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[Price Error] DeWalt 18V Brushless 2-Piece 1x 5.0Ah Combo Kit DCK2032P1-XE - $136 Delivered @ Total Tools


First time poster, but this looked like a good deal:

Kit includes:
1 x DEWALT 18V Brushless 13mm Hammer Drill Skin DCD795N-XE
1 x DEWALT 18V XR Brushless Impact Driver Skin DCF787N-XJ
1 x DEWALT 18V XR 5.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery DCB184-XE
1 x DEWALT 10.8V-18V XR Li-ion Battery Charger DCB115-XE

Total Tools are also doing a cyber monday free delivery offer.

UPDATE: looking at the comments may only be a WA offer

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  • already have the skins - but wouldnt mind another at this price. do we know for sure if this is a price error?
    don't want to go through the rort of a credit card refund.

  • +20

    All worked well for me. Did click and collect, received a confirmation 3 minutes later to say order is ready to collect.

    Just picked it up without any issue. Happy days to me. Good luck everyone else.

    • Winner!!

    • +1

      winner winner chicken dinner.

      which WA store did you pick up from? Another poster above said the canning vale store wouldn't honour the price error.

      • I picked up at the Kewdale store. Looked like someone else was walking out with one as I walked in to collect. :)

    • +2

      Same. I just went and picked up a C&C. The system seems totally automated. No one even raised an eyebrow.

    • Good win. Shame all the total tool shops around me close at 5:30.

      • Helps to be in WA, still 5pm here. 30 mins to get into a store!

        • +1

          Better get my 7 eleven chopper up and running

      • Yeah I was hoping to C&C before cancellation, but oh well..

    • Well done lad. Great price that

  • I dont see why this works for some people and not others, even when setting stores to the same place?

    • Probably because of using the same browser. I needed to change to incognito.

      • I've used 2 different browsers and incognito on both, no dice.

  • -1

    Let's wait and see, all these dirty cheap ozb prices ended up with email and refund. So I wouldnt try again with my card details.

  • Hi All,

    Appears to work on VPN to Perth on PC, tried VPN on my phone and comes up as $299 but on my PC using Surfshark shows price of $136.28

    Hope this helps for some people.

    • As a follow up, took me probably 5 attempts to make Surfshark work, flicking between Sydney and Perth. Eventually got Perth to work.

  • Worked for me, paid PayPal , didn't get any emails form total tools wait n see.

  • Can anyone buy for me.. don’t have any VPN.. and deliver to Sydney’s please

    • +17

      Yes please share your credit card details, name and address and DOB. I'm logged into VPN now and will order for you.

      • +6

        4268 1534 7854 1684
        Rah Oolz
        3/54 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000

        Please buy one ASAP :P

        • Seriously can't believe you're posting cc details on an open forum.

        • This is a joke….right?

        • +2

          Thanks mate I ordered you one

        • what's the CCV and expiry date?

    • LMAOOO

  • +1

    VPN + Incognito allowed me to replicate! Bought a set! thanks buddy!

    • Same here! VPN + Incognito + Paypal = Winner !!!!

      Gotta love Ozb!

  • +1

    worked for me, i'm in Perth

  • any free vpn I can use?

    • don't need the tool, but now it looks like privileged to be able to buy one…

      • +2

        Honestly don't bother wasting your time, I ordered using a VPN however it's not going to be honored not when this many people have purchased.

        • +2

          Thank you mate. It's the self esteem, regardless they honor the order or not.

    • Mate you have to be a true ozbargainer. There are always vpn deals posted on here! Sometimes free!

      • Appologizes, not ozb enough. will upskill myself.

    • +1

      Nordvpn is virtually free after cashback

  • Price error aside, I almost bought this until I googled reviews about the DCD795N - a lot of people are reporting "chuck wobble' and trigger issues.

    • DeWalt are deffo not as good as they used to be

    • I've got a bit of 'chuck wobble' on my impact, but it has been dropped from ladders/extension ladders a few times - quite often to concrete so I'm glad that's all it's got.
      Mines the 887 series though.

      • So the one that spontaneously combusts?

