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Steelseries Apex Pro Mechanical Keyboard Black $239 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Been keeping tabs on this keyboard for a while. Lowest price I’ve seen for the full size version.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I’ve got this keyboard, I think around $20 more, tbh it’s a bit overkill, I think I adjusted the buttons once and changed the animations and light sequences once and kept it the same ever since.
    Great keyboard if you can afford it though

  • I have the TKL version which I'd say is the best keyboard I've used.

  • Brilliant keyboard. I love mine.

  • +1

    The keyboard has spacebar rattle not recommend

    • +1

      I think a lot of pre-built keyboards suffer from the stabilisers being rattley. This is not to excuse this keyboard or the other keyboards, but that's how they tend to be.

      Plate mounted stabilisers I think are most common with the prebuilt ones, and they tend to be worse with rattles as well.

      You can use bit of silicone grease + an interdental brush to fix/reduce the rattle if you have a rattly stabiliser.

      • This is why I don't recommend people these prebuilt keyboards and the silicone grease will just make it mush. The only keyboard I usually recommend is the ducky as their rattle is minimum and bare minimum to this other keyboard.

        • I think mushiness is more due to quantity and possibly where it was lubed, which is why I recommend using an interdental brush. It's easy enough to coat the wires with the silicone grease and possible to remove by wicking them off with the interdental brush if you've put too much.

          I've seen people recommend against using a thick lube on stabiliser housing and the stabiliser stem, which could be a culprit of mushiness.

          You are practically just mimicking what people do with their stabilisers without pulling everything apart. As with why I mentioned with silicone grease, that was more for the stab wires. I probably should have clarified that. This is someone talking about stab wire lubing with dielectric grease

  • I think what really sells this keyboard is the hall effect switches. Contactless switches can have really smooth travel. It's bit of a pity that Steelseries is not using hall effect switches for all keys.

  • Thanks OP. Ordered one.

  • Thanks ordered 2

  • Thx OP. Got One

  • This looks like exactly what I want but I really wanted a wireless keyboard. What could you recommend for something like this but wireless?

    I was thinking maybe the Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro?

    • +1

      I've got BW v3 pro yellow switch and Logitech G915 I can confidently say if you are after a true wireless experience go for G915 without a doubt. V3 imo got better rgb however the battery is not good left mine wired most time.

  • How are this keyboard better than the cheaper Razer BlackWidow mechanical gaming keyboard?

    • I think better is a very subjective thing. I will add a caveat and say that the aspects that I mention only really applies to the part that they've used the hall effect switches (which they call omnipoint switches) on. So number row, modifiers and alpha rows, what makes up 60% keyboard basically.

      Things that Steelseries advertise, the whole debounce aspect, response time and the degrading of the metal contacts over time isn't something that I don't believe matters too much. That said, I am not into games that require that kind of response time, so it may or may not matter for some people.

      Being able to change how deep each keys have to be at for key registers, (on the keys that have hall effect switches) I think is a plus. Whether you'd use that feature all together is a question to be answered?

      Durability aspect should be mentioned as well, hall effect switches are known to be very durable. I think it would last longer than other common mechanical keyboards, so longer than contact leaves or LEDs for optical switches. Again, whether that matters is another question altogether, especially with hot swappability of switches becoming more common.

      I personally like contactless switches like hall effect switches, optical switches and more, because they don't have to rub against something causing less frictions. I don't have Apex Pro, but my understanding is that the omnipoint switches are very smooth.

      • Thanks for detailed answered.

        • I'd call it more a nerd nerding out. :P

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