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[SUBS, XB1, XSX, PC] Halo Infinite (Campaign) Added to Xbox Game Pass


If you’ve been enjoying the free multiplayer, today is the day you can play the campaign on gamepass.

Early reviews seem very positive and looks like the best halo campaign we’ve gotten in a long time.

If this is your first halo game or you just want to refresh your memory, there’s a lot of recap vids on youtube but I found this to be pretty good if you’ve got time to sit through it.

Also available on xCloud with Gamepass Ultimate.

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    How good is Xbox Game Pass :)

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      What games you play on it? I've just been playing back 4 blood tbh.

      • +8

        Hades is the best game I've played in years.

        • I started it on Monday and God damn it's good.
          Xbox pass is the best

      • +2

        Stardew Valley has been my go to lately. So relaxing

      • +4

        I've been playing Doom Eternal recently, been wanting to buy it for a while but after getting game pass now I can just pick it up and play!

        Played Outer Worlds before this, and keen to jump into Halo. So many shooters LOL.

      • Hades and Dead Cells are both fantastic action rogue-likes. Slay the Spire is a brilliant deck-building rogue-like.

        DOOM (2016) is a great FPS.

        Control is also fantastic BUT the Game Pass version is locked to 30fps, even on the XSX.

        Donut County is chill. Great to play with your kids; although it is better on a touchscreen.

        Mortal Shell and Jedi: Fallen Order are games similar to Dark Souls. They are good but lack the polish and length of a FromSoftware game.

      • Forza Horizon 5 is pretty and fun. Can be a bit buggy at times, but not enough to detract from my experience.

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      Thanks Scomo

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      I thought they were overly positive with this review and I mean they don't even really say anything about the actual gameplay.

      • +11

        don't even really say anything about the actual gameplay

        Yeah, the whole thing was just a big song and dance, no substance.

    • Damn you 😂

      • At least you weren't Rick-rolled or Whammed!!

  • Enjoying download games

  • Damm work, it's tonight though, and counteracted with a RDO tomorrow.

  • Is anyones actually downloading? Mine is still stuck at 0%

    • +1

      insanely slow for me, 30% done, been going all morning

    • I started my download when I made the post and its been done for a bit now, not sure why it didn’t affect me but I did have to relaunch the game afterwards

    • Do you have win10? Sometimes there's an issue if you install onto another HD that windows isn't installed on and It won't let it install

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    Personally I prefer Dunks recap of the series - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjUhK8rYJYM

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    No co-op campaign…

    • +1

      Is there a split screen co-op campaign?

      • +5

        It has been confirmed no co-op until possibly May next year :(

        • +1

          its a 343 game, wait 6 months for them to fix before buying

          • -3

            @bgbrendan: Like the Master Chief collection that still doesn't work a decade later

          • @bgbrendan: It's a modern game, this applies across the board these days.

    • Can't even replay missions…

  • +1

    I am only on NBN50 and it took under an hour to install campaign.
    its not that big size wise compared to other AAA recently

    • I guess if you already have multiplayer installed it wouldn't be too bad

    • +1

      yeah its impressive how tiny the game is… halo 5 was like 100gb lol

    • Resident Evil Village too. Only around 30GB

  • +7

    Don't miss Co-op if don't have an friends… :(

    • I can't believe there is no co-op play on the campaign. So disappointed.

  • +1

    to play on PC, is the "PC" subscription enough? or do you need ultimate?

    • PC is enough.

    • AFAIK everything that you can play on PC game pass is the same as game pass ultimate.

      I have never seen anything that's not available without ultimate.

      • True. Ultimate just combines the two Game Passes plus adds Gold (for consoles) and Cloud Gaming.

  • +4

    Game Pass is the best thing ever!!!

    • It's pretty good value

    • -7

      If it worked on a PS5, it would be the best thing ever. That way you could have everything on one console

      • +2

        Game Pass was primarily conceived as a way to compete with the PlayStation in this generation, so I really doubt that’ll ever happen.

      • Nothing stopping Sony putting their games on Xbox.

        • +1

          Yep! Imagine Halo on PS5 and Last of Us/Ghost of Tushima/Horizon Zero Dawn/Spider Man/God of War on Xbox!
          Until then I'll keep using Xbox game pass steaming on my crappy PC, hopefully Sony will release their streaming service and then won't need a Playstation either

      • +3

        If PS5 games worked on Xbox, it would be the best thing ever. That way you could have everything on one console.

        • PC world be better as you can play Xbox games on pc already.

          • @onlinepred: Nah, after sitting at my computer at work all day, the last thing I want to do is go home and sit in front of my computer again. I'll stick to consoles and my sofa, thanks.

            • @manbearpig: I have a PC in my entertainment unit, so I sit on the sofa…… I just bought a cheap one for $180 off ebay for streaming xbox game cloud. Computers aren't restrained to only being at a desk you know?

              • -1

                @onlinepred: I know. I'd still prefer the simplicity and ease of a console instead of mucking around with a gaming PC. Consoles just work. I used to game on PC when I was a student. Not anymore. And streaming isn't quite the same.

                • @manbearpig: Yea hence I got the ps5 for PlayStation exclusives and PC for all Xbox and streaming. Works perfectly, have had no issues. Currently playing halo infinite on the big screen through streaming using Xbox controller. Feels just like a console

  • +2

    Can I play this as a standalone without knowing the context of what came before, do they do a good job of explaining history in the campaign of this game? I have never played any of the Halo games in the past.

    Or should I play Halo: The Master Chief Collection before jumping into this one? Is that enough, or are there more campaigns I am missing.

