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Gainward Ghost RTX 3060 Ti 8GB (LHR) Graphics Card $979 ($999 without coupon) + Delivery @ TechFast


Edit: Looks like this is back in stock and have added the BeingFriday coupon as that is still working. Brings it down to 979+delivery.

Good luck, "good" price for this climate.. RIP Black Friday deals?

Important Note: This product is expected to ship to customers in late December.
The Gainward Ghost RTX 3060 Ti (LHR) 8GB graphics card features an 8GB GDDR6 memory interface, 1665MHz boost clock speed, PCI-E 4.0, 1 x HDMI, 3 x DisplayPort, HDCP support, OpenGL 4.6 and DirectX 12 support.Details on the Gainward website: https://www.gainward.com/main/vgapro.php?id=1104&lang=en Warranty: 3 years

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  • +6

    full size or mini? :)

    • +2

      Can't be a mini with two fans can it

      • +1

        The ASUS mini tries its best with how close their two are together, but indeed, the only true mini 3060 ti out there is the MSI aero itx

        • And for whatever reason the clock and temps and OC are all much better than the tripp fan ones. Tested and confirmed Aero ftw.

          • @Michegianni: 100mm fan.

            only regret is fan has no off mode and its one of the loudest gpus at load.

      • +1

        How about 2 mini fans?

    • +2

      the funny wore out weeks ago on that one

    • You're asking a year too soon

  • +2

    When will this low tier card be low tier sale price? ($300AU)

    • +6

      Hopefully soon.. I paid $1500 for the rtx3060 12GB LHR cause I couldn't HODL.

      • +3

        Sold my 3060 few months back for $900 - still hating myself for that

        • orig 3060 still here only regret wish I didn't do a garage sale and spring for 3090. If you needed the dosh for cashflow/bills dats fine you'll live right?

      • +4

        $1500 for a 3060? LOL! Never even seen it that high. Bonkers price. I got a 3080 ROG for $1900.

        • It can be done… the size of my wallet and I had to hand back ozbargain license with deals like these 1 month later.

    • +14

      When will my wife come back

    • Let me check my crystal ball…

    • It’s more of midrange card than low tier

  • +3

    Good luck, good price would've been $888.

  • +4

    Come on crypto, keep diving! this is still double the price it should be.

  • Its real value is 306.0aud

    • Nah that would be a "In a vacuum" RRP. the REAL WORLD price gets hit by real-world factors and thus its1k.

  • +1

    RIP Black Friday deals? Please explain?

    • +1

      I think he means the Black Friday sales were crap.

      • I see. I mean I got the 3070 Ti pre build from Techfast for just over $2k as part of the Black Friday sales - no complaints here.

  • "This product is expected to ship to customers in late December" :(
    Didn't someone comment recently on the "Techfast fiasco"

  • +2

    Can use the Black Friday coupon BeingFriday for extra discount.

  • +4

    Not so humble brag.

    I paid $1400 for my 3080 in 2020.

    • -1

      Don't worry. You can only brag if your paid $999 for your 3080.

      • In Aus? Retail it's US$700 so 1k is possible

        • Don’t forget import import tax and gst. So we’ll probably be paying about $850 usd for a $700 usd product. Which makes sense because that’s approximately how much they launched at in Australia Mwave and PLE for XC3 Blacks

      • You mean $1300? Don’t think it’s ever below $1000

        • Nope. Paying MSRP is nothing to brag about, but if someone managed to get it for lower than MSRP like $1000, then they can brag.

    • Consider selling if it is FHR

      I sold my FHR 3060TI for $1650 (it was a EVGA FTW3 Card though)

      And bought a new 3070 LHR (EVGA FTW3) for $1350 LOL.

    • I paid less than $1k for my 3070. I did see a deal pop up for a 3080 for around $1600 soon after. I have regrets not getting it.

  • Want to mine but LHR is killing me

    • I still get 46 MH/s off mine with ETH. Payback of 8-12 months or something

      • +1

        Of course you consider capital gains tax. Right?

        • Capital gain is so 2017.

          2020 was the start of DeFi/DeFi lending where miners can hodl and borrow to buy more miners.

          Business Loan For Crypto Mining 2021
          By Sudhir Khatwani Updated on October 23, 2021

          • -1


            This is because many banks around the world don’t yet understand Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

            Haha. They just realise it's insanely volatile and therefore high risk. Banks don't really do high risk. They barely do moderate risk.

            Capital gain [tax] is so 2017.

            Greece's struggling economy due to lots of people avoiding tax is so 2021.

