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Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen $79 + Delivery / Free C&C @ JB Hi-Fi


For those who missed the previous black Friday deals and still want to get a hand on this bad boy at slightly higher price than black friday!

Edit: Down to $77 now.
Now up to $79.

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    Officeworks still has them for $77 as well !

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    Still $74.50 at Telstra.

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    25000 points delivered @ Telstra Plus

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    $79 delivered on the Google Store still, if you're a Google One member, you'll get 10% off in store credit (so $71.1)

    • Hopefully, I can use my credit coupon without them drastically re-raising the price on the special item like they always do.
      EDIT: Nope, can't use coupon credit, does my head in. Coupons on google are literally USELESS.

      • +10

        Tried coupon code USELESS, doesn't work

        • Thanks for making me laugh @yoshipau

        • That's because it's useless.

  • $77 at Bunnings

  • We just got one from Telstra, it's smaller than you'd probably think but it's a surprisingly nice gadget. I might get a Max to replace the Google nest on my bedside table.

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    I received this as a gift and absolutely have no idea what can I use it for. Our family is bilingual with Mandarin as dominant. I can setup Google Assistant to detect both languages, but it can't "action" in Mandarin (it can transcribe text to speech, but doesn't so anything). I have two toddlers who want to poke at any flashy things, and it looks like the Nest Hub doesn't have screen lock. Most of our media preference is in Chinese as well…

    Currently the Nest Hub is back in the box and into the cabinet.

  • $69.99 at Costco (membership required)
    But this one or Alexa?

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      Why not both

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      IMO you should commit to one or the other. You don't want to have to link services to multiple different home automation products.
      Personally I prefer Google Nest products because I have Chromecasts and use Android, Gmail, etc. so Google knows everything about me.
      If you already have a Fire TV stick you'd probably prefer Alexa.

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    I used the little birdies bigw $20 code and afterpay $20 code in jbhifi to get 2 of this by paying 57 and 59 only.
    77 is still too expensive.

    • you sir (or madam), are the best! any idea how to get similar voucher myself? thanks

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        I would like to help but seems both of the 2 promotions are over… Now you can seek to get a $30 discount by creating an afterpay account with an invitation code. One one of my friends is doing it using my invitation link to buy one from jbhifi.

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