This was posted 8 months 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Artiss 120cm Motorised Standing Desk from $212.28 (Was $311.96) Delivered @ Artiss Furnishings via Amazon AU


Cheapest I’ve seen any motorised standing desk - black/oak top is also available in longer 140cm for $220.75 at time of posting

Guessing there’s not many available at this price.

Edit: Dual motor version in 140cm available for around $270 in oak or walnut here:

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    No memory, so you need to push the button till the top arrives at the desired height, right? Also one motor - so it's slower than two, right?

    In that case, might be a better deal to those looking to buy two: they have memory, two motors, 140cm x 68cm, $271.15 each.

  • Single motor only - deal breaker!

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      What're the advantages of dual vs single motor? Would this matter for someone who won't adjust the table on a daily basis?

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        It really depends on the motor itself - might be able to lift heavier load and/or move faster. Writing off something because it’s ‘only single motor’ doesn’t really make sense without looking at the difference between the motors.

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        I have a single motor and one of the disadvantages for me is that it sits in the middle of the desk and is quite bulky. It often gets in the way of my legs. When I eventually upgrade my desk, I will go with a dual motor for maximum clearance under the desk.

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          I got a single motor. The motor is next to one of the legs. Maybe some designs are not very good.

          • @netjock: Having the motor in one leg and a long driveshaft would definitely solve my clearance problem, so probably not an issue with this desk. I'll keep that in mind for the future.

    • +1

      Motor and component quality are more important than how many motors it has.

    • I had been using this for about an year or two. No complaints what so ever.

  • Thanks, this is cheap enough for me to justify an additional one for my workplace.

  • Perth Its not free delivery mine comes to $49.82 for 140cm and $45.02 for 120cm and i have prime

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      If you don't have Prime, delivery is a lot more expensive than the desk.

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    Dual motor model at Catch is $283 delivered
    Been using these from March this year, well built and value for money. Had to buy a cable organizer from Amazon as this doesnt come with one. At this price, its a no brainer.

    • +2

      Ikea sells the SIGNUM underdesk cable management solution for $13 if people want a cheap option.

    • -3

      That price is including the desk top as well, right? What is the Catch? ;-)

  • I think they have 20% off sitewide

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    I find that a lot of the furniture products on Amazon can be pretty low quality (haven't bought a desk but have a bunch of other shit that is mediocre), if you're looking for a good standing desk I can definitely recommend the IKEA IDASEN standing desk:

    • You can precisely control the desk height with an app. 💯

    • It's so ugly. What were they thinking with the legs? Doesn't mention load limit?

      • It’s not the best looking, but the warranty and return policy at Ikea is one of the best. 140x70 is good enough for people with a simple setup of monitor with stand, a connected laptop, keyboard and some stationary I think. Max load is listed at 70 kg for the table top.

      • Ironically you can buy an ugly matching chair and that seems to help.

  • +5

    I realise this is cheap but just be warned, that's a really small desk.

    • Yeah 120cm is probably a good size for kids or anyone who isn't going to have much on their desk (definitely not a desktop PC). I'd recommend the 140cm one for ~$220, I think that's a well rounded size.

      • +1

        I'm a nerd with multiple monitors and monitor arms (Which save space) and 1500x700 isn't enough.

        Ideal desk is 1800x900 it's an amazing size.

        • +1

          Try out being an architectural designer… Multiple physical models at a time and a few monitor arms and well…

          The ideal desk is 3000mm x 1150mm, it's an amazing size.

          • +1

            @Smeethaneets: Yeah haha I think you have both proven that the ideal size is gonna be different for everyone.

          • +1

            @Smeethaneets: Oh man yeah you'd need some serious stuff.

            I visited a stock traders house, 20 years ago before they did a lot online and he had a desk at least 3 or 4 metres long, 1 metre deep and hand drew a giant futures trading chart on it.

  • No display to see the current height, only 70kg load. Desk surface on the small side for me. Pass but good price for what it is.

  • Dammm, I bought the dual motor one for $430 last week, just delivered two days ago.

  • +5

    From Artiss…
    Just be warned, this brand is like gambling your luck, have bought some furniture from them on eBay before. Their quality (defined as usable) is just not stable. While the bed is alright but the chairs, I have to return all of them.

    And by quality, I meant "the standard as usable or functioning"…

    • Yeah we bought some chair that were terrible quality too. Havent used the desk but I would steer clear of the brand

      • +1

        yep artiss is super low quality

        this is not an issue on some items… eg. a coffee table that isnt a big stressed item but i certiainly would not buying anything electric or a gaming chair or a desk that holds monitors and pcs and the like

        pay for what you get here

        better off waiting for a TRS sport frame and your own bunnings desk panel maybe?

        • +3

          I have to disagree with this.

          Although, I cannot vouch for other Artiss products, but I have owned my Artiss Dual Motor stand-up desk frame since 2019, and it's built very solid and the quality of the electronics are comparable to the rest of the market (excluding $1500+ stand up desks). From what I can tell, the Artiss stand-up desks come from the same manufacturer as the TRS stand-up desks.

  • Does anyone have thoughts on this one from Kogan/Matt Blatt:

    Don't really want to pay $340 for delivery from the Amazon deal :'(

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    Just wanted to recommend that people go for tables longer width (standard is 60cm width). The further away from the screen, the better it is for your eyes.

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    I wish it can go lower than 69cm..

    • +2

      As someone that is 180cm I must have really long arms cos this is still too high so who is it for? Literal giants?

      I have one of the same spec 69cm is likely the the base and then you add 2cm for the table top like the one I have.

      Hope this helps.

