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Save $0.06 Per Litre on Your First Three Fills at Participating Ampol Stores via App Payment


Keep moving with the Ampol app.

Save time, save money and be rewarded.

Upfront fuel savings are just the start of the benefits in store for you:

Fuel savings. Save 6 cents per litre* on your first three fills at participating locations.

Smarter, faster ways to pay. Enjoy the convenience of contactless payments using FuelPay® on the Ampol app.

Simply add your preferred debit or credit card, AmpolCard (if eligible), or use Apple Pay.

Special offers. Access exclusive in-app offers and savings. The more you use the app, the more benefits you’ll see.

Collect Everyday Rewards points. Add your Everyday Rewards Card to your account and fuel your points with every purchase.

Find fuel and food fast. Use our site locator to find your nearest service station, get directions and plan your journey. Easy filtering to find the site that best suits your needs, including those participating sites that accept payment with the Ampol app via FuelPay.

Refer a friend and save. Introduce a friend and when they first fill up, you'll be automatically rewarded with 6c per litre off your next fuel purchase.

Download the app and keep moving with Ampol.

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Referrer gets 6c off per litre on next 3 fills with FuelPay®

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  • +2

    Save 6c/L

    Nah, Ampol are about 20c/L more expensive than the United petrol station a few hundred metres away.

    • +4

      United is always cheaper. Which makes me not trust them for some reason. Doesn't help that all their stores are ghetto looking in my area, which makes me wonder how well maintained their equipment is.

      • United is always cheaper. Which makes me not trust them for some reason

        I also get 4 cents off on United via footy membership…

      • I thought metro usually is the cheapest… at least in my area, they are the cheapest…

      • Thats APCO for me/ United around here are pretty new and fresh looking. APCO looks like it was built in the 70s but is always cheaper than everywhere else.

  • +6

    I use this exclusively now.

    Quicker, safer during a pandemic, no lining up and no pushy up sells “would you like 30 chocolate bars for the special price $100?”

    • -2

      Safer 😂

      • The floors in the shop are pretty slippery sometimes…

      • +7


        Less contact equals less risk during a pandemic. Have you been living under a rock for the last 2 years?

        • +1

          living under a rock for the last 2 years?

          Yes. He's another of those anti-vaxxers….
          You can tell by the clown hat…

          • -2

            @jv: 🤡

  • +1

    So that 6c/L bring them down to only 2-8c/L more expensive than other brands?


  • I just filled up the whole tank and the lady said "no discounts here". I could have used 12 cents from Toyota app and 5-6 cents using giftcards. Take my ozbargainer badge つ ಥ_ಥ 

    • How do you get 12 cents back from Toyota? And which gift card is it?

      • +1

        Need own a Toyota and have it registered. Also 12 cents only for health care workers with ahpra registration.
        Star cash gift cards from various sources

        • Although I carry my ID, they never check it. You can always say I have it in my car. They will not ask you to bring it with a queue behind you.

          Ampol cards on suncorp. You can just open a bank account with them to get membership

  • +1

    Great to see electric vehicles coming in and competing with fossil fuels, resulting in better prices for consumers.

    • Somehow, I don't think thats the reason.
      Ampol has spent time & money on rebranding.
      Now they need to capture market share.
      They hope that can be done with an app, with 'benefits'.

  • Can this be used in conjuction with the Ampol amex offer?

    • The offer says in person only, but I would also like to know if it happens to work.

  • Will this work if you already used the app when it was Caltex?

  • Always more expensive than 7/11 for me. Signed up ages ago and never used it.

  • So for must cars this would save around $2.5? Not sure if it's worth the time and effort if there are cheaper ones out there

  • Way outer western Sydney at the foot of the Blue Mountains.

    Diesel current price.

    Ampol $1.729

    7/11 4k down the road $1.490

  • does this stack with wws 4c off ?

    • Depends on if your local Woolies servo accepts FuelPay. From my experience most don't.

      *Offer available for customers’ first three fills using FuelPay® via the Ampol app at participating sites where FuelPay is available. Not available to AmpolCard and StarCard customers.

      Filter FuelPay under Services here: https://www.ampol.com.au/service-stations/find-a-service-sta...

  • I'll keep using my helicopter

  • i hope this app is more reliable than the old caltex app. with that one, it really was a lottery if your payment would go through. otherwise, you had to do the walk of shame into the shop and pay full price.

  • Hoping they will build a Jio fuel near me so I don’t need all these deals.
    Jio-BP for those that haven’t heard about them

  • Even better for first line responders that drive Toyota’s (or did and previously subscribed to the MyToyota app) from seeing this

  • +1

    if only ampol app can accept ampol gift card for payment….

    • Not sure if it was a recent update, but I was presented with that option when setting up payment methods.

      • are you an android user or ios???

        I see nothing in ios (iPh 12) apps

        btw… if you see Ampol card payment… that's not a gift card option.

        • Ah yes, ignore my previous comment then :)


          • @MrWontons: all good mate…

            that option is for fuel card… not sure if you're familiar with this… but that's for that option.

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