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Razer Blade 14 with RTX 3070, QHD 165HZ, Ryzen9 5900HX, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD $2685 Delivered @ Razer eBay


For those interested i think this is the cheapest it has been? Not 100% sure but certainty cheapest at the moment!

Specs listed on the eBay listing for those new but its a pretty powerful little laptop.

Note: 100w RTX3070 so don't expect Legion 5 Pro performance from this thin and light, but it still holds its own.

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    Also to note, i believe this deal end today.

  • This seems pretty cheap?!

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      Yeah. I was tempted to buy but went with an older Blade 15. But I think if you’re in the market the price is pretty good!

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        same, I went with a Blade 15 for a few hundred more

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      a bit cheaper than previous deals, looks like the same variant

      not a huge impulse-buy click-first-think-later ozbargain for me

    • I paid $3K. This is pretty good.

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    Only if was 32gb of RAM.

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      Yeah, my Feb' 2016 laptop has 16GB of RAM, if I buy a new laptop I want it to be upgradable or at least last for 5 years.

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    FYI soldered RAM

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    ouff … a thinner one. makes me wanna cancel my lenovo legion 5 pro order. 16gb ram but ryzen 9.

    • how much was the legion 5 pro

      • I think it was around $2500 with student discount.

        • i got an order for the legion 5 pro after BFCM. Just sign up for an account using edu email and you might get a 10% off coupon. The so-called deal that the chat agent provided only had a couple of dollars cheaper than the 10% coupon, and the chat with the agent was a tough one. lol

    • Same with me. I've had the Legion 5 Pro delivered and it's a beast… but this looks to be next level and a pretty good price.

      • on Legion 5 Pro, do the fans stay on all the time if you're just browsing or light tasks (eg Excel, MS office)? Do the fans spin up from time to time?

        I have an old Omen 17" GTX1070 laptop and the fans are always on, not at 100% but still audible. Gives me appreciation of ultrabooks that are quiet so I can hear myself think without needing headphones.
        There is no option in Omen's Control Centre for a quiet profile, only a Win10 slider between better battery and better performance

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          No, not at all for regular tasks for me. I'm more worried about the Blade 14 doing that based on what I've read. It's just so damn big (the L5P)

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      unless you really needed the portablility I wouldn’t recommend the blade 14. 100w3070 is only marginally better than a 130w 3060 and a long way from the 140w 3070.

      As for the 5900hx, just treat it like a slightly better binned 5800h with slightly increased power limits. Unlike intel chips this ‘overclockable’ chip cant actually be overclocked or tuned in anyway. The 10% or so percent increase is barely noticeable, certainly not helped by the fact that l5p’s cooling is a tad better than the blade 14.

      And this is speaking from someone with a 5900hx laptop.

      • Thanks for that. I don't value portability as much as performance, cooling, fan noise and a quality build. It seems wrong to pay about the same for a bigger laptop that has lower spec'd internals and cheaper build materials. But it's good hearing the real world differences are negligible.

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      Slightly different priorities. L5Pro is 16" and this one 14"
      L5Pro also not highly portable, massive power brick and laptop approx 2.5 KG.

      After lugging heavy laptops in big backpack daily, makes me want to buy a Thinkpad or something thats still powerful but not so damn heavy and big

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        i feel your 'heaviness' lugging chunky and clunky beasts around. its almost like i want good performance and yet small form factor. damm first world problems i am having.

        • then you start thinking of getting one that can turn into a tablet and accepts stylus input so you can annotate PDF and meeting notes :)
          eg Surface Laptop Studio, or Surface Pro 8

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    it was $2611 from Microsoft eBay on black friday, still a good deal if you're looking to buy today

    • Note that this one actually comes with a Tax invoice unlike microsoft Ebay aswell as 2 years of warranty compared to the 1 year from Microsoft… I reckon $70 for an extra year of warranty is worth it but it is Razer support which i heard is kinda trash.

      • Microsoft eBay give a tax invoice - it just wasn't formatted very well, but it was accepted by the salary packaging company my work uses so it's definitely a legitimate tax invoice :)

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    For those wanting a gaming laptop with more flexible options, you should consider the Intel NUC Laptop Kits
    You choose the laptop, RAM (up to 64GB), Storage options and OS.
    Mwave have them on sale here.
    For me the small downside is, they don't have a 4K Option yet for screen. (Only QHD, FHD atm)

    I will get one as soon as my current laptop p*sses me off beyond a certain threshold (it's slowly getting there)

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      Really expensive considering it's barebones, at least for the base model with i7 11800h / RTX 3060 / 165HZ

      • I think I costed out a QHD / 3060 / 64GB RAM / either 1 or 2TB SSD for around 2900 a few weeks ago. Which I thought was very reasonable price. The price might have moved since

        • You missing the OS is not included in that price as well

          • @asa79: I said "You choose the laptop, RAM (up to 64GB), Storage options and OS."

        • I know it's not quite as nice quality but i ended up picking up an Acer Nitro 5 with RTX 3060 (Core i5 11400H / 8GB RAM / 512GB SSD / 144HZ) for $1198 during black friday sales so from my point of view spending over double for a laptop with the same GPU (before having RAM/SSD/OS) doesn't add up IMO.

    • They look crazy thick in comparison. Also hundreds more.

