I Sold Some Guy Disney Plus on Classifieds and He Blocked Me. What Do I Do?

I sold another OzBargain user Disney plus this year in June Disney Plus for a year

I was about to send him a message but it seems he blocked me after buying from me:
Hello, I have good news and bad news. They price has gone up for me 20% for the annual subscription for next year but I will grandfather you in until 25/6/22 then the price will go up to $xx/year

Without being able to tell him about the price rise or ask him for the next year of subscription money I should just change the password in half a years time?

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    Assuming he's paid u upfront for the year, Just calculate how much he has paid up until. I guess instead of 12 months, it might be closer to 11 or something taking into consideration the price increase. Change pw after that.

    If you're referring to just the renewal in June next year . If u can't get hold of him, just change the pw

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    Also, now you see how people can act… Don't do this: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/670468

    • Haha I was going to buy in test amounts and only from trusted ozbargainer

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        Seems like a heap of risk for a (at most)1-2% discount over other easy e-gift card reward programs.

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        only from trusted ozbargainer

        How are people here any more trusted than any other forum? lol

        • Because people that have posted here for a while and developed a reputation, probably don't want to lose it just to make a quick buck. It is worth more to them.

          • @Quantumcat: People are still people. In any case, it's not worth the minimum spend for the risk/time. Not very oZB of you ;)

          • @Quantumcat:

            probably don't want to lose it just to make a quick buck

            You do realise if an OzBargain member scams you, they don't automatically get banned from here or their reputation gets completely shredded overnight because it would most likely be a case of "he said she said".

            So, you still need to be cautious.

            • @DoctorCalculon: Even if it is he said she said, OzB members do not need scientific proof to form an opinion. It isn't the sort of thing you want to happen.

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    If they are paying half, for two concurrent streams, then you're only talking $10.50 difference for the next 7 months $5.50 if it's a quarter they are paying. Maybe it's not even worth worrying about, just give them what they paid for and replace them with someone else when their time is up.

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      If I paid for a year I would assume the other person bought the 12 month subscription, not paying each month so they might ask for more money.

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    Did you pay for a year at the time when they gave you $ for the entire year?

    Seems you advertised for a year, so if you didnt already have a years worth locked in then seems you took the risk and should honor the year of access


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      100% agreement… If you offer a price for a year access & receive said price then you should provide what you offered. The deal was finalised the moment you accepted the money.

      Renegotiating at this point is pretty dodgey & unprincipled. As is naming the user in a forum post, when “they” have done nothing untoward.

      I wouldn’t deal (if you were offering something in the classifieds) with you based on this alone.

    • Re-read the post, they're saying that when the 12 months is up there will be an increase in price, no change to what they've already agreed to.

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        On re-reading that’s likely true. But I hold that naming the other party was unnecessary & I wouldn’t like to be called out like that over a private transaction.

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    Without being able to tell him about the price rise or ask him for the next year of subscription money I should just change the password in half a years time?

    Yes…. Once what they have 'paid' for is up, change the password etc.

    If they want to pay again, they'll come looking.

  • Since OP named another user, tagging @BLAIL

    • Is that what BLAIL means? I was too afraid to ask, in case it was meant to be obvious.

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      No it wasnt me this time.

      • Interesting. If you look at the revisions, he mentions you.

        • Can't be me, I ended up paying someone else only $30/year

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          Yep, OP should issue an apology

          Seems Blail's comment is accurate that OP was happy to accept $3/month

          • @spackbace: Hmm so OP sold Blail a spot for $3 a month then forgets that he pulled out because OP retracted the offer for monthly, hence why he's probably been blocked? Is that right? 🤔

            • @Chickenleg: Something like that it would appear

              Tbh it doesn't paint op in the best light, seems very impulsive

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                @spackbace: Meh, OP will just request the thread to be closed. Need internet archiver now!

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    Why does this need a forum post, and a name and shame? He bought a year off you, so what if you cant contact him about the renewal? You change the p/w after the year is up…

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      Why does this need a forum post

      For discussion…

      It can't be posted as a deal…

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    Wow I can't believe some people would hand over money to someone else where that unknown party has control of the account and can change the pw at any time.

    Lucky OP is honest.

    • some people would hand over money to someone else

      Does it mention he paid 'money' for the current subscription the Opening post?

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      I've done it for Spotify x 2 & YouTube through the classifieds. Both have been going for years now with no problems at all. Get a message once a year and PayPal it.

  • I'd change the password now and I bet they unblock you in a hurry.

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      Except OP was thinking of the wrong member, and owes them an apology for falsely naming and shaming

      • Yeah how about an update OP? Did you mess up or what

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        Oh sorry my bad that is what happened its the wrong member. I've found the 4th member he has a very similar name starting with B.

        Sorry to B for misremembering and calling you out mistakenly

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