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[iOS] $12 Cashback for Every Uber Eats Order @ Cheddar via App


Cashback is ineligible on orders via the Uber Eats app.
Cashback is eligible on pre-orders, but only after the order is completed without cancellation.
Cashback will not be paid in conjunction with any other offers or coupons unless specifically listed on this site.
Cashback may take up to 7 days to track into your Cheddar account.
Orders made with Uber wallet payment are eligible for cashback
Cashback is ineligible on purchase of gift cards via Uber Eats.

There are also 3 bonus cashback offers: $10 sign up bonus; $50 bonus; and $25 bonus.

To get all the bonus cashback, you will need to make 3 different transactions from any of the stores in the Cheddar app. However, I'm not sure if you can get both of the $10 one and $25 one since they are both for the first purchase.

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    Cashback will not be paid in conjunction with any other offers or coupons unless specifically listed on this site.

    • Is that not a standard condition for any cashback program?


      Cashback will not be paid in conjunction with any other offers or coupons unless specifically listed on this site.


      • Apply promo codes or voucher codes not approved by Shopback.
      • Cashback cannot be used in conjunction with any promotions offered by Uber.
      • YES! I mean, WHY they need to use that. Let us have all the benefits, lol :p

      • Does that exclude share delivery (orders over $20) from cashback?

      • Does anyone know if this clause includes restaurant-specific discounts (e.g. $10 off $30 spend at X Cafe)?

  • Is there a minimum spend?

  • My Cheddar app doesn’t even have Uber Eats.. what the?

    • It is I can see it

      • +1

        Yeah scrap that - I can see it in the top feed of the home page but it doesn’t come up in search or the food and drink section 🤔

  • Can't get it to stack. I'm existing user, clicking the $25 didn't add to the account. Also, I already got $60 showing can be withdrawn, but got an error whenever I want to withdraw it.

    • You need to wait until the amount is confirmed by the merchant

      • The amount (pizza hut) was already approved and I already withdrew it. It's even saying that I could withdraw like $75 but when I pressed OK, only $15 was withdrawn, leaving the $60 balance available. Then I got error if I try with that remaining $60.

        • Same here

    • I think only the $50 and $10 offers are stackable

  • How long before it shows up?

    • Would like to know this too. Bought from Myer and it tracks pretty much immediately. But not with Ubereats.

      • Did you include delivery?

        • Yup.

          How long did you get yours track?

          • @ilovefullprice: I didn't. There was no mentioned that pickup was allowed and I used pickup. Hence no cashback.

            • @nightelves: I am in the same boat with you. When i ordered the uber eats there is no mentioned that pickup was not allowed. I will send message to their support so see what they said. Lucky i have screenshot before they change the condition

    • +1

      Up to a week according to rep

  • Ineligible through the uber eats app.. but when purchasing via cheddar it opens the uber eats app for me haha


    delete ubereats app and after paying through cheddar i get redirected to a "nothing to eat here page"..

    • Yes!! Bit difficult.. tried login Ubereats via Cheddar.. redirects to Ubereats App (everytime)

      • I deleted the app and tried again, it stayed within the cheddar app but took 2 goes, first one didn't go through. It hasn't tracked yet but reading above it may take 7 days

  • In my Wallet I have Uber Cash balance, can I use this as payment?

  • Well, my order placed on December 10th never tracked. Anyone else have issues?

    • Placed 4 orders, none of them tracked. Have emailed their support.

      • +1

        Ouch this is not a good start. Hopefully they can resolve these for us!

        • Support was very helpful and replied to me today and credited all the missing orders after supplying them with the requested information.

          • @JHoliday: Nice, I sent them an email with screenshots yesterday. One thing I don't recall is how I signed up to cheddar, did you have to give support an email address or mobile number tied to your account? Would be nice if we could see this info within the app, not sure which email I used (I have many..)

  • No they only wanted screenshots of the Uber Eats orders showing the date, time, amount of order, etc. I also sent screenshots of the ordering process via the Cheddar app.

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