    • +1

      MCC doesn't include Halo 5. I played 1-4 and watched a video on YouTube that describes the whole story, and still only understand about 50% of it.

      • Does the story ramp up in complexity or something? I’ve been playing the MCC and have beaten the first two games and the story isn’t hard to follow so far

    • I think i played Halo 3 once, but never really got into it, going to give this one a go and see, worse comes to worse, finish it, then read wikipedia

    • +1

      I’d recommend either playing the old games or watching a youtube recap like the one I’ve linked in my post.

      Yeah the Halo MCC includes 6 of the games but theres also halo wars 1&2 and halo 5

    • I assume there'll be a recap video as part of this campaign, otherwise there's always youtube summaries I guess.

    • I might be in the minority here, but I've passed all the mainline Halo campaigns and some of the spin offs like ODST and Reach, except for 5 which I didn't enjoy, and I don't remember anything about the story. Something about some halo or something like that? Kill the covenant? Master Chief goes to sleep?

      To be fair I played 1 and 2 when I was quite young, but even in the later titles the story never really left an impression.

    • -1

      The old Halo's didn't age as well. The story and cinematics are cool, but the game play and firefight were great back in the day, but you can't compare it to current fps games.

      • Played through the first two for the first time in the last few weeks. Thought it was a decent experience. The vehicles are a blast. Preferred the old graphics for the gameplay but the new enhanced graphics for the cutscenes

  • +1

    Does the VPN gold method still work for gamepass ?

    • It worked for me on Nov 26 - cdkeys (Turkey)

    • Yes, but look through the old threads for gamepass on OzB for the procedure to make it work successfully. Sometimes it keeps throwing errors.

  • Wish I had work off today

  • Is multiplayer always going to be free? What will the price be?

    • +2

      yeah the multiplayer is all f2p, there’s just mtx for cosmetics

      • +2

        Amazing, I was considering buying it to be honest. The multiplayer is the most fun in a game that I've played in a long time. Something about it that just flows so well and the balance is great. Been thoroughly enjoying it over BF1, BFV, BF2042

        • The increase in xp is appreciated. Shame about so much of the cosmetics being paywalled.

        • +1

          Hopefully the desync issues are sorted soon.

  • Not on cloud gaming?

    • It is available on xCloud, do you actually play with that? I’ve tried it before and was cool that it works but still felt bit too unstable

      • I can't see it, only the multiplayer version. I can see it's ready to install, but not to stream. Yea I've been playing Forza Horizon 5 on my surface pro 4 haha, it's fantastic! I tried playing a few FPS, and there is some latency. If I play on my PC through cabled ethernet, it's fine though, still not as quick/low latency as local install.

        Played Hades, Forza horizon 4, Stardew, loads of games with no real issues.

        • Oh wow that’s pretty good ahah, maybe I’ll give it another go sometime.

          Also, I just started it up on xCloud and I could play the campaign on there as well.

          • @iDrownFish: That’s so strange. On my phone, pc and laptop it’s not there…. Arggghhhb

            Edit: just tried again on phone and it’s there. Not on my laptop or pc.

      • +1

        Been playing GTA SA in xCloud on pc. Besides audio and a slightly fuzzy image, it's really responsive and great if you dont want to move to a console to play console exclusives.

  • +6

    What do you know, I feel sick all of a sudden.

  • Lucky I didn't pre order. Phew

  • I had to delete the MP install as the campaign install option was not available until this morning. Keep that in mind if it still throws the preorder screen when attempting to play campaign.

    • Have needed to do the same. Pain in the…

      • It is, but really not that big of a deal for me only took an hour or so to download it all again. However to those with mediocre internet, it will sting a lot harder.

  • +1

    I used to be a look inverted kinda guy but now I’m not.

  • Sucks that Halo 5 didnt come out on PC - dont have and like playing on the Xbox, have to wait to play Guardians before playing this one :( on PC

    • If you have got ultimate you can stream it with XCloud, although for me the combination of forced controller and input land made me sick so i have to stop pretty quickly.

    • +1

      I don’t think they have plans of porting halo 5 to PC, and tbh you’re better off just watching a quick recap for it. The campaign is pretty dull and you wouldn’t miss much by skipping it.

  • This here schmuck preordered.

    Dilemma now is do I download or wait for the Amazon delivery by 8PM; my Optus 4G may get me there by 6PM if I start now…

    • +1

      You'll have to download anyway, there's no data on the disc

      • Right o; there are two packs to dld, Base game and Campaign - do I need both?

        • Assuming you'll be playing the campaign (you should!) Then both, yes

  • so this is the latest game just been released and its on game pass?

    i just still cant get over playing fps on a controller…

    • +5

      Halo Infinite supports controller and mouse and keyboard even on Xbox

    • +3

      It doesn't take too long to acclimatise yourself to FPS with a controller, and while it'll never be as quick and accurate as a mouse and keyboard, it does end up feeling quite natural.

      Also, for me it feels more relaxing to sit back with a controller in your lap as opposed to sitting up straight perched over your mouse and keyboard. Maybe it's just because I already work in front of a computer 8 hours a day.

  • +2

    Another 25gb or so to download once you're in game it seems

    • +1

      Found out this the hard way too!

    • edit: nvm found it on the store :)

      Any way to download from the store before hand? Would be great to do remote download so it's ready when I get home

  • +4

    EVEN BETTER. They have LawnMower Simulator on Games Pass.

    • LOL, there was a Simpsons gag where Bart and Lisa didn't want to do the yardwork but then later wanted to play the yardwork simulator

    • +1

      I know everyone laughs at lawnmower simulator/farm sim/truck sim but I actually find them very relaxing. Just so different to the 'normal' type of games.

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