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$10 Cashback with $50 Spend at Rebel, Supercheap Auto and More @ Commbank Rewards (Activation in App Required)


Pretty much as per title -

$10 cash back on $50 spend at Rebel
$10 cash back on $50 spend at SCA
$10 cash back on $50 spend at Ghanda
$20 cash back on $100 spend at Country Road
$20 cash back on $100 spend at Sketchers
$20 cash back on $100 spend at Cue

Targeted - YMMV.
Please check commbank app rewards section to see what you got.

In app activation required before spending
Spend before 22 Dec


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    I have these:
    $10 cashback on $70 spend at Chemist Warehouse
    $5 cashback on $15 spend at The Coffee Club
    $15 cashback on $100 spend at David Jones
    $10 cashback on $80 spend at Toys R Us

    • A few of these were already posted

      Coffee club

      I also have a few more as well but only put up the new/ most cashback ones. I can add these to the post if that helps.

  • I got
    $20 cash back on $100 spend at Rebel
    $15 cash back on $100 spend at David Jones
    $5 cash back on $15 spend at The Coffee Club
    $20 cash back on $100 spend at BCF
    $20 cash back on $100 spend at Country Road
    $20 cash back on $100 spend at Macpac
    $20 cash back on $100 spend at Skechers
    $20 cash back on $100 spend at Everlast

    Damn, I wanted SCA.

    • +2

      Maybe this will help

    • Damn that a big list… how come i only got one of those?
      CBA should have done better.
      Or it wants me to save for Christmas?

  • last week was JB-HiFi, I missed.

  • +1

    Never had a reward yet with commbank

    • Me too, been customer for years and not had a thing…

      • I think you need to opt-in. It's in the app!

        • Yeah opted in (or at least I think I did - it gives me the option to 'opt out') - but still waiting for something, anything… anyway, have switched banks to Westpac now and already used a reward there!

  • grrr.. i want sketchers but get SCA

  • still waiting on Chemist Warehouse cashback purchased 9 days ago.

    • I had the same issue amd never got paid for it. Another one was Myers with commbank rewards which had steppay instructions but never received the cashbaxk.

      • +1

        received the '$10 is on its way' notification today.

  • i didnt get s#%t

    just activated my card a few days ago

    • You need to opt-in for rewards. It is not on by default.

      • That is absolutely right

  • Thanks OP!

  • Can we buy Rebel Gift cards to hit the $50?

    • +3

      I can’t see why not. There is no way for the bank to tell what items were purchased. They will most likely only look at the qualifying purchase amount. I have been able to buy gift cards from Ampol for similar commbank rewards deals before and recieved the cash back.

      • +1

        Yes, I have also with David Jones and Myer but with Myer, it only worked in the store as they use a 3rd party to process their GC. So you are safe doing it in store with these offers but only with some online eg. Amazon and DJ's.

    • Did you end up buying gift cards to see if it worked? I am thinking the same.

  • Got the DJ (15 off 100) and Rebel, hmm… Seems that CBA treats people differently.

    • Got the DJ (15 off 100)

      I got this, but on Westpac

  • Only got the rebel deal for me… are they offer deals only for heavy spenders? (We are a couple with Amex so didn't use the combank card much)

  • I have only ever used this account for these deals and get quite a few of them.

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