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ASUS Zenbook 13 UX325 13" OLED with Intel 11GI7 2.8GHz, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD $1679 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Bing Lee



Processor Brand: Intel
Processor Type: Core™ i7-1165G7
Processor Speed (Ghz): 2.8
RAM (GB): 16
Storage Capacity (GB): 512
Screen Size (in): 13"
Built-In Camera: Yes

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    This makes me moist

  • How does this compare with M1 macbook air 8GB RAM , 512GB SSD ?Similar price point (OS doesn't matter)

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      M1 is an absolutely excellent laptop for OSX. Can't run windows natively (unless you emulate).

      If you are an apple slut, go for that M1.

      • +2

        I 100% agree I have m1 and this one. M1 is way faster, accurate and easy to use.
        But on M1 is limited for 3rd party applications/software.

      • M1 it is then , thanks :)

        • I sold my M1 to buy this model in i5 it is a lot better. The M1 was better at rubbing OSX but that was all

          • @Gristy: dude, the standard m1 macbook is 14 inches now which is way better than 13 inches

            • @gorge: Not better than Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Carbon OLED(14" 2k) at the same price range as this by any margin though.

    • Don't buy this for the CPU. It is a very average cpu. Buy this for the screen. Performance will never match M1, battery life will never match M1, OS will never match MacOS. But screen triumphs all those. 16GB ram helps in heavy work loads like virtualization/Multimedia production etc but CPU is so-so but can get the work done. Battery capacity is way above average.

      Screen is way above any Macbook until Apple releases Oled version of macbooks.

    • Put a few points that might be of interest

      MacBook Air
      - Better performance (8 core) (could be good for video editing) with the new M1 chip
      - Runs more quite (Asus has a fan)
      - Includes a headphone jack (I think Asus comes with an adaptor)
      - Includes fingerprint reader.
      - Thunderbolt 3
      - Higher-resolution screen 2560x1600 IPS 400 nits millions of colours
      - Better battery life (up to 18hr video and 15hr web)

      Asus ZenBook UX325EA:
      - 4 Core Intel i7
      - Includes a traditional USB (Type-A) connector so all existing/legacy cables can work
      - Weight is less on the Asus (1.14 KG vs 1.29KG approx )
      - Size of the Asus is also a bit smaller and for me importantly it's thinner (13.9mm vs 16.1mm approx)
      - HDMI port so can connect to TV.
      - Supports 3D facial ID (rather than fingerprint)
      - Thunderbolt 4
      - OELD Display 1920x1080 (no troubles for a 13" monitor), 550nits 1.07 billion colours
      - Battery is still very good and more than most will need with up to 13hours video playback

      • Apple also charge $300 to upgrade to 16GB RAM taking the unit price to $2,150 so getting the Asus for $1605 (with JB 5% voucher + inc freight) for me was an easy decision as I'm not willing to pay 34% extra for the Apple (although you might be ok with 8GB in fairness I will think 16GB would be best long term) I also much prefer Windows which I can't run on the new M1 chips so that also made it easy for me…

      • Crysis Remastered© Trilogy: Not sure if this can be done but might be able to claim an Intel promotion possibly as I see the CPU listed but JB Hi-Fi is not (Bing Lee is): https://softwareoffer.intel.com/Campaign/LearnMore/952432fe-...

      Hope it's of help all

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    JB Hi-Fi price matched - https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/asus-zenbook-13-3-full-hd... no C&C so $9.99 delivery.

    • +1

      5% Code JB Hi-Fi post brings the price down by $83.95 to $1,595.05. May save further using Discounted/Cashback digitally sourced GCs.

  • Bonus Tech Pack too.


    Purchase an Intel-powered computer and receive a bonus tech pack including a Trend Micro Security Pro 6 Device (9337694073289) and a Razer Kraken Headset (RZ04-02890100). Promotion available on purchases made between 30/11/21 to 24/12/21 or while stocks last. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Personal shoppers only.

  • My intention would be to run a desktop OS on this…

    How have oleds advanced for things with static images like a task bar?

    I stepped away from following oled tech about 12 months ago when it was still horrific.

