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BOB AND BRAD C2 Deep Tissue Percussion Massage Gun $125.99 Delivered @ Meniva via Amazon AU


A quality massage gun from the two most famous physical therapists on the internet Bob & Brad. Well reviewed on Amazon with 5 stars from over 3,036 ratings. There's several YouTube reviews to check out, I have included a few below but there's heaps more.

YouTube Reviews: 1, 2 & 3

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    Was looking at getting one for my mum for christmas, wouldn't this be better? https://www.amazon.com.au/ALDOM-Massager-Percussion-Stiffnes...

    More powerful, cheaper and bigger battery.

    • +3

      They're all the same thing. Get the cheapest one with decent seller reviews. They're all re-skins of each other

    • -1

      No, the Aldom one is just a cheap no name Chinese one, whereas Bob & Brand is quality brand. Look at reviews of the Bob & Brad one on YouTube and you will see that it is a quality brand. It looks similar to no name Chinese massage guns, due to them copying the designs of brand name massage guns. The no name Chinese massage guns often have a high failure rate and sometimes come with unsafe power supplies that can catch on fire.

      • Here's a review of the Bob & Brad massage gun.

        Or a cheaper option is this Evieun GK2 for $89.99. I wouldn't buy it for that price, as it's regularly on sale at the same link.

        It is sold under the brand Medcursor in the US and has very good reviews.

        I've been looking for a massage gun for a while. But because I have a very limited budget, I have spent countless hours looking for massage guns and reading reviews, in an attempt to find a very cheap one, offering reasonable quality. The Evieun one is the cheapest, top quality massage gun I have found (but it's more than I want to spend). If you opt for buying a cheap Chinese massage gun, I highly recommend buying one with USB charging (which is what I'm probably going to do), so you can use your phone charger to charge it, with is a much safer option than using a dodgy Chinese power supply with a risk of exploding or catching on fire. Although in some cases, local resellers will swap the included power supply for a safe one.

        • +2

          Wait a sec, the link for the GK2 showing as $57.36 at the moment.
          Bought it, and now I've posted the deal here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/670052

          • @smurftastic: It was at full price yesterday and now has gone up to full price again. However, it seems to be regularly discounted at varying amounts.

  • +3

    Who's Opinion 😁

    • +1

      In our opinion of course, Brad!

  • +1

    I'd rather a Bob & Brad personally….

  • +1

    pretty sure i saw this gun for $159.99 but with a $50 voucher/coupon for a while….so this seems more expensive

  • Bought renpho one for $50 before the post was removed. Seems to be good and looks like this one is just a reskinned of renpho.

    • Bargain can't find it anywhere close to that.

      • +1

        sorry, it was jollyfit…

        • whats the link for the $50 one?

  • Bob and Brad sound like the names of minions

  • +2

    Well they are Bob and Brad…the 2 most famous…physical therapists…on the internet

  • Just bought it at $100

    • Ok, I'll bite… where and is it still available for that?

  • anyone share the experience with this product?

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