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LEGO Creator Expert: Ghostbusters ECTO-1 (10274) $209.99 Delivered (Free Delivery with LEGOFD) @ Zavvi AU


Just received the following brickhawk alert that Zavvi are selling the LEGO Creator Expert: Ghostbusters ECTO-1 (10274) for $209.99 delivered using the code LEGOFD.

Seems like a pretty good price for a nice Lego set.

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    FYI - coupon/voucher code isnt listed on shopback site.

    • Good point, ShopBack comment removed. Be a shame if it doesn't get credited but still a decent price

      • +1

        I rather save shipping than cashback as it's not that reliable some times.

      • It shows as 'qualified for free delivery' for me at checkout. Not using LEGOFD code.

        • Disregard my comments, looks like the LEGOFD code was applied automatically after my previous purchase.

  • +10

    Busting makes me feel good.

    • +3

      What you do with your ectoplasm is your own business.

    • +2

      That's a big twinky !

  • Not accepting code LEFOFD for me. Price is 199.99US

    • +2

      With the AU site and Aus dollars it comes up as $209.99 for me

      • Great. Switched to AU and all good.

    • +4

      FYI code is LEGOFD, not LEFOFD.

  • +1

    Ordered this set from Zaavi almost a month ago and still waiting for it to show up, so don't expect it to arrive quickly no matter what their "Delivery Estimate" happens to be

    • It must depend on which model you order. I ordered the Pick Up truck about 3 weeks ago and it arrived almost a week ago.

      • Took a month for my Lego Porsche to arrive from Zavvi.

    • +1

      Yeah I'm still waiting for my tumblers from zavvi

      • same

        • Did you ever end up receiving your Lego from Zavvi US? Mine still hasn't arrived…

          • @BraydenF: Yeah received it about 2 weeks ago. It was all crushed up on one side :/

            • @first in line: Damn that sucks. Mine still hasn't shown up, trying to get them refunded now

  • +1

    I want this

  • Thanks OP. I've got the older Ideas set, but this looks great.

  • Be advised this is likely shipping from the UK.

    • +1

      they are using FedEx now. Fast Shipment to AU.

      • +1

        My fedex'd lampshades from PotteryBarn USA took 3 weeks to get here.

      • Yes to Fedex from the UK.
        My parcel arrived and cleared customs in Sydney on the 25th of Nov
        6 working days later and still waiting for Aramex to get it from Sydney to Canberra

    • I think UK shipping is a mess at the moment.

      I had an Amazon UK refunded me for an order today because it was more than a week overdue.

  • Porsche 10295 took a month to arrive from the UK.

  • +2

    Had been watching this for a few weeks, at this price had to pull the trigger. Having bought the Batwing from Target the day before they included it in their BF promo, jagging this at $209 helps soften the blow.

    After all of the rhetoric around Zavvi & their deliveries, I went against all that OzBargain has taught me over the years & reluctantly paid $11 for the "express" shipping - let's see how that goes

    Now, how to get all of this Lego built & onto display without the wife noticing…..

    • +4

      In the girlfriends house

  • Thanks. Bought 2..

  • Noice got one. Thanks

  • +1

    Is this the lowest price ever for this set?

  • so glad i got of of the ideas set for this…

    • +1

      You what?

      • sorry, i sold it off to someone.

  • +2

    The pictures of the boy building it are so satisfying that I no longer feel the urge to buy. Thank u OP

  • +1

    Shop Back came through $14.67

  • RRP: A$338.99

    Lego.com.au MSRP is $299.99.

  • Looked through the pics, looks pretty cool. But I’m not sure it’s worth $200. It’s not that big / detailed. I guess there’s the pop culture tax.

    • All the Lego expert vehicles are expensive, and seem to be getting more and more expensive (at least for Australia). But for the price per part, and features its not bad. Plus when it retires, if you chose to sell it on, you'll likely be able sell it for the same or more than what your paid.

  • +3

    20% cashback at cashrewards- mine tracked as $40.45 back

    • Thanks mate, I had to cancel my earlier order and re-order via cashrewards.
      But make sure you DO NOT use the free shipping code though as it's not listed on cashrewards…

  • This will go well with the lego batmobile and the rumoured bttf deloreon set. Is this the same scale as the batmobile and tumbler?

