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[eBay Plus] Free - Xiaomi Mi USB-C Cable 1m - $0 Delivered @ Oz_accessory (Gearbite) eBay


Free 1M USB-C cable from Gearbite, you know what to do.

As always, enjoy :)

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    USB C to A*

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      A to C.

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        A B C

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          Always Be Cheapskating

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    Does anyone else show their invoice as $2.5 postage AFTER checkout?

    • yup

    • Do you have eBay Plus?

    • Same with me, shows $2.5 for postage though I am Plus member.

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      Might be just an eBay thing. It never shows the price after a voucher has been applied

    • To help sellers with the additional costs of express postage, eBay contributes up to $2.50 for items up to $15, and up to $4 for items over $15. This is applied automatically when the buyer pays for their order, and for many sellers this will cover the cost of the express upgrade.

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    One use per person so use wisely and maybe don't jump at a free cable…

    • At least it's more useful than the other deal posted.

      • Read the comment, see his previous posts… more stuff is on it's way

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      Too late, first got the free cable and then read the comment. Am I the only one?

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        don't worry. Nothing else is free besides that perfume atomizer or whatever the hell it is.

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          Yeah - this cable and the perfume bottle atomizer are the only 2 items $10 or less. The next item starts at $25 and it just goes up from there.

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        I did the same thing :( wondering if something useful comes up in the next few hrs. :(

        • I am not gonna check any further, already $10 of unwanted items ahead and another $38.99 more to go to pay my eBay Plus sub fee.

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    Some things just aren't worth re-activating my eBay Plus membership

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      Had the Plus trial on 30 days this came in a good time.

    • hahaha this^
      At times like these I am sat considering is it worth reactivating… probably not

      • I agree it’s not worth to reactivate, they don’t allow you to trial again

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      eBay is giving free trial even on those previously used. Just activated on my mums.

      • How? I got "You have already tested eBay Plus for free. If you sign up now, the membership fee is due immediately."

        • Notification does come up, but the charge still come as 0

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    Excellent deal OP!!

    Just bought it :)

  • Thanks dowey. How did you find this? Didn't know oz_accessory = gearbite too?

  • Thanks OP

  • thanks, got the shiny blue one (after checking there was nothing else worth getting that was better)

    • You talking about the perfume atomizer? wrong thread :P

      • oops, didn't check the post when I clicked back to ozbargain lol

  • Thanks OP Free USB-C cable!!!

  • Thx, price is right!

  • Got a few .
    When its out there some free junky perfume container .

  • Ordered. Thanks!

  • Thanks doweyy :)

  • Just over 500 won't last long :)

  • Cyber Tuesday?

  • "717 sold in one hour"

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    All gone? " this cant be applied to your order " - yes I have ebay plus

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      Worked for me. Just bought this for $0 seconds ago

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      I just bought one without issue after I saw your comment, try again maybe

  • A no brainer thanks OP!

  • Below 100 left :)

  • Just ordered. Thank you OP.

  • why can't I ever find the page for Ebay Tuesday deals? anyone else?

    • Tues deals are over.

  • Thanks, Just grab one.

  • Ordered cheers

  • `^ ing feeding frenzy .

  • Got it
    Thanks OP

  • 1160 sold. Yeah definitely some cancellations.

  • oss :(

  • Even better than this deal

  • All gone, party over thanks OP.

  • Just managed to get 1

  • Can someone put up the other freebie for those who missed out the rubbish thing hehe :)

  • Price increased to $15, so $5 after coupon. Back down to $10, but OOS.

  • Now showing $15

  • Lol they bumped the price up to $15 now

    • So its actually worth $5

    • It out stock so AI default to original price.

  • Seller made some changes, oo wait the item is no longer available :)

  • Thanks, was able to order 3 for free :)

    • how u got 3 accounts?

      • Make 3 accounts get the trial?

        • My whole family have Ebay Plus Accounts lol. I could of gotten 2 more but it went out of stock

  • damn waited too long looking at other stuff…
    What else can the code be used for?

  • Most deals were lackluster on Cyber Monday. This one probably the best, and one day after too

  • Is this code generic across ebay?

  • +6

    Someone actually paid $5 ded xD

  • missed out

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    Type-C USB2.0 (450mbps) fine for most purposes just don't go expecting it to support large file transfers. Fine for charging.

    • -3

      dude, u know 480mbps is the standard speed for usb 2.0 and the average write speed of an SSD hard drive is 200mbps?

      • +2

        A Samsung T5 goes up to 550MBps, and a T7 goes up to 1000MBps. that's Megabytes not Megabits. I personally made this mistake myself buying Baseus Type-C cables online without checking their rating. Many people associate Type USB-C with USB3 so it is important to note this.

        USB2.0 is rated at 450mbps (megabits) which is roughly 60MBps (and that's even if it gets there, it's generally around 35MBps). That's 30% of your supposed "average write speed" which I suspect you meant to write that as MBps. Because 200mbps is pitifully slow (25MBps). A 7200rpm drive goes up to 160MBps.

        • -1

          ok, im wrong about the "write speed".
          but i still don't get whats ur point here,
          u ar using this cable with a usb 2.0 port which only have 480mbps (megabits) speeds,
          u want higher transfer speed u go with usb3.0, with 2.0 this is all u can get.

  • Damn i just bought 4 cables for my xiaomi 2 days ago :(

  • Did anyone see that they are delivering with Sendle :(. Oml its gonna take years for it to arrive

  • Hmm, my order says postage was charged at 2.50…???
    I'm sure it was free when I did it
    Can't see a charge for it on my credit card yet though

    • +3

      eBay plus covers the postage, ebay pays for that

      • +1

        Thanks, that might explain it :)

  • +1

    Back in stock :)

    • It says I have already applied this code to an order. I ordered the samsung 9.95 SD card. So is this one use only?

      • +1

        Yep once per account.

    • Got 1 :)

  • any other items with same special?
    im looking for fitness equipmen

  • Thanks, snagged one.

  • Grabbed one. Thanks.

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