How Long Have You Worked / Been Working in a Mailroom?

To my fellow mailroom workers,

How long have you all been working / Had worked in the mailroom?

What do you like / dislike about your job?

Personally, i have been working in various mailrooms for close to 3 years.
Getting sick of it. Will be looking to move on in the new year.


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    Keep us Posted…

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      Made me laugh out loud. Thank you!

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    Does Exchange server count? 🤣

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    1) We don't have mail rooms anymore… at least there isn't someone stationed there… it's more like an "automated" click & collect.

    2) Also been WFH.

  • The Mailroom is an ensemble comedy series about the inner workings of a Hollywood talent agency - and what it's like to be a clueless but ambitious 20-something trying to figure out your place in the world.

    Is it, just like the series?

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    I thought this was just a place they sent people in movies, do they actually still have mailrooms?

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    Our mailroom guy retired after 40 years of doing the same job.

    Hang in there. You can do it.

    • never took a sickie? 'gold' plated watch?

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        I heard they get a Cartier watch

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    I work in an office but, throughout the years when random people outside ask me, the mailroom is where I say I work! You get a lot of snobby people in the office depending on their position but the people in the mailroom are always the most down to earth! I often take them out or bring them a coffee when I go to get mine.

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    I've worked in a few mailrooms and now working with printers and mailing, since the mail has slowed down. 8 years in still perfectly fine. I think where you work makes a big difference rather than the job itself sometimes.

  • I was also in the mailroom for a few years, but have since worked my way up to be CEO. Hang in there.

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    Some of my fondest office memories was as an office admin person with mail room duties.

    There was work but also a lot of fun / laughs.

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    I lasted 1 month in a mailroom, many moons ago. The job was OK the people working there, unfortunately, would get excited when a letter arrived without a stamp on it.

    • I had a female new starter who only lasted 1 day in the mailroom lol

  • I briefly worked in a mailroom, though I discovered a connection between a bunch of mail all addressed to Pepe Silvia and the absence of Carol from H.R.

    They tried to make me redundant shortly afterwards (I say tried, I mailed those pink slips halfway to Siberia)

  • Hopefully you stumble upon Elaine she'll promote you right to the top

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    My second job was in a mailroom. There was three of us. The boss of the mailroom had been there for 25 years. I spent 8 months in the mailroom before shifting to another role. Went onto become a senior manager in the organisation.

  • Stupid Amazon delivery often mentions left in mailroom. It is stupid because in residential areas, there is no such a thing called mailroom.

    • I just check my mailbox when they say that.

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