one angle on my print….

    • Should be a UVC compliant camera, so should work on Linux without any hassle.

  • Wow they still sell this one? Pretty sure it first came out in about….. 2009.

  • +2

    Plugging some RCA cables into a literal potato will probably yield similar results.

    • Is that the definition of potato quality? Was always wondering what the tech specs of potato quality was.

  • I had this webcam before and had to switch to a better one. This camera kept auto zooming me in and out non-stop, which myself and others found really annoying.

    It's at a good price, but I wouldn't recommend this unless they have some sort of new software/ driver.

    • You can disable the auto-focus to prevent that. But it's ancient so there's no software to set it properly, so you have to set it every time you reboot using the windows camera app (enable advanced options, and set the focus to slider to 0%).

      It was a good camera like 10 years ago. Now, not so much.

  • Wow pricematch at ow!

  • This is pretty garbage TBH, I had one. It's not HD, it's 720p. Also the auto exposure control is terrible.

    For this price it's OK, wouldn't pay more.

    • That why HN stocks it!

    • 720p counts as HD, just not Full HD (1080p)

  • got this at ow and only picked up today - manufacture date is 02/2021 and better camera than the built-in macbook. clearer even when the light from the window is behind. for the price, good flexibility

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