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4x 112pk Finish Powerball All in One Dishwashing Tablets (448 Tablets) $70 ($0.15625 Each) Delivered @ Catch


running low on dishwashing tablet so time for the bi-annual bulk purchase of dishwashing tablets.

these seem like a decent price-

reputable brand, good reviews. blah blah

and 15.6 cents each.

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    Thats like threes years supply for me, where would I put them all!

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      In the dishwasher obviously

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        one by one of course

        • And with your hands, surely

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            @Kangal: Don’t forget to unwrap, needless to say

            • @grover77: probably goes without saying but do open the little door first, place this inside the compartment, and then close the little door again.

              • @dullbeard: I just throw them in the machine

                • @0U812: Depending on your dishwasher you might not be getting the best performance. Lots of dishwashers do a pre-wash rinse and all that water is drained before starting the actual wash. The door opens at the start of the wash cycle and then helps remove the more stubborn material from the plates with the detergent. If you're bored here's a 32 min video on dishwasher operation… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rBO8neWw04

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                    @dangerdong: I have watched both his videos on the subject (I didnt even click the link but know what you are linking lol). Ever since then I put the tablet in and close the drawer, but also put a bit of power in at the start. The dishes come out better.

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              @grover77: Wait you're meant to take them out of the plastic?

              • @SpainKing: The ones that are vacuum sealed into the clear cling wrap, no. This wrap just dissolves in the water.

                But the ones that actually have a loose separate plastic wrapping, yes.

  • Good deal. Though it's "All in One" not "All in One Max".

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    Nice! Combine with the $60 spend, get $10 back from Shopback at Catch offer and free delivery. Good deal!

    • How do you access the $10 CB?

    • +1

      can you please give more details on this one, please? Unable to find this anywhere!

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        It's one of the challenges under "Earn More" in the app.

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          couldn't see any challenge offer from Catch

  • how does it compare with Fairy .Any idea folks

    • I think its more of an each to their own thing, for me Fairy didn't do a great job, left residue etc.
      Using Earth Choice and seems fine for me.

      • I did not enjoy Earth Choice tbh. Didn't do the job properly. Was a regret buy from reject shop offer.
        as you said, each to their own I guess.

    • I prefer Fairy. Finish always leaves the dishwasher stinky.

      • Same experience here with my dishwasher. I use a delonghi

      • not really, fairy on the other hand leaves overwhelming dish soap smell on dishes

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    Thanks OP. 448 dinners sorted.

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      Classic vs All in one.

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      That one is cheaper in Catch as well. Turns out 10c per tab at here

      • nice

    • Classic is garbage

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    In case someone is also looking for Classic then here is the link

  • Just be prepared to wait
    I ordered same or similar order to this on 28/11 and they are still in transit
    I was advised they were dispatched on 2 Dec. No updates since then.

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      Completely normal right now, not sure if you've seen the news but Australia Post have all kinds of delays at the moment 👍

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    I still have 2 years worth from the previous deal 😂

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    I hate the ones that you have to unwrap (which is these ). They are always a PITA.

    • -1

      Why? I find the other ones sometimes stick with each other. Individually wrapped ones don't have this issue.

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        Or you could use powder which doesn't need to be unwrapped and is cheaper

      • Hmm, I have not had that issue, and I live in the tropics. Weird.

  • These work with portable dishwashers?

    • +1

      Does that portable dishwasher accepts Finish?

      Short answer is yes, long answer per question above.

  • Thanks - a good deal!

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    Not the Powerball I wanted but better than nothing

  • Would this make me feel like I won the lottery?

    • well , you could spread them on your bed and roll in them like this

  • How long do tablets work for until expire (if not ever)?

    • They would never expire. After many years the packaging may break down and the tablets would begin to absorb moisture from the air, even then they would still work.

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        Although that is meant to be the case, I would actually say after a year the tablets lose their efficacy. I'm speaking from personal experience as I bought a 400+ pack from aldi. After about 9 months, there was a higher chance of coming across tablets that didn't break / dissolve down fully in the dish washer or left a residue on the plates

        • Agreed, and the last time I bought from Catch (a few years back now so no idea if they have improved!), the tablet colour seemed a little off as compared to newer ones I purchased from Amazon or the Supermarkets.

          Felt like they were old stock sitting around tbh.

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    How does the price per tablet here compare to the powder? I always use the powder as it's cheaper, but this looks pretty cheap. Advantage of the powder is you can adjust the amount based on load size as well.

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      I've just checked. The powder from Aldi, Logix Dishwashing Powder, is $3.69 for 1kg. For me it's usually below 20g per wash in a regular, 60 cm wide dishwasher.

