Problem Charging Acer Aspire 1

Hey guys,

My Acer laptop is only charging when the charger cable is at certain angles, indicating an issue maybe with the solder inside the charging port.

Any idea what this might cost to get replaced? Its out of warranty but probably not by too much.



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    check the charger cable first with multimeter as in :
    turn on check output then get someone to bend cable. if the voltage stops, its the cable if not then the socket is loose on the mobo. Once you determine which is which reach out to acer to see if they'll repair under "Goodwill" warranty or give you a list of authorized repairers near you.

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    Open the laptop up and confirm there is a bad /broken joint. Take it to a phone repair guy he'll probably solder it for a bit of cash

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    looks like socket is plug in module. easy swap over i'd imagine (if it is indeed the socket that's the issue and not the charger).

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