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Cygnett Boost 2 20K Powerbank 14,000 Points or $34+2,000 Points, + $5.95/2500pts Postage ($0 for Gold Members) @ Telstra Rewards


Seems ok just used some of my points and got one for $21.95 using 8400 points

They're going for about $60-80 instore more details here https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/cygnett-boost-v2-20k-powe...

Cygnett Boost 2 20K Powerbank

Telstra Plus Points (used)
8,400 points
Price (incl GST)
Delivery Fee
Price (incl GST)
Total Telstra Plus Points (used)
8,400 points
Total Paid (incl $1.99 GST)

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  • Try avoid Cygnetts products..their warranty is next to nothing when comes to faulty product

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      Just threaten ACL and they refund.
      Worked for me.

      • how do you threaten them with ACL?

        what specifically do you say?

    • I don't understand this - had an issue with their car charger and their support was beyond fantastic. We determined that it was an issue with my phone, not the charger, but they replaced it anyway.

      Very responsive messages and was very specific (not generic canned stuff).

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    Seems OK.. telstra points are next to useless

    • +3

      How so?

      Telstra Points are there regardless whether or not you want them. I'm OK with paying more for the better coverage they provide.

      Picked up the Nest Hub for 25k points, for doing nothing more than paying my bills.

      I get the hate for Telstra, but hating on a free rewards program is a bit much.

      • +2

        Agreed. Some really good deals pop up there, like that eBay hub deal!

    • Idk I was pretty happy with nest hub for 25k points. Better than a kick up the arse like what optus offer.

    • I agree most of its over priced in the store but this was decent enough to make me pay the rest with card

    • Agreed. Pay pineapples, get peanuts.

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    15W output is not really worth it IMO.

  • Is this covered in that weird rubber stuff that goes sticky over time?

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    I used 2500 points to get the iPhone 12 mini for $699 during the first Telstra day so I’m very happy with these points even if I never use it again!

  • +1

    Thanks OP, used 12,600 points and paid $4 lol.

  • Has this shipped for anyone yet?

    • Yeah got mine in 3 days from order on the W.e

      • I ordered mine on 2nd Dec when this deal was posted and haven’t had any confirmation of shipping yet. The order confirmation email states:

        We will keep you updated on your order status by SMS and let you know when your order is being processed, shipped and delivered.

        And also states:
        Estimated delivery time:
        We'll start working on your order and contact you to clarify details if required. Due to COVID-19 impacts, we're experiencing delays on some orders. We apologise for the inconvenience.

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