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[eBay Plus] Garmin Forerunner 945 $399.08 Delivered @ Ryda eBay


Hi All,

Think i have just found lowest price ever for the Garmin Forerunner 945. Stacking the current discounted Ryda online price with Ebay Plus coupon PLBF20.

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    Great deal. Got one.

  • That's a good price.

  • That is very cheap, great deal!

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    Forgotten which one but isnt 945 the one that's become redundant?

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      No, the 945 is the latest in the 9 series (replacing the 935). It's basically a lighter Fenix 6+ with a slightly smaller screen in a plastic rather than metal body.

    • In what way are you thinking?

      The 945 is the top-of-the-range Forerunner, basically the same as the Fenix 6 Pro only lighter and slightly lower res screen without touch. I think there was some chatter of either the 645 or the 745 having quite similar feature-sets to one of the lower ones, maybe the 245M, but not sure.

      I'm not religious about it, but I bought a 945 at Rebel in their sale last month, and have not looked back - big fan of the watch. I was uncertain about the lack of touch but have come around entirely - I see why it's the way to go :)

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        Lol redundant in a way that Garmin stopped making updates for it. I just forgot which one but sure it's a 9xx

        • Huh, dunno - maybe the 910 series or something? The 935 is still being sold (obvs) and is 'only' from 2017, still a very good and useful watch. Looking at the Fenix 3 at least, I think that's still receiving updates.
          The 945 is their current primary product in the forerunner range, the only 'step up' is the LTE version which is still a 945 as it is.

        • I have this watch and can assure you it is still getting regular updates with new features recently added. It is the same firmware as the Fenix 6. Likely a new Fenix due in Jan (I know people have been saying that for months) but this is a great price.

        • New firmware for the 945 came out in the last week or two.

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      You might be thinking of the 945 LTE, which sort of supersedes the 945, but apart from some minor styling, the extra features (at least the biggest one/s) aren't usable in Australia - https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2021/06/garmin-forerunner-945-lt...

      Of course, if you intend to use it while travelling internationally (when that becomes a thing again), then the 945 LTE might interest you, but the (non-LTE) 945 is still the current "top" Forerunner that Garmin sells in the AU market.


  • I'm not seeing $399. $498 - 15% = $424??

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      Are you using "PLBF20" for $99.77 off?

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        Yes PLBF20 apologies I'll update

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    Any idea why sports watches are taking over and smartwatches are disappearing? There's like 3 Samsung watches and like 100 Garmin watches.

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      I think just more deals / sales on these since black friday

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      Yeah - what @draco said, but also - I think the use-case for the sports watches is a lot more obvious to many. The lifestyle watches are meant as a sort of handy 'jack-of-all-trades' type tool. The better ones do a decent job of most thing, but it's hard to compete with the targeted scope of the sports watches I think.
      That said, I still see a lot more Samsung/Apple watches out there than say Garmin…

    • +5

      Battery life and greater GPS accuracy would be my guess. I like only having to charge my watch every 5-7 days and there are no 'smart' features I need on my watch when my phone is in my pocket.

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      Making watches for sport is Garmin's bread and butter but for Apple and Samsung it's juts a bolt on. If they integrated data into Garmin and other fitness brands I think there would be a larger portion of people willing to switch over. I have been Garmin for a long time and also have two Galaxy watches- the Galaxy watches just don't do what I want them to do.

      • Can I ask what the Galaxy watches don't do? I've been told they "do everything".

        • +3

          Fitness metrics aren't advanced enough, multisport options are far greater, battery life won't work on longer events, tracking isn't as good- these are the main ones. I have a Galaxy Watch in my back pocket now on shorter runs as my phone and music but still Garmin on my wrist.

          The GW could be enough for novices, but people series about their fitness and data it won't be.

  • Bought mine newish second hand off market place a year ago for $500. Absolutely love it, especially how light it is, battery life and HR accuracy when doing HIIT/Weights. Also cops a flogging at work, I just change out a screen protector every now and then.

  • Is APBF25 still on? Showing expired for me.

  • Best deal ever!