    • Not as long as the 1989 batmobile but bigger than the creator expert mustang. Not sure about the tumbler, as there's no way I'm paying what they're asking, but the piece count is less than this set so I would say it's similar or smaller.

  • Sorry for being off-topic, but for the cashrewards to track do I need to use the exact same email on cashrewards to purchase from Zavvi? ie. do they match the cashrewards account email with Zavvi account email? thanks

    EDIT: NVM - found an old thread on OZB about the same question…and for anyone wondering:

  • +1

    It is $299.
    How did you get $209?

    • +1

      looks like show's over folks…

  • +1

    Crap. I'm too slow!

    • I order one more , if you need let me know

  • Now we need a cheap price for the light/sound kit.


  • anyone has theirs dispatched yet?

    • Nothing here.

    • I received mine on Friday.

      • packaged well?

        • Not really, one corner is bent, haven't taken it out fully yet, just opened the top to confirm what it was.

    • Landed in VIC, waiting in SA…

  • +1

    I am in Sydney and still waitting for mine. Status doesn't change since 20/12/2021. "Handed Over to Partner Carrier".

    • Mine since 16th still not changed. Don't know who is the partner carrier.

    • Mines the same since 21st. Partner carrier is Couriers Please, got an email from them saying the received shipping info, no tracking available yet. Tracking starts with "CP"

  • Arrived today in Brisbane. A Christmas miracle!

  • +1

    Anyone has updates? Mine still with "partner carrier" since 16th and no way to check who is the local carrier.

    • Mine came via FedEx.

      • Did you pay extra for tracking?

      • Even with the local deliver by FedEx? I thoght they will use some local couriers to hadle the delivery.
        Cause my tracking status is showing "Handed Over to Partner Carrier" and no update since then.

        • Mine came via a FedEx truck.

  • Received mine last week before Christmas. Box was unmarked and undamaged. My other order made a week before is on back order with them and won't be expected to be dispatched until late January.

  • Mine came. Box crushed. Current claim with AusPost. Problem is, they only cover the purchase cost and not the current cost to replace.
    Had many of previous Zavvi parcels which have all arrived without any damage. Obviously a disgruntled AusPost working showing is bravado with the boxes. Hero

    • Are you in Sydney area? and your shipment handle by DAI post too?

  • No. In Central Victoria. Aust Post only cover up to $100. 😡

    • So its coming from overseas how in the `^ do you know it was wrecked by Aust Post Einstein with obviously most of the transport chain is away from them ?

      BTW I'd refuse the claim its not their responsibility . where damage was not caused or contributed to by Australia Post.

      • Wow. Someone obviously works for ausPost and is a little precious Princess. Since I’m not the Einstein but you know it all, how do you ‘^ing know it wasn’t ‘damage caused or contributed to by Australia Post’? I know, maybe because it was sent to me from Braeside Vic. I’m sure AusPost wouldn’t have excepted the clearly damaged box to send. But you’d know. You really must be the life of the party. Guessing you don’t get invited to many though.

  • Anyone else still have "Handed Over to Partner Carrier"? that was the last fedex status from the 20/12/2021 no other indication who the parcel is with at the moment :(

    • I am same as you. No changing on the status since 20/12/2021. Try to contact the DAI Post but no luck.

      • +1

        Updating my shipment for the people who are still waitting. I just received my shipment today and i am located in Sydney. The courier who deliver my parcel is "Parcel Right". It must be one of the partner courier that DAI Post uses.

    • Same. Contacted Zavvi 3 times and received same message "I have raised this with the courier team and await for there feedback so we can assist you further.

      If there is anything else that we can do, please get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help."

      Will steer away from zavvi in the future.

  • +1

    Anyone still waiting?

    • mine turned up on Friday. You still waiting?

      • Yeah still waiting. Mine reached AUS on 16th, then still waiting for Daiglobal or Parcel Please or whatever. Tried Zavvi customer service again and again came back with the exact same message above.

        • +1

          My parcel finally got delivered this morning via Daiglobal > courierspls, which was a massive relief.

          • @3252900sl: Yeah I got mine just 5 mins ago too, but this will be my last purchase from Zavvi. Terrible customer service.

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