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Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE003 Tyres: Buy 3 Get 4th Free @ Bridgestone


Deal is back live. Looks like it's timed for EOYS

Valid dates from 01/12/2021 to 31/12/2021


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          • @Ark94: Yep, was the MyCar Deal during the Black Friday sales, had to wait on the phone for over an hour.. but the price was great $87 per tyre seems like a good deal to me for the amount I drive

  • Not sure my nearby Bridgestone dealer was able to do it all the time.. I had replaced mine somewhere June this year without any promotion.

  • does anyone know if I can book now but get it fitted after the promotion period?

    • Nope, ends December 31st for purchase and fitting

      • telling from experience?

    • tried this before by offering to pay and get fitted after the end date and they couldn't allow

    • I have bought 4 of these tyres paid in full, took them home and then got them fitted to my wheels a couple months later.

      • did you fitted them yourself?

        • No I took them back to the shop I bought them from and they fit them for me.

          • @1jwoz: Ops, I didn't read you properly mb. How much they charged you for fitting and balancing?

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              @kekw: they didn't charge me anything extra, they just said to come back when I needed it done which happened to be about 2 months later.

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    Bought via Tyresales, will be fitted at my local Bridgestone tyre centre, saved $134 versus going direct via Bridgestone website. Win.

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  • I only need 3 damn!

  • FYI for anyone in Tassie, Bob Jane have this same deal at a better base price. I.e for my tyre size it works out to be around 60 bucks cheaper all up.

  • What's your opinion on the Potenza RE003 compared to the Ecopia EP300?

    Is Potenza just a better option than Ecopia? What is the difference can anyone enlighten me please?

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      totally different application. Potenza for grip, Ecopia for fuel saving (meaning less grip). Question is do you turn into a corner at 150kmh on your way to work? If not then you probably don't need that much of grip.

      Fuel saving on Ecopia is quite significant. Going from Maxxis to Ecopia my full tank of gas can do 50km more on average. That said, Ecopia doesn't have much grip on wet road. Can easily put up a few slides on rainy day if you go a bit harder.

      • You most definitely need that much grip. Emergency braking.

    • RE003 is for somebody who values outright grip at the tradeoff for noise, comfort, tyre wear. It's a performance tyre, whereas the EP300 is better for a daily commuter where you don't really do any spirited/fast driving

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        RE003 is not a performance tyre. It's a good balance between grip and the rest.

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    Have had 2 sets of re003 on the R36 all wheel family wagon, wear is pretty average mainly the fronts being chewed up in no time. Bit the bullet a couple of days ago and order a set of GY Assymmetric 5 based on some pretty good reviews of it being compatible if not better than PS4. All up it’ll cost me around $70 more.

    It also might be worth looking still on Tyresales for PS4 if interested, they have pretty good pricing on 4 + $100 off. For my car works out to be $80 more and we’ll worth it. Or if you have your mind set, try ring around Jax etc to see who comes up with the better price. I rang back and forth between a couple.

    Still got PS4 on the little golf, and they are magical.

    • Goodyear have been churning out some very good tyres recently. IMO RE003 is overrated, my car came with 3 RE003 and 1 GY Directional 5. Could easily tell the Goodyear was a superior tyre. Sadly couldn't find any Directional 5 in the country so changed all four to Hankook S1 evo3 (don't have to put up with the ridiculous roar and relatively poor wet performance from RE003 any more).

  • Can vouch for the R003. Got em on the golf. Awesome tyres.

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    Thanks, OP. Tempted to wait for the RE004 which were released about 1.5 years ago in Asia. Don't know why Bridgestone Australia is sitting on this.

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      very disappointing Australia still gets the RE003.

      RE003 is a 6 year old design which is a lifetime in tyre years.

      • I suspect that this has something to do with the Firestone Indy 500 (identical to the RE003) still being on the market so they achieve economies of scale by selling the RE003 here. The issue is that the Indy 500 is priced as a budget tire in the US, which is not the case for the RE003 in Australia.

        As tempting as this deal may be, I'd be inclined to try alternatives such as the Falken FK510, Yokohama Advan V105 etc. The price differential is negligible if you get these tyres at places like Tempe Tyres or St George Tyres.

        • Thanks for the information.. never knew that Firestone was the same product as Bridgestone.

          Still doesn't make sense why we don't get the RE004.

          Surely once the technology/design has been already completed, it would cost the same to produce either the RE003 or the RE004.

          Yes, you get economies of scale by making the RE003 and Firestone Indy 500 but you'd also get economies of scale of making getting rid of the RE003 and Firestone Indy 500 and only producing the RE004 and the identical Firestone Indy xxx

          I've had my RE003 for 5 years now… if I were to replace them and the RE004 wasn't out yet, I'd got Michelin PS4.

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    RE003s are an awesome everyday commuter tyre, but don't believe the marketing. This is very far from any kind of "sports" tyre. There seems to be a lot of misinformation regarding how much grip the RE003 tyres have in regards to enthusiastic driving (track/touge).

  • Back in the day when combined with Bob Jane AMEX cash back- $410 for a set of 225/45R17s fitted and balanced.

    Good old days.

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