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50% off - KOOEE! Natural Beef Jerky - $3 @ Coles


KOOEE! Natural Beef Jerky (Sea Salt) is now 50% OFF at 320 Coles stores around Australia, at $3 each (30g pack). The standard retail price is $6.

KOOEE! Beef Jerky is made with 100% Australian Organic, grass-fed beef, is gluten-free, and contains 14g protein per pack. Low in sugar and made with only natural ingredients. No cheap fillers or anything artificial.

Available in-store and via Coles Online (check Coles Online to find your closest store) while stock lasts! (Last time we did this, a number of stores sold out before the weekend, so apologies in advance!)

Note: submitted by business founder. Let us know if you have any questions.

And just to pre-empt some questions that I'm sure will be asked… ;)

- Why is KOOEE! Jerky more expensive than other brands?

Jerky is an expensive product to make generally. In our case, 1kg of organic beef makes ~350g of jerky, and the organic grass fed beef we use is at the top end of what you can source in Australia. We also don’t add any sugar artificial preservatives or other fillers which can be a cheaper way to produce jerky. We’re not ever saying we’re the cheapest, but we’re certainly the healthiest and best-tasting jerky out there. :)

- Isn't grass-fed beef cheaper?

You'd think that, but not necessarily so. Our beef is sourced from OBE Organic. Feel free to check them out. It's free-range, organic, grass-fed beef. This means that the cattle don't graze in intensive lots - instead, they're allowed to free-range on pasture which reduces the stress on the environment and improves soil health. The cattle are also not fattened with grain to improve yield, which can be a cheaper way to raise beef than just grass. Further, the beef is free from GMOs, added hormones, and added antibiotics, which also adds to cost.

Just like in the meat aisle in-store, there's a variety of different beef options in the supermarket to suit each family's need/budget.

- Can I make it myself?

For sure. Fresh, homemade jerky is awesome. We have an easy recipe on our website that you can follow, check it out.

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    30g pack

    WT !!!

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      I was hoping you'd be back JV! :)

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        Have you left off a zero ?

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          Sorry JV, that's the price per pack!

          You'd be interested to know that at $3/pack, we're the same price per kg as the biggest Jerky company in the world, Jack Links. Jack Links is sold at $5 per 50g, so for this week only we're actually the same price per kg as this brand. But unlike Jack Links, we use Australian Organic, grass-fed beef, have much less sugar, and our jerky actually tastes like beef.

          And for those playing for home, we're a small Tassie business, not a billion-dollar jerky empire based in the US! :)

          It's not for everyone, but hopefully at this price, you'd be tempted to try it.

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    Do Coles only stock the one flavour?

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      Yes, they just stock our Sea Salt Beef Jerky. Our other flavours are available via our website. They include:

      • Smoked Chipotle Beef Jerky
      • Habanero Chilli Beef Jerky
      • Manuka Honey Beef Jerky
      • Native Pepper Beef Jerky
      • Natural Chicken Jerky

      We also sell Natural Snack Sticks (think twiggy sticks, but better). We offer free shipping over $65 and offer 10% off your first order when you sign up to our newsletter.

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        • 👍

          • @KOOEENaturalSnacks: Will try some…

            Might have to sell my Telstra shares first though…

            • @jv: haha. "It is health that is real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver" - Mahatma Gandhi.

              That being said, don't sell your Tesla shares just yet JV…

  • I'll try some.

    Need something to tide me over until Silvers starts shipping again.

    Lets see how it is :)

    Edit: my coles only stock "salt"; any chance there's a way to order direct?

    • Edit: my coles only stock "salt";

      Apparently, that's the only one available at Coles.


    • Thanks for the support @MasterScythe. Yes unfortunately our Sea Salt Beef Jerky is the only flavour at Coles.

      You can order directly via our website: www.kooeesnacks.com.au/shop.

      Make sure you use the code "kooeewelcome" to get 10% off your first order. :)

      • But 10x30 makes them $6 a packet still. (minus the 10% of course).

        Direct from the manufacturer can't match coles?

        • Hi MasterScythe

          Our 50% off sales at Coles are rare events and we make zero profit on them - we do them to encourage trial! Our jerky normally retails at $6 normally too.

          Unfortunately, you just missed our Black Friday sales online. However, we do offer bulk discounts the more you order (e.g. an additional 10% off orders over $100) and free shipping for orders over $65. Alternatively, our sample packs might be a good choice if you want to try just one of each and not spend too much initially.



  • I’ll give it a go if I find myself in a Coles this weekend

  • KOOEE sticks are really nice, you can tell the difference over the cheaper variants, and much better macros when you compare to other brands!

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      Go buy jerky or biltong from a local south African store, they're usually about $60/kg and tastes way better than these mass produced crap.

      • +1

        We're fans of jerky & biltong from your local butcher/SA store as well. It can be cheaper - just depends where you purchase from, what type of beef they use, and if they are selling directly to you versus going through the supermarket (where Woolies or Coles will take ~50% of the purchase price).

        What we aren't is "mass produced crap" - we have a small team in Launceston making our jerky using the best Aussie organic beef. Just like at the butcher, it is quite a manual process (e.g. slicing, laying the beef out, drying it, packing it in bags), but we just do it all day every day. ;)

        Our team takes a lot of pride in our products, so I hope you'll come across our products and give them a chance.


    • Thanks @Dr-JEKL! Really appreciate it. Getting our Sticks right was a labour of love, so glad you enjoy them! :)

  • Link to Coles doesn’t work for me. Nothing searching “jerky” at Coles online, tried two states (Vic & Tas). Nothing on Google, either.
    Have Coles deleted the line? Are my iPad/internet skills failing?

  • I came here to see the interaction with @jv again

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