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[Hack] Multiple Extensions to Amazon Australia Prime 30-Day Free Trial (User Reported 6 Months Extension) @ Amazon AU


it appears that the deal is back - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/614361

My new 1-month Trial membership was about to expire in 2 days, on 12 Dec. Using Amazon Android app, I just went to Cancel - clicked "Continue to cancel", then accepted offer to change plan to Annual. Then again went to cancel, clicked continue to cancel button, switched back to Monthly plan and my trial got reset with expiry on 9 January now ! It now says "29 days left in your trial".

There was no message to extend the trial for another 30 days or anything like that. It just happened without prior notification.

Update: according to xyzzyxyzzy, this "hack" could be used multiple times and extend your Trial up to at least 6 months !!

Update2: Do not change your Prime membership card details, as this may cancel Trial "extendibility" (read this comment) Update 3: read this comment

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    For the record, I used this method for 6 months until recently. I don't know if the trick is doing this 3~4 days before the trial ends, but I forgot about it this month right before the expiry date, and the annual plan switch didn't appear

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      I did this today - 2 days before the expiry on 12 Dec.

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        Worth give it a go before the second trial ends. Hopefully you could keep a longer record than me

        • wow, so it is actually extendable up to 6 months at least based on your experience! I'll update the subject.

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            @alexshel: Yup that's the point ;)

            • @xyzzyxyzzy: why stop at 6mths?

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                @capslock janitor: Again, I forgot to do this until the very night of the expiry date, and the switch to annual plan option didn't appear. Also, my account was hacked once in November. All my payment methods were gone after the recovery, which could be related.

  • Hack

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    Also, the expanse is back!

    • Holy shit now im excited!

      • whats it about

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          It's the best Sci-Fi TV Show period (no further information required)

        • mormons in space. overrated.

    • woot! thanks for the heads up!

    • oh my god you made my day thanks very much! :)

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    … and here I am paying for Prime like a mug

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      Schmuck* :p

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    delete this post now, otherwise it will not last!!!

    • Exactly. 😅

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        Reported as illegal/inappropriate 🤭

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    2 days left, already cancelled… Just re-activated to follow the steps. It worked.

    Only problem is will be having more impulsive buys….

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      set alerts on camelcamel and buy when the price drops to the desired level ;)

    • what impulsive things do you buy?

  • Not working for me.

  • How to get free trial on existing account?

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      quit prime for 1 year, then you'll get an invitation "to try". I received mine after ~13-14 months since I stopped using that account.

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        Quit prime for a year.. I don’t think I could 😅

        • get yourself 12 email accounts…. 1 for each month then come back to 1st after the year ~~ XD

  • Does it only work on free trials? I have an annual Prime membership renewing in 2 days

    • this will only work on new account with expiring trial. you can register a new account.

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        ok I see. I got two other accounts on a free trial so I'll try in 15 days when it is close to expiry. cheers

  • Must be 2 days prior to expire?

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      If you do this 20 days prior to expiry date, it resets the expiry date to 30 days from that day. That way you only get 10 extra days. So better do it close to expiry date to get close to 30 extra days.

      But hey, who knows. Maybe Amazon will fix this tomorrow, that case 10 days is better than nothing.

      • Mine expired on 22 Dec. Too excited to try out :)

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          Today is 11 Dec.

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    Jeff Bezos will go hungry if you exploit this hack, I hope you sleep well at night

    • +10

      i will once my awesome new pillow arrives with free shipping courtesy of my extended prime membership

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        I think I know what pillow you are talking about. Those latex pillows dont smell right, more like overwhelming chemicals. So you probably wont sleep well and just be thinking about Amazon XD

  • My experience was getting two "renewals" using this method, so three months overall. I'm on the Optus SubHub gig now though.

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    Does it only work on the Trial? I have paid for this month but would be great if I can somehow use the same trick maybe?

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      This is my sitch too. I tend to sign up for Prime during December, coinciding with xmas shopping. Any love for paid monthly subs, or is it only for free trials?

