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Samsung Z Flip3 $500 off + $500 Trade-in Bonus - 128GB $499, 256GB $599 @ Samsung



Samsung Z Flip3
128GB (RRP 1499$) - 999$
256GB (RRP 1599$) - 1099$

so Samsung decided to update their site today with this promo to match their amazon store and what JB-Hifi has going on.
if you have something you can attempt the trade-in, this is effectively the best deal so far for the z flip3

effectively bringing this down to all-time low if with the trade-in bonus to 499$

If you have the loyalty $100 and sign-up $50 Vouchers, now is the time to use them for further discounts.
EDIT: seems like codes currently disabled as few members reported

*additional note if it comes up as 1499$/1599$, refresh the page.

Good luck happy purchasing.

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        • I do cable free charging and I have to find the "sweet spot" with the case on to charge it. But if you use a cable to charge then no issue. Also in the paper instructions it mentions to take it out of the case to charge.

      • If you have to take it out of the case just to charge it, it doesn't seem fit for purpose.

        • It's fit for purpose..It's an official Samsung one. If you use a cable to charge no issue. I don't as I have a dock for it to charge but it can have issues finding the spot to pick up the charge. I've managed to find where to sit the phone to make it charge though.

          • @pikapika: oh so take out if using wireless charger…. people got confused when you said charging only they thought also take out when using cable

    • +1

      someone recommended this case, which can be obtained at 10% discount (non eBay Plus) and 12% discount (eBay Plus) via this seller here.

  • Ordered yesterday just before 1 pm. Phone got delivered this morning to Liverpool area. Cannot get any quicker than that :).
    For the people who did not send your trade in phone to Samsung. Do you reply to their email or just ignored them all?

    • im wondering too

    • Just ignored them

  • Ordered Phantom Black 256GB yesterday around 12pm and Star track delivered it in the morning around 11am.

  • Ordered mine late last night. Dispatched this morning.

    Concerned about opening/using it before my "trade-in" that I'm not sending is settled, in case they try to revoke the $500 bonus and charge the $60 admin fee.

    • where's your ozb spirit, mate?

  • just received order confirmation, bought yesterday evening :( hopefully get it by tomorrow

    • yay I just got my confirmation too, ordered yesterday lunch time

  • I also bought yesterday and spoke to Samsung and they said all sweet no need to send the phone which was traded in and they gave me a $100 voucher for accessories too.

    • That's good news.

    • Hang on, so you had a further 100 off after order confirmation? Did you go through live chat?

    • Wait what?? How

      • It clearly says he was given a voucher to purchase accessories. It is not a retrospective discount on purchase price

        • Why did they tell u not to return the device ?

    • How ?

    • and spoke to Samsung

      sorry, what's the context of you contacting Samsung about?

  • Was just about to pull the trigger but clearly deal has ended. Oh well.

  • The voucher was given after the phone arrived

    • Thanks mate. What is that voucher called? is that a loyalty voucher as well?

      • Not sure it's a voucher to purchase accessories

        • You are lucky mate.. chat support said there is no voucher other than the $50 subscription one works on accessoried, which would then need a min of $350 purchase.

  • +1

    Wondering if anyone's click and collect order is stuck on Preparing for Dispatch? I ordered at 2pm the day before, and have since contacted online support and they said it's normal and just wait but can't help but think something's up with everyone receiving theirs the next day!

    • +1

      I thought I could get it quicker if I chose collect from Samsung store since they would have stock.. mine is still saying preparing for dispatch.. called them today morning to ask if I could change the shipment to home instead.. they said they won’t be able to do anything since it’s already been set to collect from store..

      • Omg I had the exact same thought process as you. Thought it'd be so much quicker to just collect it from the store especially with all the delays with postal services.. Hopefully ours are dispatched soon!! Was hoping to be able to play with it on the weekend >< , I'm sure it won't be long.

    • +1

      Same here. Stuck at Preparing for dispatch for the second day now. Bad decision.

    • +1

      Yeah, the same thing happened to me when I purchased the Z fold from the last deal. You can call Samsung and ask for the Startrak tracking ID. Mine was delivered to the paramatta store in two days.

  • Has anyone in Melbourne received theirs? Mine was meant to get delivered by today but got pushed back to Monday :( :(

    • In Melbourne, but mine still sits at processing…

      • same… contacted live chat who said it was out of stock :'(

    • I am in Melbourne and it says expected delivery is today but haven't received a text saying it will be delivered today

    • Last night was saying delivery today, but I am checking now, it shows monday.

    • Mine got pushed back too. Melbs.

    • me too, even have the text saying it will be delivered by today, but tracking is showing Monday.

    • In Melbourne. Received earlier this afternoon.

  • Anyone used Samsung care+??? any feedback? currently it's 50% off for Z series

    • Must have. After I cracked my Samsung s21 ultra and paid 510$ for repair, I was regretting it. It's no brainer considering its only 125$ dollars

      • You still have to pay for the swap fee ontop though?

        • It's only 149$ per swap, considering this phone retails at 1500. It's a good deal. Remember if you ever break your screen and then you were to replace screen, you will be looking for ways to find a cheap fix. With this one It's 125+150=275$ against 510$ and you will always carry a repaired phone against a brand new phone.

  • Mine arrived today in western Sydney via StarTrack.

    Immediately got an email beckoning me to send the trade-in phone.

    • How should you send the phone back to them?

