Australia Post Find a New Way to Screw up Parcel Delivery?

My first OzBargain rant so be kind.
I thought getting parcels delivered to a parcel locker pre Christmas would improve my chances of delivery since Auspost can't claim a missed home delivery or lost parcel that's my fault. But I didn't consider the parcel lockers computer malfunctioning and needing to be replaced resulting in all parcels now stuck inside the lockers since the weekend.
I logged a fault with CS and as expected they can't tell me when it will be repaired but will call when fixed.

Taking a deep breath now.

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    Be thankful the default isn’t to open the doors in the event of a malfunction.

    • lol imagine the mayhem if that were the case

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      I'm afraid I can't do that Dave…

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    Vote against LNP too. They're trying to get rid of AusPost so that they're the same quality as the courier companies.

    What can the government do? Infuse AusPost with funds/military that will tackle the equipment/backlog and lead the world in local postal performance. Even Amazon used chartered planes, etc to improve service.

    But, nope. The government who probably gets donations from courier companies and IPA won't put your needs over the money.

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      I don't understand why you got all the neg votes.
      Maybe people don't understand that Aust Post is owned by the Federal Government, which is currently LNP. The LNP has been trying to divest Aust Post into different divisions to privatise; it is well documented. It is also the reason that the previous Aust Post CEO left Aust Post, and Morrison's tirade in parliament, as she was of a different opinion about the future of Aust Post.

      We are all part-owners of Aust Post. We should demand a better level of service. But that should be directed to our politicians, not to the courier driving the van.

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        possibly because the AusPost sale / privatisation was kicked off around the time of the Rudd / Gillard era, which was a Labor government …

        Labor and Liberal are very different but very similar …
        Labor complain about everything when not in power, then exploit the system and blame Liberals when they get in power …
        Liberals dream about how things can be better when not in power, then try to copy the previous Labor government when they get in control …

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          Dream about how things can be better? Look at how the NBN turned out

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          That may have been true, but it's no longer the case how anyone can want to be associated with the George Christensen and Barnaby Joyce's of the world is beyond me.

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      so that they're the same quality as the courier companies.

      They're trying to make Aus post faster and more reliable?

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        • Out of all the postage methods I have used, or that are used to send things to me, Aus post is the only one that is later every single time, and they one I have to call most often.

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            @brendanm: A question, what do you think of Telstra vs other ISPs? Best ISP?

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              @orangetrain: Most "top tier" isps are fairly similar in my experience. Telstra were fine for me back in adsl days. Haven't used them for NBN. Not sure what the relevance is though.

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                @brendanm: They have a monopoly on infrastructure after being sold off and have a lot of consumer complaints namely, expensive, quality issues and poor support. That's how AusPost will be when its privatised

                • @orangetrain:

                  consumer complaints namely, expensive, quality issues and poor support.

                  A bit like Aus post now? If auspost were a proper publically owned company, that would be fine. However it's not. It's a terrible hybrid of government owned, for profit. So they don't care about the service or their jobs, as the Gov will always keep it going, but they want to make the numbers go up, so they just increase prices, and cut services.

                  Instead of going for massive profits during covid, they could have used the money to actually try and deliver some items, and bought less watches.

                  They still don't have express post back yet, have to be about the only company still using covid as an excuse.

          • @brendanm: I guess you haven't tried Aramex latel….ever?

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      Wait… I can vote to get rid of auspost for good?

      • No. Like Telstra, it can be public ownership ie you and other voters or sold off and owned by shareholders who will require value, ie the money has to come somewhere. It's considered critical infrastructure because of mail.

  • parcel locker not perfect but usually works. I know its pain in the butt to get the parcel which stuck in the locker. I been using it for years for most of my parcels unless they are $2 aliexpress items.

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    I was in the garage and heard a car in the drive way yesterday. Opened the roller door and there was an AP driver writing up a card.

    I said "did you knock at the door"? He replied "no no no I knocked on the side gate. I didn't know if you had a door".

    Granted the door is at the side of the house along the pathway.

    My name is FU$&ing santa and I go down the chimney!!!

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      Its probably best to put up a sign pointing to the entrance. Even if it's not fair to the contractors, it's more convenient to get mail at door instead of going to the depot/PO.

  • When computers work, we all take it for granted. When they malfunction….. this is what happens! haha

    The same thing happened at my local Parcel Locker not too long ago and they fixed it in a couple of days.

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      I would've thought that the entire locker system could be manually opened and the parcels collected from the post office which in this case is about 25 meters from the lockers.

  • Yes

  • My recent parcel I sent got lost for a month, and when it finally turned up, someone had cut a large hole in the box and taped it up again, and removed half my packaging AND didn’t package it up again properly, it was moving around! It was a old laptop I repaired for a relative, amazing it didn’t get destroyed. AP couldn’t tell me when they had opened it/couldn’t be bothered, just got a message saying ‘it’s delivered now suck shit’

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    better use "parcel collect" next time. You collect it over counter, and not counted as "po boxes" for some vendors. Only down side is you'll have to collect during operating hrs.

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      Depending on parcel type, choose a friendly post office.. To ensure delivery, I once had concert tickets delivered to a parcel collect at a new post office nearby - all uptight indians - who promptly RTS as it wasn't a "parcel"… (profanity). Had to fork out a whole new delivery charge & get them delivered to a home address & hope they wouldn't get stolen…

      • actually, you should be able to file a complaint with Aupost on that one. If they deemed it a letter, then they should have forwarded it to your postal address as supplied on your parcel collect profile, rather than rts.

        • good to know. saved for next time (hopefully there won't be one!)

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      My local post office is bloody useless. The staff can't be bothered looking on the shelves for your parcel even though you present the card to them.

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        Or when they go looking for the parcel they say it hasn't come back from the day's delivery run (it has), and when you bug them enough to have another look they end up finding it…

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    they are busy with their new Cartier watches

    • In fact if that CEO was still in place I'd bet AusPost would be performing much better right now. She's definitely got more going on upstairs than Scomo.

  • When my local parcel locker went down the person fixing it told me the packages were taken to the closest post office. I walked five minutes down the road, lined up and got my package.

    This seems like a simple workaround if there is a nearby post office.

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    I see the same driver often doing AP deliveries. He has delivered things to my door many time.
    He is the good driver.
    My most recent delivery was clearly done by the bad driver.
    Thankfully, they took a photo of evidence that they had delivered it - it wasn't my front porch (as an aside, the AP app is really good).
    I live in a complex of town houses, so I could tell it was delivered somewhere in the complex, and not somewhere completely different. So I went on a hunt.
    I found it, out in the rain, at another townhouse. The driver clearly can't read, and also couldn't be bothered to walk another two metres to at least put it under cover.
    Generally I have been really happy with AP - and what I have come to think of as my own personal delivery driver. Clearly some drivers are not as good as others.
    I have an investigation open with AP and rated them 1 star in the survey they sent. We'll see what happens.
    At least I found my package.

    • +1

      I agree most AP drivers are doing an awesome job.

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