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Arlec Grid Connect 5 Outlet WiFi Powerboard $13 @ Bunnings (Selected Stores)


Normally $26
Apparently a promo line so was hanging on a clipstrip rather than on a shelf.

1 outlet is "Always On"
4 outlets independently switched via your favourite reskinned Tuya app.

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  • Cant find on website, maybe stock clearance.

  • Can you use the tuya app for these?

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    These are so good, got many of them! Bargain at this price.

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      I'm curious as to the use case - what do you use these for?

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        For switching off things remotely.

      • Turn on the espresso machine 10 minutes before my wake up time to prewarm it, or turn it on after having lunch somewhere before driving home.

        • OK that's one outlet in use, and that assumes your espresso machine has a hard switch that allows it to resume operation whenever mains power is turned on.

          I use individual smart outlets for the dehumidifier and some lights around the house, but several remotely-controlled devices next to each other - I'm not seeing a situation where this would be ideal.

          Not saying there aren't any situations, just that I can't think of any.

          • @andresampras: I have one which is mostly for outside lights that plug in inside e.g. garden lights hooked up to LV transformer. I can have them turn on at sunset and turn off at midnight, or turn on at the press of a more accessible switch/button.
            Also for my tank water pump. If I leave it on it makes a priming noise every 10 minutes or so, this way I can easily turn it on before the irrigation goes.
            Also have single smart outlets for occasional things nightlights/heaters/christmas lights, so I don't forget to turn them off.

        • Aquarium lighting
        • Plant lighting
        • I love using it for bedside lamps (which is super lazy) but is so good when you're comfy in bed and your phone is there to turn off or 'Hey Google' etc.
        • Great to use with floor lamps and other lighting that's a PITA to turn on manually.
        • Scheduling the Christmas Lights
        • Turning on cabinet lighting
        • Computer equipment, chargers, monitors etc.

        So many uses once you start, especially for hard to reach things!

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    Item number 0074830. Showing as full retail price at all the stores near me in Vic, but also showing as the full retail price at Port Stephens. The receipt looks like the employee entered the price manually so shy of being able to check if it's 'likely' in stock, looks like it might be store dependent as most of the clearance prices are. 3/5 bunnings near me are showing in stock.

  • Can you flash Tasmota onto these bad boys with Tuya Convert?

    • Apparently they contain TYWE2S, so they can be flashed with Tasmota. I doubt you can do it OTA though.

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        I flashed one of these a few years ago OTA with probably tuya-convert. Cant remember the process but I've got it up and running with esphome

    • Yes. Probably not via Tuya-convert. Serial only.

      What screws are holding this together?

      Arlec have been using the tri-wing screws for their newest plugs, which can be a PITA.

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        What OzBargainer doesn't have a Xiaomi Mijia screwdriver kit! :P

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        Depends on the version of firmware.

        If it is manufactured up until early 2020, then likely can flash with Tuya-convert OTA.

        Successfully did so with a couple of them in the past - still going strong.

        Unable to determine date of manufacture without opening the hard plastic wrapping though.

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      Surprisingly, I bought the version of this that has the USB ports instead of the 5th socket and "yes" it worked with tuya-convert. That was 3 weeks ago. I guess they manufactured a huge run of these a couple years ago so they are still running the old firmware that is compatible?

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    Price is store specific clearance price. In my VIC store they refused to price match.

  • does this work with alexa?

    • Yep Arlec/DETA = Grid Connect = Tuya - interfaces with Alexa quite well.

      All my devices are Tuya and I use Alexa to control / schedule them

  • Can I control these with Google Home app without having to install Tuya app too?

    • No

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      You can use the Arlen Grid Connect app which is compatible with both Alexa and Google Home

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    What are these used for?

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      If you connect pins N and L with a piece of thick copper you can remotely burn down your house.

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        Hmmm there's cheaper ways to burn your house down.

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          A true ozbargainer.

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          Most of us are available free of charge, well free after the cashback.

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          yeah but can you trigger them using an IFTTT applet?

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            @quick-dry: I had to google what that meant, the answer is no.

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            @quick-dry: The Brilliant Smart app might still support IFTTT unless he's ditched it too.

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              @scottb721: @scottb721, @quick-dry, good point: @onetwothreefour has an Amazon Alexa, they could make a Home Assistant switch that triggers the Tuya switch to short, create an IFTTT to trigger the entity, create an Alexa skill to trigger the IFTTT, and then simply say "Hey Alexa, burn down the house" and it would run through all those layers of abstraction.

              Requires a lot of unnecessary setup but it ties together their Alexa with IFTTT fairly neatly, and using HA gives them the flexibility to fully integrate it with Apple Homekit and Google Home at a later date should they decide to switch platforms. @onetwothreefour if you're still in doubt, visualise that automation; you walk out of the house and IFTTT burns it down behind you. That's real magic, and it only cost you $13.

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          While I'm taking a dump on the other side of the world, dont think so. Thanks OP

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          This is good if you need an alibi

        • Fuse: Nice Try.

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      Lets you remotely control powerboard outlets via your phone and home smart stuff.
      Lamps and lights, garage door, and electric blanket in my case :)

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        I think I'm stuck in about 2004 as I just don't see how this type of technology would be of any benefit to me. I bought an Amazon Echo recently and the only thing I use it for is to listen to music.

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          I use them for remote reset so I can shutdown/power cycle things at home without physically being there, same for other computers. I have some other things that I need to turn on/off remotely myself, and also automatically run based on temperature triggers.

