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NBA League Pass 2021/22 - Annual US$21.49 (~A$31) via South Africa @ NBA.com (VPN Required)


Hi guys,

Extension of this post here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/657807

NBA is offering 50% off League Pass Annual Subscriptions with Promo Code: LPSLAM50 (I used this one) or HOLIDAY50US

Just subscribed for $31 AUD

Not sure how much longer this deal will be available because it's almost Tuesday in America, but get it while you can!

EDIT 10:16PM: After several ozbargainers not being able to get the deal, I think its safe to assume the deal has now expired.

EDIT 7 Days Later: My trial just ended and I got charged $32.01 AUD by PayPal. Happy viewing, everyone!

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Is it still only 720p? Watching streaming content at 4k then watching the NBA is a shock to the system at 720p :/ Kayo Sports streams it at 720p also.

    • +3

      I'm getting 1080

      • +2

        Thanks, that's worth changing from Kayo Sports for then.

        • 1080 this year 🙏

      • Big difference this year! Long time subscriber using a VPN to Argentina. Would love 4K though

  • +5

    Wish the discount code was 'Omnicron'

    • +3

      Omicron even better!

  • +1

    Do you need the VPN on while watching streams?

    • +4

      Not for payment via South Africa, only if you pay via VPN into India I believe.

    • +2

      My understanding is you only need a VPN during sign up. My friends got the non-Black Friday price at the beginning of the season, and haven't had any issues.

      • Only for sign up. Unless there’s a deal to India, then you need the vpn to stream, which I wouldn’t recommend

  • can I use an existing account during sign up process?

  • +1

    Amazing deal! The $61AUD was already good value but thought I'd hold out for something like this. So glad I waited!

  • I applied promo code. it said applied but then still got billed the standard $60 AUD on my paypal. dont know what went wrong. I'm still officially on the trial period but there is a hold charge in my bank account

    • It’s probably because you used PayPal. The previous post says to use credit card. Maybe cancel and try again or cancel and use another email with CC

    • +2

      Sent a email to the support, they said they could see that I applied the code correctly, but that paypal holds the full amount but that the 50% would apply at end of trial and to get in touch if it doesn't. On my paypal receipt it says NBA subscription 50% off. but with the full amount.

      • cheers

      • Which email did you contact them with? I had the exact same issue.

        • +2

          Did it through the app on my iPhone

          This is the email I got a reply from
          [email protected]

          Robert M. (NBA Customer Support)
          Nov 30, 2021, 4:35 AM EST


          Thank you for contacting NBA League Pass support!

          We see you entered the promo code correctly. When using PayPal as a form of payment. PayPal will place a hold on your account for the full amount.

          Once your Free Trial is complete and you are charged, the 50% discount will apply. If for any reason it does not, please let us know and we will refund the 50% back.

          Best regards,

  • +1

    How do you stream NBA on Samsung smart TV?

    Did some quick research and it appears samsung TVs don't have the NBA app.

    • +1

      Can you just cast?

    • I use chromecast with google tv but it's also because our TV is older and does not have other apps like Disney+ too

  • Which vpn do you guys use to get it working?

    • Keep Solid VPN worked great

    • Tunnelbear free version took about 2 minutes to download, install and travel to South Africa.

      • -1

        Did you mean “dig” to Soutb Africa :)

  • Such a great price, I got my subscription for $80 via Argentina.

    I can't live without LP now, I live the radio options too!

  • Tunnelbear is the way. Works a charm.

    Used a disposable Revolut card and it charged me $1 for the trial authorisation, now can’t update the card to pay for the actual subscription.

    Let’s see what happens in 7 days haha.

  • Didn't work with nordvpn

    • +1

      Did you apply the promo prior to putting the card and paying?

      When i apply says 50% off and comes to Rand 369.99 = $31-33 depwnds on conversion

      • Actually, I originally tried on my mobile, and it didn't work through nordvpn.
        Just tried on the pc and it worked. Thanks OP!

  • via South Africa …..

  • How can I watch nba league pass on LG C1

    • Struggled with this too, in the end I've the Chromecast dongle and it works perfectly

      • That’s the problem with smart TV’s. This is why I use an Apple TV.

    • Fire TV 4k stick works great for NBA

  • Unless my SurfShark VPN connection isn't working properly, neither code is working for me :(

    • +1

      Surfshark is awful (every country went to USD for me). Use tunnelbear.

      • +2

        Tunnelbear worked a charm - thanks mate! And thanks OP!

  • +2

    Cracking deal OP.
    Subscribed via NordVPN and LPSLAM50.

  • +1

    Thanks OP.. Subscribed via nordvpn

  • +1

    Thanks OP!

    Signed up with Proton VPN and it worked.