    • I think things have improved but it depends on the individual panel. If your taskbar burnin is your main concern, maybe you can set it on autohide?

      • You know desktop is blue.

        • How often do you leave your PC on the desktop, you usually have Chrome or something open.

      • Happy to do my own specific research; but what broad evidence did you see that makes you think it improved?
        Will give me somewhere to start.

        After seeing Linus and Wendell both have burn in issues on premium LG screens, im just a little edgy about buying one.

        Last thing I want is my bash prompt burnt on top of my desktop environment a year later…

        Or worse, a desktop element burnt into my terminal…

        • Or worse, Windows update burned into your screen

      • there is pre-installed ASUS software that has a feature called "pixel-shift" where it moves the image slightly and periodically to refresh the pixels. I don't have it enabled on mine, though.

    • can you use those live wallpapers to stop the burn in

  • Does this have a touchscreen?

    • +1

      no. zenbook flip has touchscreen so you need to find with the flip one

  • I was looking at comparable alternatives and this one with the same processor stood out at $1298 with 1TB SSD (No OLED though)

    Then found the 1195g7 processor is the same price at $1298

    • Cheers, good deal if you don't mind something bigger as I could not consider those in the lightweight category of systems (too big and heavy for me 13'3 is as large as I can go)… Also if you have any thunderbolt storage/devices keep in mind the HP's above don't have any of the new Thunderbolt 4 / USB4…

      They are significantly heavier/fatter/bigger units these but depends on your needs really… all the best

  • What I hate about Asus is that they have country-specific models, that do not appear on their own site, and no retailer has the complete spec anywhere - this could have a fingerprint reader and a backlit KB as well as a touchscreen, but no retailers will have all three of those in their spec.

  • Heads up, that there's often no headphone jacks on most ASUS Zenbooks now, cause ASUS believe everyone owns wireless headphones. Could be problematic for those who need to do audio work.

    (They do provide a usb c to headphone jack dongle)

    • Bought a Ryzen model similar to this last week (UM425UAZ-KI023T) and was surprised that it had an audio jack. I was about to pull the trigger on some new bluetooth speakers but happily didn't need to. But now desperately looking for a decent USB-C hub as the lack of ports is restrictive. Most hubs that I am looking at have at least a 10 day lead time.

      • I bought an M1 Mac 2 weeks ago, and just grabbed the $50 Anker 5 in 1 hub off amazon. Arrived in 2 days and it's good enough. It doesn't have power delivery though.

        • Thanks for that but I still can't see an Anker being delivered within the next 10 days. Unless they say 10 days and I am then fortunate enough for it to arrive sooner. is that what happened to you?

          • @cheapskatez: Amazon said two days and I got it within two days. Ordered last Saturday, arrived on Tuesday.

  • I have the UX425EA version of this laptop - 14 inch non oled. It has same internals and same ports and design. It's great, highly recommend. The only disappointing thing is the battery life. Not anywhere near as claimed, and I fear the OLED would make it even worse. I do a lot of video conferences during the day, but also in regular use I'm getting max 7-8 hours I think, no where near the 15 hours claimed.

    • If we're posting anecdotes… my UX425EA USB-C ports are recessed into the chassis so far that the only cable that works reliably is their own power cable. Everything else flickers in and out, including HDD's during transfers, displays while you're using them. It's bad enough that I would love to change the model, but I bought it from Umart….

      • That's horrible. Have you tried the return process?

        • Hahahaha it's umart

    • To be fair Asus does report the battery life for video playback at 150nit brightness to be around 13hours (on the model listed in this post not sure about your model), web browsing and other tasks will be far less as with any device…

      Eg, Even the very efficient M1 Apple chip they report 3 hours less battery between video playback to web browsing.

      Unfortunately, Intel is still using 10nm CPU tech which also does not help with power drain but you can try to enable power saving in Windows 11 (as it's more efficient than Windows 10 it seems if you running Windows 10 consider upgrading possibly)

      Also if your screen brightness is up high consider dropping it down as that can help as well.

      Good luck and hope you manage to get more than 7 hours out of the unit as it should be capable of it.

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