      1kg / 20g = 50 wash, so $3.69 / 50 = 7.38c / wash.

      Also a 1kg bottle is like 1/2 of space one box of tablets takes and you don't need to buy a two year supply for $70…

      To me it's a no-brainer.

      • +2

        Thanks for doing the calculations I was too lazy to do :)

      • +1

        Also a 1kg bottle is like 1/2 of space one box of tablets takes and you don't need to buy a two year supply for $70

        And with powder you don't need to unwrap the tablet each time.

      • +3

        I bought one of those Fisher Paykel double dish drawers a few years ago and exclusively used finish powder in it up until about a 18months ago (Comes up 1/2 price pretty often). Anyway, gave the Logix stuff a crack and haven't looked back, it works just as well as the finish powder and cheap as.

  • Thanks Op, I had a deal10 offer thing expiring today so I got this for 60

  • Finish used to be the best but not any more. Maybe it depends on machine but I seem to get much better results with Earth Choice or Aldi.

  • Thanks OP, sorted my Christmas gift for wifey!

    • Jimmy, I think Nadia prefers powder over tablets.

  • Aldi base level tablets are cheaper

    • Powder is even cheaper

      • Choice ranks the best powder at 56% which is so low though https://www.choice.com.au/home-and-living/kitchen/dishwasher...

        • +1

          Yeah, I find powder worse too.
          The best cost/benefit strategy for me is to wait until chemist warehouse reduce their 110 CLASSIC tablets on special, then you go to The Reject Shop who sell the same thing, they will price beat by 10%, bringing it down to $11.79 per box (from memory), or 10.7 cents per wash. Buy 3 to 5 of those boxes and you're set for 1 to nearly 2 years (wouldn't buy more as they go on special every 6 months of so). Add a small squirt of hand dishwashing detergent outside the dispenser for the pre wash, and you go from say 70% rating to maybe 75%, and pay say 11.5 cents per wash. That's got to be on the efficient frontier. Or you could pay 7 cents per wash for powder at say 55% rating, or add a squirt of hand dishwashing detergent for say 60% at 7.7 cents per wash.
          All of these options would be on the efficient frontier, you just need to decide how much you want to pay versus the quality of wash you want. For me, 75% is good enough, find maybe 2 or 3 items of cutlery a week with thick food or cooking gunk still stuck to them after dishwashing, that need to be hand scrubbed and go back into the dishwasher, and that's good enough for me.

        • This score is made up of equally weighted stain removal scores for egg yolk, rice starch, baked-on cheese, red wine, coffee and minced meat.

          The Choice score is pretty pointless unless your dishes always have those things on them.

          • @spaceflight: Well they're a reasonable proxy for most food groups & drinks (a fat & protein mix, a carb, a fat heavy dairy + cooking effect, the 2 most staining drinks, and a protein). I'd probably add a roasting pan that has been used to roast, as one of the more challenging things to clean, and maybe a chopping board that has been used on a mix of fruits & veggies, but otherwise their mix seems like a reasonable approximation of what dishwashers are likely to be used for.

  • Just need a warehouse to store it in!

  • +6

    This video might be useful for some people


    And the follow-up


    The TLDW version is.. use powder + rinse aid and save money. If your cycle uses a pre-wash, make sure you add a dash of powder for that, straight in to the door of the dishwasher if you don't have a compartment for it. :)

    But hey, if you want to use tablets, this is a good deal too.

    • exactly what I was thinking, love technology connections. also you can just use vinegar instead of rinse aid.

      • In many machines, vinegar is a strong enough acid to damage rubber seals. So be careful. :)

    • +1

      I just spent 30 minutes watching a video on dishwashers..great video! Didn't know about all that prewash stuff

      • Technology connections is a great channel. :)

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    Not sure about everyone else but if my dishes are heavily soiled, I find one tablet doesn't work well. I often have to top up with a bit of powder as well. Tablet in the bottom of the dishwasher and powder in the draw.

    • +1

      Watch the video above!

    • +1

      Put in some powder in the prewash slot

    • Couldn't you have picked the heavy soil mode? (+ prewash powder)

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    I just buy the boxes of powder from the reject shop for like $3. spoon it in, plus good because you can dose how much you want, and still way cheaper.

  • -3

    This isn’t a deal

    This is the usual price at chemist warehouse foe C&C


    Sometimes it goes down to 12.99 per box.

    • +1

      That is a different product

  • arrived today. sorted for tablet for a couple of years. thanks OP.

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