  • Nord + chrome incognito worked for me. Order confirmation email received. We'll see…

  • I have surfshark vpn and it isn't working even in Incognito

  • Worked for me on Nord + Edge, awesome deal.

  • I call price error accompanied by a refund and apology…

  • +1

    Thanks OP…..Chur bro……..just managed to pick up one for me and another for the old man got free free delivery too $272.56 for 2 sets ….Choice thank you bro

    • …….Got the email too…..stink news aye…… oh well it was way too good to be true aye bro

  • +1

    Believe it or not, I never used a drill in my life but i bought one also lelz
    Buy first, learn how to use later

    • +4

      you put your corn cobs on it, makes for super great eating!

    • +1

      this is a result of a failed school system - try to get a refund

  • Dont know why but i bought… Thanks OP

    NordVPN to perth w/ Incognito

  • Ordered 2 and shipped to Canberra.

    VPN + Incognito worked like a charm.

  • So hard to choose wether to try this , I do see you can "Click and Collect" from any location once you get the price.
    If you were at the store at 7am when it opens you might get it before they pause it .

    • Didn't work :(

      Man's rejected me faster than I could even wake up.

  • -1

    no way this deal will be honoured

  • Wonder why it happens to this item only. No other item seems affected.

  • +2

    looks like its gone to me, can get it to show up from the link but says not available when trying to add to cart even with a store instock
    and if search it its not found

    • yep same, can't add to cart for me

  • +4

    If someone can get Bunnings to beat this by 10% they win ozbargainer of the year

  • dang it just a few minutes late, had to buy Nord vpn

  • Same here, not working anymore even if it shows the right price. It says out of stock.

  • +1

    Midland WA store still shows in stock and available to C&C @$136.28.
    Post code 6056 to make it easier to get right store.
    Local Midland Bunnings will likely see same as they will show same price online when they check.

    Don't forget, Bunnings price match is -10% so would be $122.65 if they do it.

    • Cant add to cart even though it shows available.

      • +1

        Yeah same error, "the product you are trying to add is unavailable".

        More a case of trying to get someone to price match it before they change the price on screen

  • +3

    By the time I got the price right…it’s gone 😒

    Well Done OP… you shakedown the things here with your first post ! Welcome onboard mate !!

  • Can't seem to add to cart and I'm in WA ,is it sold out ? Seems available for click and collect

  • +1

    After several VPN to perth attempts, i have successfully got teh $139 price, but unable to add to cart. Shortly afterwards, they have taken the site down.

  • Can't add to cart

  • Ripper deal for anyone that got it, well done to the original poster.

  • Cant add to cart

  • +1

    wish bunnings was still open

  • Can't even add to cart at $299, looks like they're on to us!

  • +4

    Bunnings price matched and beat it by 10%.

  • +2

    Aah ffs ,vpn (profanity) !haha must have gotten all the stock, not often there's a WA only deal 😂
    Tried to price beat with Bunnings asked them to look at website ,but they said you must bring in proof of the cheaper price ,wtf! How are you supposed to do that ? As if gonna ask for a price then travel to Bunnings to nearly beg for their discount.
    Their staff where pretty reluctant to budge ,goes to show there price beat is absolute bullshit ( well Bunnings Midland anyways ),second time I've tried in total and first was actual in person and got rejected too.shit cnuts!

    • +2

      Lol bring what? They're taking the piss. Every other price beat store just looks at the website.

      • +2

        Exactly , really surprised by their attitude ,could understand if it was a small corner shop being reluctant,but a huge company and the minions that work for them actually being awkward and difficult ,you'd think it was their own actual money you where taking from them,clowns

        • Solution - stop going back to them. But but… no stop!

  • +5

    They took the page down. Send me your drill you cheap skates.

    Edit: just got it from Bunnings price beat to $122.65 before it closed lol

    • good game from your side!

    • Well played🙌

  • -1

    Anyone that managed to price match at Bunnings mind posting a receipt?

    • +1

      Do they still honour it?

      I got a price beat receipt.

  • +1

    Zero need as I have way too many. Bought just because I can. Won't be heartbroken if it was cancelled and refunded. Otherwise might be a nice xmas presie

  • -2

    It's a pricing error, good luck boys

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