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Artist Stealth LP6 Electric Guitar - Matte Black $179.10 (RRP $299) Delivered @ Artist Guitars eBay


Just bought this yesterday and looks like a good deal for $179. Review from google seems positive, bought a guitar from Artist store before and it's a great value guitar, not to mention the customer service is also amazing.

Demo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4POsJPPI3Y&t=3s

The higher LP6G Cimmerian model cost a little bit more @$296.10 but looks amazing.

Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFhdVN-a2H0

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  • -2

    Stealth LP6 Electric Guitar

    I can still see it…

    • +4

      Even worse, I can still hear it.

      • I have an Artist LP60, its actually a pretty decent unit.

  • Any suggestions on an affordable entry level amp to go with this?

    • BOSS Katana 50, best sounding and most versatile in its price range by far.

      • +5

        Awesome amp but costs 2x the guitar.

        For a beginner first amp any modeling 15w + amp will suffice.

        Check Gumtree or FBM for a cheap first amp. Always players upgrading equipment.

        • ID:CORE V3 Stereo 10

          I have v1 which is quite okay with full range speakers

          • @zoner: /i have two 40W v3's - the 10W has same feature set and is really solid practise unit

        • I see used ones going for around $200-250 on FB Marketplace. Probably Mk1 but still really good.

    • Positive Grid Spark. Smart amp. It does it all!

      • It does, however, you simply don't get the sound of a larger amp. Great to have fun with though!!

    • +4

      Unless you're planning on gigging, even a 20w amp is way overkill for home playing. Get a last gen Yamaha THR10 v1 if you can still find one. Best $$ ever spent.

      • I have a THR10 as well.. Great little practice amp!

        • The best! I never felt the need to buy anything else for home practice. I tried my mates Spark for a weekend, sounded tiny compared to the Yamaha.

    • Get a practice amp off gumtree or FB marketplace.

      They go for $10-20.

      I sold mine there and there were heaps of others

    • find yourself a VOX pathfinder 10 or a Behringer V-tone GM108 or Orange crush 10.

      I'd lean towards the Behringer and Orange.

  • that inlays, PRS + gibson :)

    • I think these are ESP EC1000 knock offs.

    • +2

      I can confirm I was eyeing off this guitar last time i was in the showroom and it was around the $300 mark.

      • Correct. It's currently $100 off plus eBay discount.

        • +1

          Ok, I could be confusing models.

  • Can you link it to a Bluetooth speaker?

    • +1

      You can link anything to anything with the right stuff…
      Not directly, no, unless your speaker has an instrument input…

      • oh, thank you, so I will need to buy a specific speaker as well?

        • +1

          an amplifier. I have sometimes connected mine directly to a bluetooth speaker using an input cable (BT has too much delay), but you need some sort of AMP in between, you can´t connect the guitar directly to the speaker.

  • +3

    PDEC12 for eBay Plus users for 12% off.


  • It looks nice and sounds nice and I like Artist stuff but the 9V battery active pickups just kill it for me.

    • +1

      If you’re buying a $179 guitar I hope your not going to rubbish it based off an active vs passive pickup argument..

      • +4

        I already have too many guitars (all cheap). The one that I do have with active pick ups also has "autotune" - which was a very expensive gimmick till they were clearing it out for $99 because it was yesterday's gimmick. At least it uses AA batteries.

        If you're buying this guitar because it's a bargain price and you understand the differences between active and passive pickups, no worries. If you're buying it because it's cheap, and it's going to be your main guitar which you're buying to save money though, those 9V batteries are going to ruin your experience.

        In my experience it's nicer to be able to pick up a guitar and not worry about whether the battery is flat. If you consider that "rubbishing" the guitar then so be it. I'm not going to hold back my opinion because I'm worried about hurt feelings. It's actually a complete bargain if you're after active pickups.

        • +2

          It's a complete bargain anyway. It's not like you go through a battery a week if you unplug it.

  • Code dont work for me, just signed up for plus

    • I just checked for you and it worked for me but it also suggested PDEC12 for a ~$23 discount so try that?

      • Im getting 'this code cant be applied to your order" error. I dont know why it worked for you and not me.

  • Any suggestions on bag/case for this guitar? Looking for the well priced one . Thanks

    • Any Les Paul style bag sase will fit.

      What's your budget?

      $120 will get you a hard case.

      • Under $50 .

        • +3

          Are you transporting it?

          If not just get a stand ($20) to keep it safer and out of the way.

          If you need to open a case every time you want to noodle you will have an excuse not to use it. If it's sitting on a stand ready to go there is more chance you can just pick it up and practice for 10 minutes.

          I'm assuming this is your first guitar.

          • @MS Paint: Agree. My first guitar and I have no idea . Wanted to give it a try

            • +1

              @user99: Awesome. It can be a great hobby.

              My tip is don't watch random YouTube videos to learn. You need a set purposeful structure for the first 6 months to establish a foundation.

              • @MS Paint: Any recommendations on where I can start ? I mean any online learning tips .

    • +3

      I remember hearing a tip years ago that said don't store your guitar in a case, best advice I got.
      Reason is; you tend to play more if you don't have to take it out of the case each time.
      I find I play/practice a lot more these days because i don't have to take it out of the cases each time and i now have all my guitars mounted on a wall so i just pull one down.

  • Cheers OP. For $179, it's pretty much a free upgrade if I sell off my old one

  • Great looking guitar.
    Don't write off artist guitars just because they're a smaller brand.

    I have their Les Paul clone and it looks amazing and plays well.
    Only caveat - mine has a twisted neck.
    I haven't really noticed it affecting my playing, but I'm not particularly good at playing guitar either

    • Quality control on cheaper guitars can be hit and miss.

      I got a very cheap SX style strat in my dream colour and that thing broke my heart. SX has an excellent reputation but this one would need a full fret level to be good, which would cost more than the guitar.

      My luck with Artist has been good. If you got one with a twisted neck and you caught it in time I'd talk to them about whether they were willing to replace it. A twisted neck isn't a minor thing.

      • -1

        Agree, give them a call or email, their customer service is amazing, They gave me a refund after complaining that the fretboard started peeling off after 3- 4 months. Could be my fault as I may have put the wrong liquid when cleaning the fretboard, just had it shipped back and gave me an option for replacement or full refund.

  • +2

    If this is your first guitar, make sure you unplug it from the amp every time you're done playing or the battery in the active pickups will run flat, and the sound will become muted and 'dull'. If you take care of the battery it should last ages :-)

  • +3

    I've bought a few items (guitars and drums) from Artist, and I've found them to be good value. Obviously you need to keep your expectations realistic, but for the money, you'd be hard pressed to do any better.

  • I just received mine today, quite impressed with the delivery as it only took 2 days but very disappointed when I opened it as the back of the guitar has damage. Not sure how this passed QC, now back in the box and have to worry about sending it back.

    • Reviews I watched seem to show very cheap packaging. Damage during transport seems likely unfortunately.

    • Received mine with a snapped neck. see pics below.

  • Anyone know how this compares to a Yamaha PAC012?

    • Yamaha is miles ahead of this crap. see my post below with pics.

      • I bought a PAC012 last week, base model and I can’t complain at all.
        Sounds great, plays great

  • Says sold out - damn, just missed out

  • +2

    I opened mine today with a snapped neck. The packaging is very thin and non existent. Little wonder is snapped.
    I'll be asking for money back as the guitar is not even worth half what I paid. It's cheap and tacky.


    • That really sucks, and you aren’t alone.
      These probably aren’t bad guitars… but the quality control seems to be pretty patchy based on all the reviews.
      Maybe it’s like striking it lucky if you get a good one

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