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[Switch] Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1+2 $31, Monster Hunter Stories 2 $35 ($6.95 Shipping or Free C&C) @ Harvey Norman


Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin $35 Out of Stock
Bravely default II $35
No more heroes 3 $35

FIFA 22 is also on special, but I would not consider that a deal

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Thanks OP I wanted no more heroes 3 and combining it with RE 8 there is a few more games on the pile

  • Thanks, been eyeing Monster Hunter stories to drop to a good price! Bought 2 and share with a friend to split postage, woohoo!

  • Thanks OP. I purchased this @ $10 for the Xbox, but $31 feels okay for some entertainment on the move.

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    Just bought the digital version of Tony Hawk after missing out on the Amazon deal. So angry with myself rn.

    • Yeah me too, you can't even get a refund on digital games too.

    • Same! Loving the game but would have prefferred this all day!

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    want tony hawk. do not want to give harvey norman my money. this is the most difficult decision anyone has ever had to make.

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      I was torn when posting. I wonder how much they make at this price. Must be something as it's a quality recent release so there's no reason to discount heavily…

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      ……….come on AMAZON!!!!

      • I was alerted to this because Amazon had monster hunter stories for $35. They had changed their minds by the time I posted

        • It actually OOS on Amazon AU.

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      Price match at EB / JB etc

    • Price match at JB/EB/BIG W/Target?

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      The JB next to the HN near me never has an issue price matching, I give JB my money before I give Gerry The Prick money.

    • Is there a post/thread/news article explaining the HN hatred? Just returned to Australia and seen lots of similar comments and I feel I’m definitely missing some context

  • Thanks OP. Picked up Monster Hunter Stories.

    Was going to pick up Tony Hawk but figured PC or PS4/5 version would be better.

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      Tony Hawk PS4 is currently $15 at Target. can then upgrade to PS5 version for $13 on the PS store

      • Cheers! But seems like low/no stock :(

        • Yeh im not surprised. It was posted on here about a week ago.

        • +2

          I am trying to price match at JB. Fingers crossed.

          • @FizzBalls: Price matched at JB today woohoo, it even came with a tech deck.

      • Great, now I just have to spend 1200 bucks on both a ps4 and ps5!

    • HN has the PS4 version for $21.

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    Those interested should be able to do the eBay plus price guarantee. I’ve done it a couple of times.
    You pay the full amount of the eBay add and eBay give you a coupon worth the difference + 5%. Considering I buy a fair bit on eBay, it works ok for me. Others may or may not like the coupon idea but its an option. Talk with chat prior to purchasing and they issue the coupon straight away for those interested.

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    Sweet, thanks, grabbed Monster Hunter Stories 2 (haven't even played the first one yet) for pick up.

  • No more Heroes III bombed so it was expected, Stories 2 sold decent but sales plummeted

    So, expected prices for third party games.

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      I think JRPG (exclude Mario and Pokémon) generally doesn't sell well hence the small market. Action games no matter good or bad, it still sell better than JRPG.

      • +3

        Mario is my favourite JRPG series.

        • I mean, Paper Mario and/or Mario and Luigi was probably what was being referenced

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            @Ninternet: Neither series sell particularly well. The studio behind the Mario & Luigi series went bankrupt. And Paper Mario moved away from the RPG genre a long time ago.

  • Wait, those game were released right after e3. That was fast.

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    Monster Hunter Stories 2 just sold out as I added it to cart… probably a sign.

    • I've finished MHS2 - great game - will probably sell it second hand now.

      • I find the camera angle too low in the game. Having hard time looking out for monsters. Didnt complete it. Sold away.

      • Would buy off you if in WA!

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    Bravely Default is being price matched at Amazon now..


    • Thanks for the alert! Snapped it up from here instead

  • Thanks OP for posting this. i missed the No More Heroes 3 in Amazon and managed to get it from Harvey Norman here

  • Thanks OP. Bought NMH III instore at my local HN just then.

    Good timing as I needed to replace my new TV there anyway.

  • Cheers mate, missed playing Tony Hawk, didn't want to pay full price for it though. Shame my EB only price matches when our local HN has the game in stock :(

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    At my Harvey Norman, they were also selling Shin Megami Tensei V heavily discounted for $35 - Figured as a Persona fan I'd might as well try it for that price. Though I can't see this listed on their website so may just be extra stock?

    • That's a lucky find. I would love to get SMTV for $35

    • I'm not envy at all, I'm not envy!! So envy!!

  • Newcastle store also had SMT V for $35

    • Thanks, but too far away from me. Anyone live near there and work in the city? Wanted a copy of SMT V but none near me has stock. Probably wait for sales.

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