  • Now getting FOMO on not getting the Bespoke one!
    My 128gb cream confirmation only came last night, not sure when delivery is.
    Also I'm guessing I don't need to send in my old phone until the new phone arrives.

    • Each to their own, but I think bespoke looks hideous in most configuration.

      • yeah how much extra is to get bespoke?

        • $180

          • @morphio: geesus i rather get normal and put cases.
            for $25 more probably i go bespoke

  • Any recommendations for a phone case for flip 3?

    • +3

      z flip 3 cases on sale at harvey norman.

    • I orderred spigen armoured case (also has a rubber protecting the hinge) It looks like a tank. But can seem bulky.

      • kinda defeats the purpose

  • I got my 256gb one today (Melbourne) and 128gb one order confirmed.

    • when did you put through your order?

  • My order was confirmed but still processing - contacted Live chat who informed product is out of stock and being restocked… Guess mines is coming in the new year

    Edit: live chat mentioned likely another 7 days or so - only phantom black thats OoS

    • do you know if a specific storage option or both are out of stock?

      • OoS at whereever they are distributing from, but should arrive within ~7 days Warehouse —> ??? —> you

        • Update: Mine was just dispatched :)

          • @ld9828: got email too, but weird it says arrives 8 dec ? that is order date …

  • +1

    I orderred mine around 9am on the day and my package is stuck somewhere in Melbourne. Doubt it will be delivered today at this time.

  • +2

    I received my phone this afternoon and sent Asurion an email that I will not send them the phone.

    Here's their reply.

    "Thanks for your query, if you wish to not return your old device you will be charged the full trade-in credit (the amount you got offered for your old device). After this it will no longer be a requirement to return your old device to us. We hope that this information has been helpful.
    Unfortunately, we do not have the exact time frame of when you will be charged, this is an automated process, and the charge should occur after 14 days has passed since you were sent your return label. To make the process as easy as possible please keep the funds available in your account.

    Any bonus credit/vouchers will remain as it is. You may receive some reminder emails about returning your old device which you can ignore if you’re planning to keep that device. Any bonus credit will remain as it is."

    • to add.. no mention of the $60 admin fee.

      with that. bargain of the year! lol

      • what is the reason you said for not returning. changed mind ?

        • yup told them changed my mind. will give the old phone to my wife. 😉

          • +1

            @bawawaw: ok i will say the same but give to my (imaginary) gf

          • @bawawaw: Sending email will just resulted in template being sent to you. They still follow that 14 days process regardless you inform them or not.

      • My auto email did mention administration fee, said:
        Once your new phone is successfully set up, you'll need to return your original device within 7 days to avoid a Device Non-Return Fee and a Device Non-Return Administration Fee

    • Nice, I ma gonna open up my flippy now!

    • What email address did you send it to please?

    • Now, my credit card has been charged $60 admin fee.

  • Still debating on sending my s21. Got $510 trade in but only cost me $100. Insurance claim. Could maybe get $600 on market place but cbf.

    • +1

      likewise… but I'm starting to wonder what am I going to do with so many phones if it doesnt sell. marketplace has some 256gb unopened for $899 in my area..

      • More and more leaning towards sending it

    • Is yours 258gb? Mine is 128gb and got only $470 trade in value

      • 258gb

  • I just noticed there are 2 $1 pending charges from asurion? Anyone have the same issue? Only bought 1 phone.

  • Phone arrived in Melbourne this morning. StarTrack delivering on Saturdays.

    • thats lucky! mine is stuck in transit to wantirna for 2 days now :(

    • Mine says onboard with the driver for delivery today (it said 'delayed' this morning)

      • Did you get an email saying expected delivery day? I only get order confirmation and inside samsung account i see the item is " on its way " status. Without any date

        • Not in the email. The delivery tracking is sent via sms. Or it shows up in the Auspost app

        • +1

          i had to ask samsung chat about the tracking number [which they had if its despatched] before it was sent to me via sms much later (12hours)

        • I received a dispatch message on the 9th from Samsung stating it had been sent and would reach me by 10th with a track n trace link. Seems they only track to depot. My parcel arrived this morning (sat 11th) Melbourne metro

  • I can see a few listing on eBay now, asking for nearing $1k. lol.

  • +1

    This phone looks and feels fantastic. Bought it for the wife. Lavender colour looks amazing.

    If I was not tied up to iOS because of work this is the phone I would get.

    • +4

      Never too late to get out from evil apple!

  • Was hoping to get today like a few previous StarTrack deliveries but no luck. Still showing last scan at Melbourne 4:34am 10/12

  • +1

    Any heating issues with this phone? I got my phone today and as soon as i turned it on the top half and a small screen at the front feels hot. Anyone same issue?

    • +1

      Currently charging mine and it does get quite warm (some of the reviews said the same thing)

    • I turned mine on and started my samsung switch transfer and noticed the same thing (black model) Just the top half felt hot, bottom was fine.

      Not using yet but wondering how it will go with a cover on it….

      • Sorry silly question but is the seal/plastic film around the edges meant to be taken off or contribute to to the heat?

        • +1

          Yeh, apart from the provided screen protector, the side ones you can take it off. It just to keep the phone in pristine condition from factory.

        • I havent taken mine off.

  • Has anyone there whithout receiving an email from Asurion to send the mobile phone? I did not receive any email from Asurion to send back the mobile phone.

    • I haven’t either yet. May be because the phone was delivered on Saturday?

      • Mine was delivered on Friday

    • Got my email almost as soon as I had finished setting it up.

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