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Referee and Referrer Both Receive $75 for Signing up with a Referral Code @ ROLLiN' Insurance


Rollin' Car Insurance is offering $75 credit for both the referrer and the referee. They are a no frill insurance group backed by IAG. I have been a member for over a year and have been happy with them. Their price for me was almost 30% cheaper than the next best quote.

Referral Programme Terms & Conditions

To be an Eligible Referrer you must:

  • i. be an existing customer of ROLLiN’ Insurance;
  • ii. have a verified email address for us to contact you;
  • iii. be a ROLLiN’ Insurance customer for at least one consecutive month prior to participating in the Program; and
  • iv. receive an email invitation from us which will contain instructions on how to make referrals under the Program and a unique code to send to your Eligible Referees.

To be an Eligible Referee you must:

  • i. be referred to ROLLiN’ Insurance by and receive a unique code from an Eligible Referrer;
  • ii. be a first-time customer to ROLLiN’ Insurance; and
  • iii. purchase a ROLLiN’ Insurance policy after being referred to ROLLiN’ Insurance and be a customer for at least 90 consecutive days following that purchase.

Referral Links

Referral: random (19)

Targeted and variable bonuses ($50/$75/$100) for both referee and referrer. Referees must be first-time customers and remain for 90 consecutive days after purchase. Referrers must have been customers for at least one month and have received invitations to the referral program.

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    Mods, pls update the referral links of Poncho Insurance to Rollin Insurance (rebranding)

    ("xxxxx0" is not a valid code)

    • Referral System for ROLLiN' Insurance has been set up. Poncho Insurance has been aliased over and referral wiped.

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    Wouldn't insure my 1997 model year Audi and also quoted 33% of it's market value as the agreed value. Just a heads up for anyone thinking of bothering.I like how they didn't ask me for my contact details though.

  • Sorry, it's not you it's us, let us explain why we can't offer you insurance right now.

    We are so grateful you took the time to get a quote with us for registration MSPAINT but unfortunately, we don’t insure cars in your area at the current time.

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    Not sure what frilly insurance is, but i reckon you'd want at least a bit of frill at claim time.

  • Won't even give me a quote - apparently they don't insure people in my area.

    Based on some random addresses I tried, this area they don't insure appears to be "the entire state of Victoria".

  • Gave it a try, but was about triple what I currently pay at enthusiast car insurance

    • is enthusiast good? They've given me a pretty competitive quote for my car which is pretty much laid up these days.

  • Tried my other car and again more than AAMI…

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    Have been with them/Poncho for about a year. Been great for me with no lock in contract and still the best price around.

  • Can't complain as my insurance premium was paid off with the referral bonus.

  • Just checked with Rollin through FB regarding my referral bonus reduced from $100 to $75. And then I tried the random referral link like 20 times, all referral bonus I saw was $75.

    Thanks for your patience with us on this one!

    I've now spoken with our referrals team and they've advised that the new set amount for all referrals is $75.

    I hope this has helped answer your query and please feel free to reach out to us if you have any further queries.


  • Interestingly I received this today which states $100 bonus:


    Following feedback from customers just like yourself, we have built Rollin’ Referrals!

    When you refer your friends and family, who then take out a Rollin’ Insurance policy and meet the terms and conditions you both receive $100.
    How it works:

    Step 1: Copy and share your unique referral code

    Step 2: Send your code to your friends

    Once you and your referred friend buys a policy and meets the terms and conditions you both receive $100 into your bank account! We will send you email updates to track the success of referrals.

    So go on and share the love and get rewarded while doing it!

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    Anyone else unable to get a quote in Victoria? I was able to get one a few weeks ago, but now I'm blocked. I emailed them and they said it's Victoria, not just me, but not sure.

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    but unfortunately, we don’t insure cars in your area at the current time.

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