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Intel Core i9-12900K CPU OEM + Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Pro DDR4 Motherboard Bundle $1099 Delivered @ BPC Tech


Thought this was a pretty good deal.

Mid range DDR4 board from Aorus + Core i9 12900K non F OEM.

Intel are providing 3 year warranty for 12th gen OEM CPU so no difference from retail really.

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  • Official Gigabyte said this is a DDR5 motherboard… any clarification would be good. :)

  • +13

    Yeah im going to go ahead and hide this deal to dissuade me from an unnecessary upgrade from my 5950x.

    have my upvote though.

    • -7

      That'll be a downgrade for you

      • A decent amount better for gaming.

        • Not for you

          • @vinni9284: Damn right haha spent enough on my pc and just got my custom loop how I like it.

        • +1

          For gaming its about 3-4 bees dicks better then a 5950X, if you're just gaming get the 12600K.

      • +5

        How so? It's pretty much a clean-sweep for the 12900k for gaming and single-core workloads, and is a toss-up which takes it on multicore.

        Seems like a win for the 12900k.

        But a totally unnecessary upgrade from an already impressive CPU, hahah.

        • -4

          I'd rather have the 5950X any day of the week

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            @vinni9284: So it's not a downgrade, you just have a biased opinion.

            • -7

              @magic8ballgag: No. The 12900K is a downgrade. That's what I referring to

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                @vinni9284: Your personal preference does not make it a downgrade.

                • -3

                  @magic8ballgag: Yes it does.
                  Passmark CPU even agrees with me

                  • +5

                    @vinni9284: Picking one of a few benchmarks where 5950X does better (barely) isn't convincing. There are other ones you could have picked. Passmark, you were referring to multi core score. Single core score looks quite bad though (showing 12900K having 50% advantage).

                    If you already have 5950X, then there is no real reason to get 12900K now. However, if you are getting a new PC, unless you use apps where you know 5950X runs much faster, Intel did throw in some interesting elements this time:

                    • PCIe gen 5 x16 (or if split to x8, x8 configuration, PCIe gen 5 SSD support).
                    • USB 3.2 gen 2x2 (and Thunderbolt 4 for high end boards).
                    • 3 PCIe gen 4 SSD support (or 4 if the motherboard elected not to implement the PCIe gen 5 setup).
                    • 2.5 Gbps LAN mostly standard.
                    • Up to 4 x 4K support (yes, the embedded GPU is lousy and most motherboard makers probably only wire 2 ports instead of all 4, except those with Thunderbolt 4 support)…. Still, it is better than you must get a GPU.

                    Interested to know what AMD is coming up with next. I don't like the 3D V-cache stop gap solution planned. Release the 5nm CPUs with a new chipset that also supports PCIe gen 5 sooner rather than later. In the mean time, AMD should slash prices on their Ryzen 5xxx series CPUs.

                    • @netsurfer: Appreciate the run down of the technical differences however that won't apply till another year until the bandwidth gets somewhat fully utilised when compatible hardware gets released.
                      In this deal, the DDR4 board rationale is understandable due to DDR5 pricing and no availability however it somehow contradicts the upgradeability path to a certain point.
                      I usually get the second upgrade iteration when hardware is more in sync and less teething issues.

                  • +1

                    @vinni9284: Passmark is pure garbage, their scores are meaningless.


                  • +1

                    @vinni9284: Passmark is a synthetic benchmark, it would be similar to the results of a render workload.

                    Unless your application can utilise all 16 cores, the 12th gen CPUs will perform much better, especially in games, and common applications like photoshop.

                    Don't be a fanboy, Intel has surpassed AMD

                    • @Shacktool: I'm not a fanboy on any platform. I have both intel and AMD systems. Games are still heavily GPU reliant and we all know that doesn't come cheap so if you're building a PC now, IMO I'll opt more spend on a GPU & offset CPU. Passmark has been around for years so they can't be that misleading. They're always variations and tolerances in all testing.

          • +3

            @vinni9284: I thought we are past the stage of fanboy/girl-ing over brands? Competition is good and will only drive prices lower while bringing performance up. Indeed, AMD are the better chip maker nowadays but Intel is making a comeback with a pretty good chip generation so why not if it’s at a good deal and you do need a new chip for a new build?

            But do ignore me if your workload preferences the 5950x because I agree that it doesn’t shy away and actually exceeds the 12900k in some workloads despite being an older chip.