    • doesnt offer more flexibility as many gaming laptops these days already offer multiple drive bays and upgradeable RAMs anyway…

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    100W 3070

    • +3

      14" notebook.

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    Has been this price since late November, just likely didn’t get its own post since the Microsoft deal was cheaper. Also note that the Razer store has no returns marked for this listing.

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    Is it worth it to buy this now? Or should I wait for CES 2022 where they announce the new Intel 12th Gen chips for mobile?

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      This came out in July 2021, despite the RTX 3070 coming out in October 2020. So you could be waiting 9 months after the next gen GPU's are released, and when announced in January they still probably won't be released for a while.

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        Heard at CES that they're potentially releasing 30 series TI Chips into laptops. Not sure if it's worth the wait but this seems like a hell of a deal.

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            @FabMan: Just ended up Copping it. Honestly don't think it's going to get any cheaper than it is right now.

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              @keanoobreaves: Yeah, good price for what you are getting, also don't beat yourself up if it does drop a little, it is a good price right now and you can't predict with accuracy what is going to happen.

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          3070/80tis arent the main attraction but it’s the cpu upgrades, both 12th gen and zen3d looking at major gains:

          • on the intel side you are looking at a even bigger performance jump than last year, and much better multicore performance (i.e: productivity workloads) boost due to the p/e core combination compared to both 11th gen n zen3 mobile

          • and on the amd side you are looking at increased core clocks as well as an expected giant cache increase which thanks to the 3dcache tech which will make them very good in games-a traditionally intel held title on the mobile market, they will also finally gain pcie4.0 support as well

          Not to mention both amd and intel will be getting ddr5 4800mhz sodimm support. This will be a large performance jump for both teams.

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            @Brrrrt: Heard that Zen 3D is most likely going to release in the end of 2022 which is quite a while for such a significant performance jump with intel probably releasing their mobile cpu's around in June/July next year. Not sure if it'll be worth it considering the huge discounts on Zen 3 and 11th Gen mobile devices right now

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              @keanoobreaves: Ah you’re right, I have confused zen3d mobile with zen3+ mobile.

              With that said im still very interested in seeing the intel 12th gen. Really hoping the efficiency cores will be of some help with battery life-something the 11th gen really struggles with compared to zen3 chips.

              You are right about now being a good time with sales. But if someone wait for just a few more months they could get a better machine with same price tag as the ‘non sale’ price of current gen laptops. Depends on your usage i guess, if the current tech is already plenty to you then buy now and waiting for new machines also doesn’t hurt.

  • I wish this had 16:10 screen

  • Nice laptop. It worked out to be 50% off when using SG.

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    There are cases of battery bulge/bloat with razer laptops, and their customer service can be a bit of a hit and miss, so buyer beware and all that.

    Disclaimer: owned a stealth 13 myself for a year and a bit, no issue so far, touch wood.

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    This is just a general notice; be wary of these machines with heat. I had a Blade Advanced 15 with a 2060, the battery bulged so much due to heat that it buckled the chassis, causing mother board failure, etc. The machine was also consistently in temperatures that basically required it to be mounted. I cannot imagine what a 14 would be like, but I would say probably worse due to the smaller form factor and probably too hot to touch while gaming.

    • yeah I would advise against buying blade 15s, the thermals just don't work. I don't know anything about the 14 inchers, they should be even worse?

      blade 17 has really solved the battery problem by having 2 additional coolers in the middle of the battery to make sure that air flows one way, and front of the laptop stays cool as

      I am annoyed though that 2080 super is only set to draw 100w max, I am sure there's headroom left, and a lot.

    • Ryzen Chips are alot easier to cool than Intel chips which thermally throttle in a thin chassis. This one stays real cool.

      • Yeah here's hoping, I was so frustrated with it that I bought myself a desktop instead

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      I had a similar experience. Bought a Blade 15 Advanced 2070 Super, battery bulged and the trackpad would become unusable intermittently. Razer and Centrecom who I bought it from were a massive pain in the arse, both couldn't replicate the fault and didn't believe me even though I sent them videos of the trackpad not working. Razer's online support is all overseas and pretty hopeless and there's no store in Australia you can send it to. There was about two months where it was either at Razer's repair centre, back at Centrecom or in the post to or from one of them. All so they could both tell me I was imagining things. Never buying a Razer again and never buying from Centrecom again.

      • Actually early on I had an SSD failure (this was during the pandemic last year) and they swapped over an SSD within a week and a half, so the overall support was pretty good

        • Good to hear their servicing was half decent for you! :)

  • Paid $2,800 back in August deal with bing Lee.

  • Absolutely love this laptop! Bought in the previous deal, and very happy!!

    • Spewing just paid $3k for this couple weeks ago

    • Can I ask how quiet they are in non gaming activities?

      • Very quite

        Only gaming makes it abit loud but tbh not as loud as lp5 pro

        Reminded me of my old PS4 pro taking off

  • Can these be used on the Samsung USB-C dock Monitors?

  • I bought the G14 over this!
    But damn the price of this is basically a G14

  • Slightly cheaper here, less reputable seller but 12+ available: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Razer-Blade-14-AMD-RTX-3070-Gami...

    • I'm seeing this almost $1k higher, at $3,559.77 - what are you seeing?

      • I'm seeing a 2 instead of a 3 and need to put my glasses back on. :(

        • +1

          Hahahahahahahaha!!!! No stress mate!

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