      I currently share a desky with the partner and I sit somewhere between 66 and 68cm depending on the slouch

  • +1

    $75 shipping to my location, but otherwise God offer!

  • could i take the top off later and replace it something from ikea?

  • I got two a year ago, a 120cm dual motor and single motor - both going strong. Highly recommend.

    • Debating dual and single motor - is the dual worth the extra (also to have the memory)?
      Assume you mean the artiss desk?

      • I prefer the dual motor as it has a memory so you just press and hold the 1 and it raises to my preprogrammed height.

        Single motor still does the job fine though. Just need to manually do fine adjustment to get the height right.

  • I've got the dual motor 170cm version of this desk - would very highly recommend, extremely sturdy and has put up with my sit-stand nonsense all throughout lockdown.

  • How this one compare to Ikea Rodulf overall quality?

  • Good deal

  • +1

    I was considering one of these cheaper motorised desks a couple of years back, but what kept putting me was the thought of the motor crapping out as it was transitioning between sitting and standing and being left with a near unusable desk (I dare say warranty and support wouldn't be great for these cheaper brands). I ended up going for IKEAs manual sit stand desk and it's honestly been fantastic. Granted, this was pre-pandemic, and it was < $200 at the time. But still, if you don't mind putting in 30 seconds of mild exertion, then definitely consider that option.

    • +2

      i think if i had to manually change the height i'd just end up leaving it and always be sitting down

  • Thanks OP. Bought one.
    Also lower than the magic $300 limit for tax reasons

    • What's the magic with item below $300? Deduction without needing to produce an invoice?

      • +2

        Get the full deduction in the first year, rather than over the life of the asset.

        • Thanks. Seems I've been doing it wrong but nobody cared. (I had single invoices for ~$400 in the past, I just deducted it right away).

  • Delivery now $199

  • Got the 140cm, only option available is Black Frame Natural Oak Top at the $220.75 price. Thanks Op.

  • -1

    A couple options at Bunnings for the 140cm version.

    Walnut top, white frame - $216.30
    Oak top, grey frame - $222.20

    • -1

      Just incase someone compare between140cm desk. Bunnings has a single motor and no memory settings.

      Only you after a single motor, 120cm on Amazon vs 140cm Bunnings for the similar price

      • There is also 140cm single motor version at Amazon, as already mentioned in the OP.

        Cheapest I’ve seen any motorised standing desk - black/oak top is also available in longer 140cm for $220.75 at time of posting

        So a more complete/accurate statement would be that the single motor version (model name appears to be Roskos) is available in 120cm or 140cm lengths in some colour options across Amazon and Bunnings for around $212-222.

  • My trouble with these are the firmness - I found these tables are usually wobbly compared to a standard floor desk. I'm still looking for something that would be more firm, particularly if you got a monitor arm, write frequently or type more vigorously… I returned a different brand after experiencing monitor wobbling when typing and writing.

  • Be warned - these guys use Aramex couriers and they’re absolutely useless. Don’t order if you’re in a hurry.

    • I ordered the dual motor and they used hunter express

      • I got aramex - ordered 2 weeks ago

  • Hi, I ordered 7th Dec and I received today via Fastway (Aramex) but it was missing the table top. Is this normal? TIA

    • Happened to me too - they're different shipments (annoying)

      • +1

        Contacted seller they confirmed it was on different delivery.

  • +1

    Just assembled my 140cm single motor today desk with the 'oak look' top and black legs.
    Incredibly happy for the price overall and would recommend it to anyone (except possibly shorter than average folks)

    - Plenty of space to work with a 27in monitor (thinking about upgrading to a 32/34 inch).
    - Surprisingly high quality and heavy legs and table top. Let's see how it does over time but since I'm using a deskmat I would assume quite well.
    - More stable than I thought it would be - very solid at sitting eight and still barely moves standing up
    - Reasonably quick at ~13 seconds to move it between sitting and standing position for me (I'm 178cm), don't see the need to go faster than that with dual motor
    - Single motor doesn't seem to interfere with leg space at all - it all sits quite flush

    - No preset/memory function (reserved for dual motor model). Luckily for me lowest height is just about perfect for WFH setup without shoes on
    - It doesn't go as low as I thought it would… Lowest setting is about 'standard desk' height so shorter folks beware
    - Assembly was a bit more time (and space) consuming than I thought. FYI controls and electronics sit on LHS, don't think it can swap sides (but didn't try)
    - No built in cable management beyond a few 3M stick-on tabs - which for me was enough but it'd be nice to have a cable cutout like Omnidesk

    • When did you order - how long did it take to arrive? Delivery dates are now listed as next year on amazon but if its early it would be a pain for me.

      • A week - estimate was 22 Dec - 29 Dec… But I'd expect it to start slipping from a week as we get closer to Xmas

      • Don’t order if you’re in a rush - their delivery is hopeless

  • Received my legs set today. Very solid and stable and goes up and down a treat. I don't need the dual motor at this stage and the manual controls work fine. For effectively $140 after claiming in my tax return plus 8% cashback, you can't go wrong.

    I'm trawling now for previous posts where people have replaced the top with a fancy piece of wood, which is what I think I'll want to do rather than stick with a laminated top (which I think is what the 'oak' version will be when it arrives). Looks quite easy to change the top to any piece of wood.

    • +2

      That’d be incredibly nice - let me know if you find somewhere that can make it to spec at a reasonable price!

      FYI though I would wait for the top to come in. It’s surprisingly good and most people would be perfectly happy with it

  • I'm 180cm. Is there any adjustable desks that go higher than 120cm? I'm just concerned it won't be high enough

    • It’ll be plenty high enough, problem might be that it doesn’t go low enough

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