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[Price Error] DeWalt 18V Brushless 2-Piece 1x 5.0Ah Combo Kit DCK2032P1-XE - $136 Delivered @ Total Tools


First time poster, but this looked like a good deal:

Kit includes:
1 x DEWALT 18V Brushless 13mm Hammer Drill Skin DCD795N-XE
1 x DEWALT 18V XR Brushless Impact Driver Skin DCF787N-XJ
1 x DEWALT 18V XR 5.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery DCB184-XE
1 x DEWALT 10.8V-18V XR Li-ion Battery Charger DCB115-XE

Total Tools are also doing a cyber monday free delivery offer.

UPDATE: looking at the comments may only be a WA offer

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  • +2

    bought the VPN for this deal and then found out that there is no WA server. Damn it!

  • missed out

  • damn missed out, wanted to get it for dads bday. anyone buy an extra set and want to sell?

  • Just got the dreaded email. Better luck next time…

    "Thank you for shopping with Total Tools.

    Please be advised that unfortunately, we are unable to process your online order ############.

    Unfortunately, we experienced a website error that affected the DEWALT 18V Brushless 2 Piece 1 x 5.0Ah Combo Kit (..178937) showing the item in stock and at the incorrect price. Unfortunately, this item is both out of stock, and $299 rather than the incorrect price of $136.28. According to our Terms & Conditions accepted upon check out, we do reserve the right to correct any price errors published on the website.

    We know this may come as a disappointment. In this regard, your online order ########## has been canceled and refunded. You should expect to see the amount re-appear in your payment account in the next couple of business days, depending on your banking institution.

    We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.

    Kind regards,
    Total Tools Online Support"

    • +1

      Someone's working late lol

    • -3

      Got the email too. It takes a special Company to honour price mistakes and when they do I become a loyal customer for life. Not these guys

      • +1

        Pretty unreasonable, it seemed like more a glitch than a price error, the fact that you in Melb required a VPN to get that price tells you something.

        • -1

          What difference does the VPN make? People in WA also had their orders cancelled.
          Glitch == Price error

          • +1

            @WarriorZ: Because they would had 100s (if not 1000) east coast orders mixed in. It was a glitch, stop being so precious that a business doesn’t want to lose thousands so that a few of us can score a bargain

    • Got the same email as well, 🤣

      • Did you go delivery or C&C? I'm hoping to try my luck making it in-store early.

        • Delivery.

    • Damn that's a shame, did you order delivery or C&C?

      • +1


  • Damn. Anyone got a spare set in sydney they wanna sell?

  • Dang killer deal. I'm in Perth too. Shame I missed it.

  • Can anyone share a invoice or receipt either from total tools or bunnings price matching it, gonna try to price match in the morning

  • Ordered last night for delivery and woke up to a refund.

  • Well at least the refund is prompt

  • I ordered multiple. 1 delivery cot refunded… No word from the click and collect.. maybe there is still hope

    • I went in to collect a click and collect and they've put all of them on freeze to cancel them. Wouldn't let me pick it up :(

      Don't get your hopes up.

      • Which state?

      • +2

        "Unfortunately, this item is both out of stock"

        That's obviously a lie

  • +1

    I say last bet is to got to bunnings with a screen shot or your order and try to get them to price match

  • I got a invoice receipt, wonder if they can approval it with no stock

  • +2

    Got it for $122.65 @ Bunnings, this morning.

    • GTFO! haha how?!?

    • Please share how and where!

    • +3

      Please share receipt for pricematch

    • Please share the invoice

  • +3

    I got a collection ready notification and drive to my local store which is nearly 30 mins away… Refused to honour it even after getting me to drive all that way. Have spent thousands at this store. Let's just say Sydney tools will be getting a bit more of my business from now on.

    • They also had 10 sitting on the shelf

    • Ouch that's painful

    • Which store?

      • Sunbury

    • get a bit less of your business?

      • -1

        Maybe re read

        • perhaps you should reread it, lol.

          in summary,
          you didn't get the item you wanted. to show them a lesson you are going to be spending a lot more money there? huh

          usually when the store doesn't take care of me, i take my business somewhere else and not give them more money. little backwards mate, but we are in the land down under.

          • +1

            @Hugh G Rection: How about you re read it again for a third time and let it sink in lol

            • -1

              @AndyRoo: "Let's just say Sydney tools will be getting a bit more of my business from now on."

              this means you are going to still shop there after treating you poorly. what am i missing?