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          I use them for timer functions, to control 6 different things in my turtle tank that come on and off at various times. Cheaper than the old timers, times are all synchronised and can easily make changes.

          Same for my pool. Plus I can easily turn the pump and cleaner on if the pool needs a bit extra cleaning.

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      Just bought single smart plugs to turn Xmas lights on/off as I have them plugged in at various PowerPoints around the house, upstairs and downstairs and in the garage

      My night time routine went from about 4-5mins each time wandering around the house to switch everything on/off each night to saying one command “goodnight”
      Sooo much easier!

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        My night time routine consists of turning off three light switches all on the same board, it takes 5 seconds. I can't imagine how many lights you would have on in your place for it to take 5 minutes to turn them all off haha your power bill must be outrageous!

        • I've got 15 odd things just in my living and dining rooms that are told to turn off with the bedtime routine, and 2 bedside lamps that come on.
          Couple of taps on my Google Hub is so much easier :p

    • Hot night when you go to bed with the fan on but then get cold. Half asleep "Alexa turn off the fan".

      Also wfh I use it to turn of the fan when a call comes in. Lamps, lights, kettles. Things you need.to pre order cycle sometimes like a router in a different room.

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    Use the Bunnings app and search 0074830 to find stock 😊

      • Yes

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      Doesn't show up

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        Not sure why you've been negged, didn't show up for me either in North Brisbane

        • Doesn't show up on the app, the link or a google search so what gives lol..

          • @G-rig: Shows in the Powerpass app, was taken off the website so retail app likely to be the same.

            • +1

              @mrjeeves: Ok Ta
              Probably didn't need one anyway lel

        • Pressed a wrong button and unpublished my comment sorry.

          Showing low stock in Rothwell (Aisles 44,71,71), in stock Lawnton (Aisles 32,46,47), in stock Brendale (Aisles 48,50). These are the closest in stock to North Lakes, QLD. All are showing as full retail price though so you'd have to see in store if it's on clearance.

  • App is showing stock is available at my local store, but doesn't show as clearance. How would you know if it's on clearance or not without going into the store?

    • Unfortunately you wouldn't. As with lots of non-nation/statewide Bunnings mark downs here, it's hope for the best.
      Promo lines aren't usually replenished so as stock gets low they'll mark it down for next promo.

  • Can this turn the router off during night and turn it back on when I wake up or turn everything off when I'm not home

    • +4

      Well it is controlled via wifi so not sure it would be able to turn back on without any connection :)

    • why do you need to do this? just curios.. if its security, there is better of doing it..

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    I have one of these, that's just started playing up.
    One plug, won't switch off…. ever

    So if I can grab a cheap replacement. Score…
    I paid $39.98 retail in Feb 2020

    Also, note I use the smart grid app and manage with google home if anyone has any questions for this use case.

    • 12 months warranty & if purchased from Bunnings, they are generally very good with returns/refunds.

      Get your $39.98 refunded, then see if you can find a cheaper replacement.

  • Unfortunately $26 for me.

  • 26 for me too

  • +1

    23.4 here

  • I am thinking of using this to control the different equipment (heater, return pump, wave maker etc) for my marine tank. Just want to know if the internet is not working does that mean there will no power to the equipment. Can someone who owns one let me know? Thanks.

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      If there's no internet, the current state will be maintained. Eg. if it's turned off when the internet drops, it will stay off. If it's turned on, it will stay on.

      Default behaviour with the on off button: "If any socket is turned on, pressing the button will turn all sockets off. Otherwise, pressing the button will turn all sockets on."

      So even if there's no internet, if you need to turn everything on or off at once, there's a physical button to do it.

      • +1

        And technically you dont need actual internet, a home wifi potentially will do if you run tuya-local or similar you can then local control over wifi without needing to connect to the cloud.

  • Any weird hacks to get these to work with HomeKit?

    • Although I don’t own this exact powerboard, I have a generic Tuya powerboard that is currently setup in Home Assistant (using the official Tuya integration) and exposed to HomeKit through homebridge. There are few guides online that are easy to follow.

      TLDR: yes, it will work in HomeKit if you are willing to tinker a littler.

    • If it's tuya based, yes, you can use it with a homebridge plugin, the setup is quite annoying though not gonna lie, and it definitely needs working internet, my arlec devices stop working when the internet is down, but other local devices like hues work just fine.

  • My favourite reskinned Tuya app (smart life) seems to have issues with ARLEC, devices are always offline! it loads their UI, not the standard UI. I have one device using their app and it doesn't have that issue! anyone? any idea? What's your favourite reskinned Tuya app?

    • Give 'Brilliant Smart' a go. I have several different brands working with it.

  • I got a few of these.. Really good value but speculative quality. I've had 2 die on me for unknown reasons and when they work the way a tad slower to react to GA than my comparative TP-Link board. So it' can be an absolute pain to connect to the network, again compared to TP-Link

  • The last thing I need is another remote socket, however, should feedback reach 100, I will have no other option but to buy :(

    • I gave it an upvote to get it closer to 100 for you. Come on, christmas is coming up surely you need more smart sockets for lights!?

      • 😰my only hope is they sell out now!

    • You can send me the ones you dont want?

  • +2

    If you cannot find these (code does not show in "finder" app in WA),
    the compact single outlet with energy monitoring is only $17.50, or $60 for 4.


    Also (was) sold under "EKO" brand in Big-W, $12 each if you can find stock.
    These run Tuya, and are small enough not to block adjacent outlets. (CB2S, so no Tasmota, for those interested.)

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