            • +1

              @incipient: Have people already forgotten what happened in 2008? Legacy banks are knees deep in high risk.

      • bUt 2.0 iS oNlY 6 MoNtHs AwAy /s

        • +1

          Yeah exactly, they've been saying that for years. I eventually just bit the bullet to get that payback time started

          • +1

            @booboo: Crypto has defied many logics, worst case I make back what I spent in eth and sell the cards for half what I paid for them.

    • Apparently the revised 12gb 2060 is meant to be quite good.

      • Thanks friend I'll look into it

      • It's going straight to miners. Better hash rate than a 3070 LHR lol.

  • hang in there my gtx1080 :(

  • Paid 1150 for a 3060ti during Black Friday Sales

    Downgraded by flipping my Techfast full hash rate 3070 on the bay for a crazy amount after 6 months of use <3

  • How many years will Black Friday sales go for ?

    So much for the exciting 1 day sales..

  • +1

    I paid $1200 for a RX6700xt in August and sold my GTX1070 for $550.
    The RX6700XT has mined ETH and already mined $420 worth of ETH when I'm not gaming….

    The 3060Ti has a very similar performance in mining and gaming to my card; I don't see why anyone would want to HODL if it's actually more cost effective to buy earlier and start mining to make up for the increase in prices

    • +4

      Not everyone can be (profanity) mining. Not very complex lol.

      • that's my mindset before I looked into it, turns out it's a lot simpler than I thought haha

        • Wait until you get taxed when you're withdrawing to aud.

          • @Dvbargain: wait till you find out the gpu is tax deductible

            • +1

              @ln28909: Wait until you get audited and try justify it when you've only half thought about it in the first place

              • -1

                @Dvbargain: Lol it is perfectly legal, and encourage by the government so you spend money

                • @ln28909: Theres ways to legally claim it as a deduction yes I'm definitely aware :p

                  But now we are definitely on the path of some people not wanting to do all this… Which was my point… It isn't as simple as just mining and done you've made your money back.

                  It'd be nice if it was.

                  • @Dvbargain: Just give it to the accountant, you don't have to do anything extra

          • +1

            @Dvbargain: but that's with literally any gains ? get a higher salary = more tax
            sell something for profit = CGT ?
            just because you're taxed doesn't mean you should avoid it altogether if it means you'll generate extra dollaridoos. It may take some time but once it's up and running there's not much input that you need to do :S

            I also want to add that if you keep your asset for more than 12 months you're elligible to get a 50% CGT discount (ie. don't sell off your ETH for now, heck even stake it next year when it hits ETH2.0 and maybe prices will keep going up)
            Additionally if you use your crypto for personal use you are exempt from CGT (ref. ATO website https://www.ato.gov.au/general/gen/tax-treatment-of-crypto-c...)
            (ie. for purchasing products - which you can do through something like crypto dot com VISA card)

            is it risk free? no
            but like any opportunities out there, there'll always be a risk attached to it
            I understand a lot of people can't be bothered with it but there are also a lot of people that can utilise the mining potential of these cards and hence why they fly off the shelves despite marked up prices right ?

            • +1

              @rian354252: If you want to work after work, then I agree what you're saying is a good idea. Not everyone wants multiple jobs haha.

              • @Dvbargain: Passive income is people making money while they sleep.

                It's a 24/7 source of income that gives people more time to do what they enjoy instead of being wage slaves.

      • +9

        I just want to play video games tbh :(

        • +2

          Agree. Screw all these crypto mining.

    • +1

      So you’ve mined $420 in about 4 months of non-fulltime mining? That’s not bad. Enjoy while you still can mine ETH.

      • I only use it for gaming maybe 2-3 hours a night. The rest of the time when I'm at work and asleep, it's mining so it's almost full time

    • +1

      how much profit per month and what is your electricity cost per month?

    • I don't see why anyone would want to HODL if it's actually more cost effective to buy earlier and start mining to make up for the increase in prices

      I'm avoiding mining because I'd rather not contribute even more to the electricity I waste. I can barely justify playing video games as it is lol

  • Should I purchase this even though won't ship until end of the month or wait for another deal?

  • +2

    Lots of GPUs on special, crypto must be crashing hard

    • +3

      That is all gamers want!

    • Where are all the GPUs on special? All I can see is still ridiculously overpriced GPU deals.

  • :(

  • -3

    Lol, I remember last year you could buy these cards for $500

  • Will you gain a ward from buying these?

    • +1

      Wart maybe.

  • Is it Samsung GDDR6 or Hynix GDDR6?

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