              • +1

                @Hugh G Rection: Sydney tools are total tools main competitors. Probably why I will be shopping there instead

                • +1

                  @AndyRoo: oh crap, i see. ahahahahah

                  i thought you are talking about the same store twice. bunnings would have been a better alternative since it wouldn't have tools in the name.

                  • -1

                    @Hugh G Rection: Lol. I was waiting for you to pick up on it. Repco is even a viable option now they stock Milwaukee as well

  • +5

    Picked mine up this morning

    Will upload tax invoice for anyone wanting to price match once I receive it


  • Would be great if you can share the receipt. Will go to bunnings for price match.

  • Just got a phone call from the store, that they will refund me for the order… unlucky :)

  • +3

    Just picked up my orders!

    • Can you share the Invoice please

  • Went to bunnings showed bunnings receipt wouldn't price match unless it's stocked so gl to whoever got it =)

    • Unless its stocked?

    • Share the receipt, please?

  • -2

    Add total tools to the never shop from again list

  • +2

    They seem to be taking their time to cancel the delivery order

  • i don't need it, but sure would take one at that price. i have dewalt taste, but screwdriver money.

  • +2

    Well I just had a very unpleasant experience at the store I purchased from.
    I won't go into detail but I was basically snapped at with attitude and made to feel Total Tools mistake was mine.
    Very surprising and unexpected.

    I also still have not been provided with a refund.

    • Give us the detail

      • yes, please.
        We'd love to hear it

      • Yeah, give us the details!

  • Refunded :(

  • Refunded

  • Refunded

  • $299 was still a cracking deal for this set. I bought it in August for $450 with the redemption offer. Great combo of tools.

    • +4

      it's 299 at bunning normally

  • +2

    I still haven't received a cancellation notice or a refund from my online purchase yesterday.

  • Refunded

  • Refunded

  • +2

    Received refund email at 7pm. Any Ozbargain lawyers out there keen to represent me and see if there's any flaws in their T&C's that they've quoted in the email? "According to our Terms & Conditions accepted upon check out, we do reserve the right to correct any price errors published on the website."

    • +2

      "Unfortunately, this item is both out of stock, and $299 rather than the incorrect price of $136.28."

      This is a blatant lie. The giant stack of drill kits at the entrance was even pointed out to me by the staff "see, that's them here, they are $299".
      So no, it was not out of stock.

      • -2

        Thank you for representing me. I'll pass your details onto John and tell him my people will talk to his people.

  • +2

    So yesterday morning I received a shipping notification from Total Tools but I wasn't sure if it was my gaffa tape or Dewalt set. As it turns out, I just received my Dewalt set - delivered in Melbourne!

    Side note - I've found of recent times that Couriers Please has been really excellent with their delivery times, often delivering next day.

    • Slipped through well done

  • +2

    Oh boy do I have an update on this deal. If anyones keen to hear it let me know. It’s defiantly one for the record books! Lol

    • Please share.

    • Well now that you've lead with that…

  • +2

    Ok so here it is fellow Ozbarginers,

    As you are all aware on Monday the 29th of November this amazing deal was brought to our attention, Many of us placed our orders, some had placed click and collect and many chose a delivery option. I myself chose to click and collect unfortunately it was after store trading hours so I would go and pick up the 3 I ordered the next morning.

    Throughout the night I kept reading people getting refused the orders due to “pricing error or out of stock”. Some driving more then 30 min to be told they couldn’t fulfil the order.

    After arriving at the store I had given them my order number. After a long 10 min wait to my surprise the store person came out with all 3 and asked for my ID and signature.

    Now, after arriving home I receive an email saying sorry but we have had to cancel and refund your order due to Blah blah blah… at this point I was laughing because I had already picked them up.

    This morning I wake up to a notification on my phone to a full refund. To top this off I received a $30 store credit for some odd reason.

    Yours truely,


    • Nice.. My two got refunded without the funds in my account yet on day 2 sighh

  • Hope you're going to inform them and refund before they chase you up.

    • +1

      I have already called them and told them

      • Glad you did the right thing! Bargains are great but integrity is essential.

        • Thank you, yes defiantly. I had already received a great price there’s no way I could bring myself to not calling them right away. I hope anyone else that it’s happened to would do this but each to their own I guess.

        • My integrity is worth way less than $136 :(

  • Took their sweet time, but got the dreaded refund email. A bit miffed they also cancelled the gaffa tape I had on the same order too.

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