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[eBay Plus] Fitness Resistance Bands Heavy Duty Gym Abs Workout Strength Exercise (Set of 5) $0 Delivered @ PCByte eBay


Power Resistance Band
Model Part Number: OEM-RB-101
Resistance bands can provide incremental resistance that free weight cannot provide.
Resistance increases continuously as it is stretched, so it is effective in fast-twitch muscle fiber and explosive training. At the same time their lighter weight allows them to be used in most places.
Studies have shown that using resistance bands in strength and explosive power training can achieve better results.

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    Colours Elasticity Size (L×T×H)
    Yellow 2-7kg (5-15lbs) 208×0.64×0.45cm
    Red 7-16kg (15-35lbs) 208×0.45×1.30cm
    Black 11-27kg (25-60lbs) 208×0.45×2.20cm
    Red 14-36kg (30-80lbs) 208×0.45×2.80cm
    Green 23-57kg (50-125lbs) 208×0.45×4.50cm
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    only for ebay+ grrrrrrrrr

  • +12

    Getting these for free seems a bit of a stretch.

  • +1

    Looks like it's for ebayplus members only

  • +1

    Got them.

    Had plenty of USBC cables and card readers… Glad there was something different

    • Only gotten the HDMI for now.

    • Likewise, didn't need the USB C cable or card reader, but missed out on the HDMI.
      Thanks to the OP.

  • +1

    Thanks OP

  • Good for the office crutch stretches

  • what happens when you stretch the bands to the most and release??

    • Try it and see!

      • +1

        just saw someone fly past the office window

  • can you only buy 1 of these free items using the code? it says only 1 transaction per redemption code

    • +1

      Code is 1 time use per account.

    • Correct..

      So I held out till this came along and bought using the one time use code

  • RRP128 lol

    • has to be said that all the other actual sales were at the $89 price-point when I looked at the entire sold history, so this was indeed a real deal.

      • +1

        Yeah depending on the quality of the band's this was actually a super good deal.

        At a minimum worth $35.

  • Grabbed one, thanks.

  • crap, i missed all the deals and this is the last cheapest one

    • +1

      Stores have been adding more items to the list. I just kept refreshing till something came up cheap LOL

      • What part of ebay do you look on? Never used ebay lol.

  • finally a good freebie, ppl paid 89 for these o.o

    • A lot of people paid 89 for these it seems.

  • Possible to cancel a previous order and reuse the code?

  • man, what is this even for? why PC store selling fitness gear …. LOL

  • cool grabbed 1. finally getting some (questionable?) value out of ebay plus.

  • Is that good for $10? I used my coupon earlier for Mi USB-C Cable

    • you should measure the resistance of your USB-C cable

  • Got this… better than nothing!

  • OOS

    • 666 sold.

      • Listing of the Beast

  • I still have the Adjustable Hands Free Leash Dog with Waist Belt from the June redeem 3 times code on IoT.

  • +1

    Damn i would have loved these. Serves me right for not visiting ozb today

  • Damn it wish I got this instead.

  • Finally some cheap slingshot bands !

  • Please check your payment details or use a different payment option.

    anyone else got the same msg?

    • cos it's sold out?

      • i got that error msg 10min be4 it sold out

  • are there any more items like this ?

  • No bands for me, but they've offered an alternative stretchy webcam ! lol

    Email -
    We are writing to inform and apologize that we had a stock discrepancy for the order and that we do not have the current model to fulfill.
    With this in light, we will be happy to offer you the alternative below:
    8688932001000 Tecom 1080P Full HD Webcam (Black) - TC-WC-100-GFT
    Please do let us know in regards to how you would like to proceed.

    • Same. What did you end up doing

      I don't need a web cam!! Lol

      • I cancelled , when I asked them to explain how a webcam was suitable alternative for the bands and what exercises you use the webcam for they couldn't explain lol

        • My first thought was cancel too, but then i realised i didn't actually outlay anything lol

          Did you get the voucher back at least?

          • @JDKC: Just got an eBay notification saying I've received a refund of AU $10 LoL
            Will see if anything appears in my account next day or so

  • This arrived today!

    Its a lot larger than I thought, each of the bands are actually really long. Even comes with a case.

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