  • what country do you put in when you sign up? do you leave it as South Africa?

    • +2


    • +1

      I personally put Australia as my Country/Region, my friends also put Australia. But you can leave it as South Africa if you'd like. I don't think it matters.

  • +1

    Why do I not see the annual LP as US 21.49?

    It shows £179.99, the code works but it's only half price still £89.99

    • It's possible your VPN isn't working properly. Make sure you connect to South Africa on your VPN and it will say R$739.99 or US$42.99

  • +1

    Incredible price. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Anyone knows if you can stream from an iPhone NBA app via Airplay to an LG OLED?

    • +1

      Wouldn’t recommend. Better off just getting a cheap chrome cast or one of those google TV’s.

  • tried multi ways with tiunnel bear and it wouldnt accept the CC

    • I paid with Paypal, you could try that

  • +1

    Made it to the payment page but the code is invalid? Tried both :(

    • Try NBA50US or LPNBA50

      EDIT: Seems like the offer has expired now. Sorry mate

  • Tried both codes and are already invalid.. damn

    • Try NBA50US

      • Still doesn't work. I tried all 3 codes now, all invalid :(

        • What about LPNBA50 or NBALP50US

  • Any working codes please?

    • Looks like it was a Cyber Monday special in the US.

  • Oh man, I should have just done it before going to to bed rather than waiting to do it today after work. :(

  • I managed to buy it and checked out with LPSLAM50. However I'm seeing a preauthorised transaction of $62 ie. the 50% off didn't apply… anyone else have this problem?

    • I see a pre authorisation of $1.58 on my credit card but also got the 7 day trial so hoping I get charged the $31 at end of trial.

      • That's what I got too. So no idea how much I'll get charged after the trial period. Didn't even receive a confirmation email either

    • See my post above

      • Thanks mate, I'll confirm my end once the 7 day trial ends!

    • See post above

    • so good news the 50% applied and I was only charged $31 after the 7 day trial ended.

  • Never got into NBA when it became big in the 90s. Ignored it most of my life. Felt maybe I should now follow it. This was the deal to convince me. Now which team should I support? 🤔

    • -1

      Anyone versus Lebron!

    • There are a few teams with some Aussie players: Jazz, OKC, Philly (kind of, not really), Nets, Spurs

      • You forgot Thybulle

  • Can anyone update their card details or see an option to cancel their subscription? I can't for either. Have contacted them and they have given me generic responses for the issues with changing card details 'please contact your financial institution'. Have tried changing multiple cards, no dice.

    • Nah, I’ve tried visa and MasterCard. No luck.

      • Bugger.Thanks for replying. Continue to have no luck and will give up. Support for NBA hasn't been helpful at all no matter what communication pathway is tried. Ah well, enjoy it while it lasts i suppose.

    • Do you mean it's not accepting your credit cards for payment, or are you just trying to update to a different card/number?

      • Updating cards, its not accepting any updates.

        • Can't they just delete your credit card that is on file and then you re-enter the new one?

          • @Ice009: That’s what they did for me. But still wouldn’t accept any new card. Waiting to see what happens after the trial to see if it works!

            • @johnno1987: Mine got cancelled. They are offering me to re-subscribe and get 50% off the full sub fee. However, even with the link they provide linked to the account it still doesn't accept any credit card provided. Did you go through this as well?

              • @bullettime: Mine still hasn’t cancelled yet. No payment info on file, so I’m not sure what’s happening. Says next bill is due December 7 2021.

              • @bullettime: Mine still isn’t cancelled… maybe just free League Pass for me…

                • @johnno1987: Good one, enjoy. I gave up on trying to enter the card details on their website. Even with a new account it still wasn't accepting any card. Back to my old methods of watching it.

  • Does anyone know what the cheapest country that offers premium league pass is? I didn't realize that the SA, Argentina ones don't have a premium version, so I can only stream on one device at a time with these ones. I was trying to stream two different games on the lounge room TV (got a Firestick to be able to watch on the TV) and computer a few days ago, but didn't realize you couldn't do it as I always used to buy the Australian Premium version for the full (rip-off) pricing prior to the past couple of years and that allowed 2 devices at the same time.

  • Just got charged $33.43 AU via Sweden after my 7 day trail ended.

    • Did you sign up via Sweden?

      • Nope via South Africa but for some reason my credit card shows charge was made via NBA sweden

  • Charged $30.43 AUD after 7 day trial

  • +1

    My trial just ended and I got charged $32.01 AUD by PayPal. Happy viewing, everyone!

    • My trial just ended and I got charged $32.01 AUD by PayPal!

  • Hi guys..
    Without the 50% discount that i have missed, which way is the cheapest now?


  • Damn is this over with now?

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