  • Only thing preventing me from upgrading from my 245M is the diameter difference, I have small wrists and the 245M's 42mm bezel suits me much better i think than the 945's 47mm will. Keen for the 945LTE as it's bezel is 44.4mm which i would be happy to take on for the 2-week battery over the 245M's 1-week battery life.

    • is the 945 lte available in Aus i wasn't sure it was?

    • +1

      Does Germin LTE work in Australia?

      • I just seen on the Garmin NZ site they are quoting 'ready to ship in 2-3 weeks', i would hope we are getting it soon.

      • Garmin doesn't sell it in AU, because they have not LTE infrastructure / agreements in place here. But the watch itself can be purchased overseas, and used just fine except for the LTE features.

    • Yeah, the slight size drop is the main 945 LTE feature that appeals to me :)

  • I knew if I waited there'd by great details before xmas. 745 for $470.

    Seeing this deal hurt a little but I'm alright.

    • I was the same with my 245M, i bought it on the first price drop @ $399, and 2-weeks later it had a 2nd stage drop down to $299, $399 is a very sharp price for the 945 as its still the current gen and around 12mths old.

  • Sold out literally as I clicked pay! 😑

    • might be back in stock, seems like stock levels low

      • Showing out of stock now for me unfortunately, I'll keep refreshing for a little while.

        • +1

          I must have ordered the last one. I ordered just three minutes ago.

          • @hiaaron: Ah well, you snooze you lose! I did one too many Google searches to see whether I should go for it - once I decided it said 2 available but obviously they were gone in the 60 seconds it took for me to checkout!

            • @Craigw22: Re-stocked now.

              • @hiaaron: Still showing OOS for me?

                • +1

                  @Craigw22: Sorry, you are right. Mine shows 'you already bought this item' instead of out of stock so thought it is back in stock. Apologies.

  • out of stock

  • Ripper deal, have had mine for several months and no complaints, just destroys anything else in terms of battery life (that isn't another Garmin product). Does everything I want mine to do, don't forget accessories though!

    • Any recommendations for accessories?

      • \/ Those \/

        Plus, I also got a bezel ring for a Fenix 6 (the bigger one) and it fits pretty well, does make it chunky

        Additionally, I got a HRM pro, and am considering getting a foot pod but haven't got one yet.

  • +2

    Glass screen protector.

    Spare charging dock.

    Charger port silicone Cover.

  • That seems like a pricing error?

    • Nope, price matching rebel $499 then eBay plus coupon on top

  • Did anyone get their order processed/delivered? I have only had order confirmation since Fri 03/12 morning

    • Mines on the way

    • I got this message late Friday afternoon from them, I ordered around 10:00 AM Friday morning.

      Thank you for your patience, I have just finished following this up with our warehouse and Its come to our attention that our remaining stock of Garmin Forerunner 945 GPS Wrist HR Watch has been oversold due to a stock discrepancy.

      We apologies for any disappointment/ Inconvenience this may cause. While we aim to ensure our inventory is correct and up to date, a small number of items may from time be inaccurate.

      We've re-ordered this for you however as our supplier is currently out of stock it is likely to be a minimum of 6-8 weeks before we could dispatch this.

      Alternatively, we would also understand if you wish to cancel your order with us due to the long wait times– in this case, please just let us know.

      • I wish they'd let my order go through - I'd be happy to wait 6-8 weeks to get it at that price! Instead it sold out literally as I clicked 'Pay'..

  • Back in stock now for $499

    • Damn, shame there's no decent coupon codes now. Can only find a 5% off one.

      • Agreed, best I see is $10 off with eBay plus

        • Had a look around and a play around with getting the best deal with this - if you add something valued at $1.15 or more to the cart with this (to bring the total to over $500), you can use the coupon code SPENDSVE to save $50 (may be restricted to eBay Plus members).

          I did some further Ozbargaining by purchasing $400 and $50 eBay gift cards through Shopback at 3% instant cashback, bringing the total for this watch plus extra item to around $436.50!

          Not as good as the original post deal, but I'm happy with that price for this watch at this point in time!

      • There is a code that does it now with ebay plus AU $448.96

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