Best 4K 43 Inch TV under $800?

I'm after 43 inch 4K TV

Main Use Scenarios:
Connect my PC via HDMI to play PC games on it, watch YouTube, watch videos/movies from HDD via USB3.0 connection, maybe use as a 2nd monitor for PC will depend on the quality.

Right now looking at

  1. Hisense UHD 4K Series A7G TV 2021 model - $695

  2. TCL 43" C725 QLED 4K ANDROID TV 2021 model - $695

Both look similar, but somehow I'm more inclined to get Hisense, as it seems to have more features.
Btw, I'm not bothered by the TV app selection, as already have Google TV & Amazon Prime and will be mostly watching YouTube, connect my PC via HDMI and play PC games on this TV and watch some 720p / 1080p / 2160p videos

Can anyone weigh in on the choices if they have experience with either?
And if someone tried connecting PC for games and general use like a 2nd monitor?

Other potential TV's are:
LG 43-inch UP8000 4K $895
Samsung 43-inch AU8000 4K $895
but they are more expensive and seem to have less features and I think are 2020 models



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    Shame you got no response, I'm in the same boat. I'm leaning towards the TCL but only really because its QLED. I've read the $100 premium over the P725 isn't worth it but I haven't seen them.

    Have you seen any of your options in person?

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      I believe both TCL C725 & Hisense A7G are QLED panels that are also VA panels. QLED is a fancy name for Direct LED, which both are.
      TCL has 1x USB3.0 & 2 HDMI inputs, Hisense has additional USB2.0 & third HDMI
      TCL (according to their manual) has 8bit 4:4:4 [email protected] which is important for using it as PC, so desktop and text is crisp and clear, not sure about Hisense it is not listed on their website.

      Both support H.265 which is awesome!

      TCL has 270 Nits of Brightness & 1296 Zones of Micro Dimming.
      Hisense, not sure can't find that info.

      Hisense USB3.0 supports NTFS format which means can have video files over 4GB in size on HDD to watch directly on TV, TCL doesn't specify. Would be great to test it in the store.

      That's why I'm kinda perplexed about which one I should get.
      I haven't actually seen any in person, I live in remote area, so have to do my research online.

      However, both of them are brand new models only released in the last few months so not many reviews available.

      • Oh this is great info, thank you.

        • Do you reckon you could check out both of them in person in a store this week?
          As I said, I live remote, so have to do my research online.
          And if you can, maybe see if NTFS formatted USB stick or portable HDD works with both TV's and if you have any HDR10 H.265 HEVC videos to play, just compare how the picture quality is?

          Cheers mate!

          • @auozb: Actually yeah, I might have time this weekend. I'll keep you posted.

            • @Ryanek: That's great!
              Thank you @Ryanek

  • Hi OP,

    I have the Hisense UHD 4K Series A7G TV 2021 model, just got it last week to replace a smashed older model (VR session gone wrong..)

    It's a great upgrade from the previous model, but with two caveats:

    i. The viewing angle is super-tight, and I think the Rtings review mentioned this as well. If you're off-axis by more than 20 degrees or so the opposite side of the screen can look slightly washed out. But more than 45 degrees and it's almost unwatchable (depending on your expectations of course, some people don't mind crap). It's a consideration if you will have multiple people watching the screen from different locations. Fortunately it's just me and one other person sitting at opposite ends of a couch directly in front of the telly, and the effect is barely noticeable. But when I sit on my 'comfy chair' at the side of the couch it looks bad (washed out / white).

    ii. The 'out of the box' picture settings are terrible. Colour saturation and contrast and other 'smoothing' settings were way too high, and it took quite a while to get a nice image. But now that I've made the adjustments it's a definite improvement over the old model, and I'm enjoying the screen a lot. I wish I knew how to adjust the 'expert settings' but I can't find a guide anywhere.

    I'm happy with the apps (includes Disney+ along with all the usuals), and wifi performance seems great so far. So my only real complaint is the viewing angle.

    Let me know if you'd like me to test anything on it

    • @psychicEgg

      VR session gone wrong, sounds like a fun story! haha

      In regards to the settings, I've found a review but its for A7GQ model, not exactly sure what the difference is between Q and non-Q model, but have a look

      1. Yeah, I was aware of the angle of view issue, both TCL and Hisense models are VA panels, which means they provide better contrast than IPS panels but angle of view is not as good. But that's ok, same as you, it will be used in a small room, so pretty much will be straight in front of the TV.
      2. If I end up buying it, I might ask you about your best settings. ;) haha

      And yes, if you have access to some HDR10 4K videos and could play them back from portable HDD or USB stick using TV's stock media player app, just to see if there is any stutter, square boxes in bright-to-dark areas during scene change and overall HDR10 experience.

      When using TV's stock YouTube app to watch 4K videos, any stutter or jiggle or anything?

      And if you do have a laptop or PC, connect it via HDMI and see how it handles general desktop viewing, browser text, maybe a PC game.

      Thank you mate!!

      • Hi, sorry I couldn't run any tests on Friday. But checked it out today

        4K mkv H265 movies from NTFS external hard drive look great, watched no time to die & apocalypse now. I don't think I have any HDR sources though as my main telly isn't HDR capable so I haven't been looking for it

        Youtube 4K looks fantastic, no stutter. A few buffering issues but that's my wifi, as the tv / wifi booster is located in a self-contained unit far from the router. A mouse chewed through my 30m network cable and needs replacing :)

        Played red dead redemption 2 on a PS4 Pro in 4K and it looks better than I've seen it before

        Also, the viewing angle seems to have improved a little over time. I'm not sure if it's because I'm getting used to it or the tv has 'warmed up' a little. But still, you'll want to be front facing for the best experience

        As for your follow-up question, I'll check if I have a 1440p source

        But yeah, it's a good telly for the price

        • you are a LEGEND @psychicEgg !!
          Thank you!
          That helps a lot with my decision, I reckon I'll go for Hisense.
          Another reason, the only shop where I can buy a TV, they don't have TCL in stock anyway, only Hisense and Sammy.
          But Sammy doesn't have Dolby Vision.

          • @auozb: Sorry I couldn't find a 1440p source .. my PC is relocated to a home office upstairs in the main house, and is difficult to lug around as it's a bit of a beast

            Plus I discovered my PS4 only does 1080 or 4K

            I like both Hisense and Samsung (I also have a 43" Sammy RU7100) .. if you have an opportunity I'd compare them side by side to see which you prefer. But either way I'm sure you'll be happy with it

            • @psychicEgg: No worries, thanks for checking everything!
              I'm pretty sure I'll buy Hisense

    • Hi @psychicEgg ,

      If you can test it with PC, could you please check if what resolutions you can run on it?
      Obviously you should be able to run 4K and 1080p, what about 1440p?


  • so which one is good? or is it better to go with samsung?

  • Bought the Hisense 43 inch A7G $695 from HV, so far so good.
    Haven't spent that much time going through Expert Setting, but disabled all the "special" settings, and Movie daytime setting is good colour for Yutube and videos from HDD

    Feel free to share your settings for different viewing material

  • Hi mate. I’m wanting to do the same but would be using it as a monitor. Have you tried using your pc with the hisense yet? If so how does it go?

    • I got it hooked up to my pc with 8K HDMI cable and works fine. Win10 auto adjusted resolution to 4K, with everything appears as should be. It's ok for watching videos, playing games etc

      • Is the text and everything sharp or quite pixelated? just wondering how it looks displaying PC stuff. But being a 43" the PPI should be good

        • Everything looks good.

  • isnt all android tv really laggy and unresponsive and freezes someitmes?

    • depends on the use case

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