            • -1


              drive prices lower

              LOL where?

              • @vinni9284: Indeed, prices aren’t going down right now, but don’t you think it’s a little bit to do with the global chip shortage we’re seeing everywhere? Im sure, given we are past this stage, and when both amd, intel and apple have competitive products, prices will go down.

                • @Brrrrt: Agree. Now with the Omicron variant & Urea shortage … no Coles down down anytime soon!

                  • @vinni9284: Yeah it will take some years for the market to return to normal, at least within the enthusiast pc diy market its not returning to normal anytime soon.

          • @vinni9284: pay $200 more any day of the week?

            good for you

  • I'm considering a 12700k OEM chip - can confirm the retailer is stating 3-year warranty. I'd like to know if there's any binning differences between OEM and retail chips? Some people say that some OEM chips are ones that don't make it into pre-built systems hence are sold cheaper to unsuspecting customers.

    I don't know how true this is…would love some further insight. As far as I can tell if the warranty is the same between retail and OEM chips there's no reason to not pick an OEM chip (other than the binning myth).

    • For what it's worth, I bought a tray/OEM 12900k for $919. It's definately not a golden chip but seems on par with many others as far as OC goes eg 1.27v under load for 5.2ghz /4ghz all core OC. Have seen someone with a 5.5ghz chip at 1.25v but that's probably one in a thousand CPU. Warranty wise you could probably argue past 3 years anyway as per Australian consumer law

      • Just checked an OEM 11400 processor, I bought from Shopping Express, meant to have 3 year warranty as well..
        the FPO and ATPO are both rejected by the intel warranty information..

        I guess and I can expect no direct warranty support from Intel.. and have to go back to the place, it was bought from..

        I exepct the similar thing will be true for this processor…

  • +1

    no binning dif mate
    so far the better bins are vietnam for SP rating
    but mem is china at sp 80-89 :) gl hf

    • +8

      can someone translate?

      • +2

        memory overclocking (imc) better bins are chinese
        better core overclocks are vietnam. (for binning)

        if you dont understand, buy a 12600k man :)

      • +2

        This comment might not be for you. They are talking about chip manufacturers' practice of sorting their CPUs in to 'bins' - with different expectations for performance. They are highlighting the bins to look out for via their ID numbers for different priorities.

  • Great mobo, I have the DDR5 version of it. Highly recommend

  • Tempted, but not much gains for the games I am playing, so HODL…

  • +3

    $1k and it's not even DDR5.

    • +8

      the processor alone is $900+ so you are getting a decent mobo for $200. Not a bad deal at all

      • -2

        If you're going to get a next gen CPU, you get the next gen board. They know the DDR5 is expensive and hard to get so they'll flog you off a DDR4 board so you spend to upgrade again in future. So you might as well get it all in one hit. Of course no DDR5 mobo bundle

        • DDR5 prices will drop like a stone in the next couple of years, and DDR4 is now at bargain prices as manufacturers are dumping the last of their production before switching over.

          • @Shacktool: Would you upgrade your engine using the same transmission? Many Z690 DDR4 boards are becoming prevalent in the used second hand market as buyers are realising that using old hybrid technology is pointless especially spending over $1K for an upgrade

  • +3

    Don't buy Gigabyte DDR4 Z690 boards, their memory compatibility is garbage according to Buildzoid. Might be updated later in the bios.

    • Sure if you're overclocking. Everyone else should check the QVL

      • +1

        Same RAM on same chipset boards from ASUS or MSI don't have the same issues this board has with memory training or XMP. The BIOS on these Gigabyte boards is currently stuffed. This board has issues even running RAM at 3600Mt/s which is not even that high, same RAM in an MSI board works flawlessly out of the box.

      • Even RAM that really would pass at XMP or Stock is having issues, it's not the IMC either because you can move it to an MSI board and it works just fine with the same RAM and CPU. Gigabyte's BIOS is just kind of crap this time round.

    • Running 3600MHz C16 ram on them no problem (12700K + Z690M Aorus Elite AX)

  • Damn, I have spent $880 on a second hand 12700kf + z690 aorus pro ddr4… Still want this one though

  • +2

    Not too bad considering the 10900k costed $999 when it came out.

  • +1

    I read here and there that some DDR4 modules will cause some Gigabyte Z690 DDR4 boards to fail to POST if XMP is enabled.

    The Link below this their DDR4 Memory Support List


    Still looks like an awesome deal if you are after an Intel 12th-Gen Alder Lake Core i9-12900K.

    Basically the Motherboard in this Combo is only $100 extra on top of an OEM Tray Intel 12th Gen Core i9-12900K CPU.

    • +3

      This is pretty much the case. I went with a 12700K + Gigabyte Z690 Gaming X DDR4 and I had nothing but troubles with it from the first power on.

      First it wouldn't post on the very first power on. Which a power cycle resolved.

      It then refused to detect the M.2 drive with the release BIOS, so right out of the gate this thing needed a BIOS firmware update.

      From this point on was absolute pain trying to get the matched ram sticks (was a kit of 4x8 samsung b die) to run at stock XMP settings. Enabling XMP feature would just fail to post.

      Currently I'm using sub optimal memory settings and I've given up trying to tighten them up further in the hope Gigabyte will fix this dog crap.

      • Yeh same cpu & mobo with similar experience.. M.2 didnt show up in bios, but still was booting from it, but yeh appeared finally after latest bios update.

        Havent had any issues running both 4 sticks of gskill 3200 or crucial 3600 at stock XMP

        That said it is the worst bios ive used and it does take ages to post with no information other than the 4 tiny red leds on mobo itself.

        Also LED control on/off in diff powerstates seems non functional on a hardware level.

  • +1

    Pretty tempted to upgrade my 3700x to this should be a good pairing for the 3080

    • If you want better gaming performance just spend $500 on a 5800X for now. You’ll be within 5% of the 12900K in games.

    • What mobo do you have?

    • It's a great deal, but will you really notice the difference?

      You might be able to sell off your old hardware before Christmas pretty easily however

  • There are reviews on youtube saying that Gigabyte Z690 boards' BIOs and other software are unstable…

  • +1

    Looking good for cpus, still sucks for gpus

  • +1

    Pretty tempted, but must resist

  • I had this Aorus Pro DDR4 board, it's terrible. Couldn't get XMP to POST at all at 3600Mt/s. Swapped it for an MSI board and had no issues at all. Also had lots of issues with the I225-V ethernet adapter not working, likely related to the failures in training memory. Would have to fully power it off from the PSU switch, drain and then turn it back on to have it work again. Currently the BIOS on this board is absolutely terrible, steer well clear until Gigabyte have hopefully fixed their terrible DDR4 support/implementation

    • XMP works for me at 3600 on Fury RAM that's on the Aorus supported memory list. But the launch BIOS wouldn't boot from nvme.

      • Yeah it seems to have particularly bad compatibility currently with low latency Samsung B-die DR, but other manufacturers' boards that are far cheaper do not. If you're spending this much on a motherboard though, you should get a better experience than a $300 board but at least as far as memory goes, currently you do not. I know people will say "just buy what's on the QVL" and "anything above 2400Mhz is overclocking" but that's not the point. The point is if a $300 MSI board works better than a $500 board out of the box, there's something wrong with it.

  • I paid this for a 12700k and the Aorus Pro DDR4 around launch. Great price, you'll need a monster cooler though.

  • On a i7 6700k… this looks very tasty

  • +1

    Oof I literally bought this kit for retail price 3 days ago…

  • I've got an i7-9700 with 64GB of DDR4 3200 ram. Main use is Lightroom and Photoshop. Would I see much of an improvement if I got this? I'm assuming I can move my ram across…

  • +1

    close to pulling the trigger on this but all the comments about the mobo are giving me second thoughts.. maybe I'll wait for post christmas sales

    • in the same boat, these MB reviews have stopped me in my tracks. Shame itching to move off 8700k, but sticking with ddr4.

  • 8600k here, IS it finally time to bite the bullet and upgrade ? Mainly just use computer for heavy gaming

  • Please could someone with this bundle share their build? I am wondering what to budget for other parts.
    I love the Fractal design Torrent case which PLE will have in a couple of days.

  • +1

    I got this bundle the other day and just set it up. I had no issues with XMP 3600mhz RAM, as has been reported (Kingston renegade 2x16gb 3600 CL16) - AFTER updating the bios. The launch bios = trash.

    Noticeable upgrade @ 1440p over my 9700k. Not strictly 'worth' it, but nice! :D

  • Seems this deal has expired or out of stock, know anything similar going at the moment?

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