      EDIT: Seems like answer is No. Thanks mboy

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    It's not even possible to register for free trial membership with different email any more.. I think they somehow kept a record of used addresses, payment method etc

    • I was able to register two more accounts for black friday. Did they change it?

      • Dont know about you.. But for me, it didn't work, even with new email and VPN. When I go to sign up prime, there wasn't any trial option came up anymore

        • Interesting..

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          Maybe browser cookie related, try an incognito/inprivate tab or a different browser.

          • @JonoEfthy: still doesn't work :( I wonder what else could be the reason? I meant I literally created a new account with new name, new VPN, and incognito..how on earth would it still recognise me..Haven't even entered the address & credit card used too…

            • @Lancerx: Try on your mobile phone using data..

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    Can confirm this does not work with paid accounts (monthly plan, in my case).

  • Well I have done this atleast 3 times on the same account. If you let the trial expire, the free trial offer shows up again after a little while. Haven't been able to extend up to 6 months though… Only 60 days.

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    Thanks for this, just tried and it worked! Was about to pay for an annual membership in a few days time so u saved me some money :P

  • Cancelled my annual plan didn’t get asked shit. Oh wells maybe in afew days they will want my business back or time to start a new account.

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    What a good hack!!!
    But I love Amazon. Amazing service, annual fee is reasonable.

    • think of $59 for 1.5 years… you will love it more ~~ XD

  • Deal being back. So it may expire by 6 months.

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    Can confirm got up to 5 months free recently but lost the option after updating card details.

    • +1

      Happened to me as well.

    • +1

      thanks for sharing. updated the description.

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        Card details expired a week into a trial. Amazon Prime suspended, pending new payment details. Added new card. Trial extended by another 29 days.

  • Can someone sign up today, and then claim this free trial and extend ?


    does it have to be an 'extension' just before when a trial period ends ?

  • 3 days left in my trial, am only offered the monthly plan on the cancel page. Will try again tomorrow

    • Nope. Still only shows monthly option

  • Not working for me

  • is this seriously getting posted the day after my free trial expired

    • It be like that sometimes

  • If I used free trial a couple of months ago, do I need to wait 12 months before I can use this hack?

    • Yes. Only one free trial per 12 months.

      Also i was unable to use this hack on my 2nd time around on the trial. Worked fine for me last time and i was able to extend for quite a few months(though didnt get 6 months). But appears it wouldnt work for me on trying again this year.

      • Could this be Android/iOs app-specific bug? I use Android 12.

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    Had 10 days remaining on my trial, was able to extend back up to 29 days remaining using this method.

    • Does it work only through the android app or does it work on their website?

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    Worked for me on the website thanks OP.

  • just worked for me on the app.

  • legend

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    I get the switch to yearly but my account does not switch and I do not get a switch to monthly after that; straight to a cancelled membership. I did get a $10 credit for first prime purchase so maybe that is causing issues

    • I had to accept the $10 promo for mine to work correctly

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    Thanks a million OP! it worked. Tried this 2 days before expiry. This might be asking for too much but will the $10 bonus applies? : )

    • +1

      Are you talking about $20 MasterCard deal bonus? I think that since you received the eligibility confirmation email and at that time was a Prime member, then there should be no problem at all.
      I don't think there was any special condition for Prime Trial members. 🙂

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    Important Message,
    Due to a technical problem, we could not process your request completely. Please check after a few minutes.

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    Thanks OP. Had no problem extending the trial period. My plan had been set to annual to start with so was not sure if this would work. Yesterday, 4 days before the trial was due to end, I went to cancel my membership and accepted the offer to change to monthly plan. Then today, day 3, I went to cancel again and accepted the offer to change to annual plan. Now I have 29 days left in my trial. Will try to do the same again in a month. Thanks.

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    Cheers for that OP.
    Had 2 days left so followed instructions above and now prime renewal date has been extended out to 27/01/22.

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    Tried this with 9 days left on my trial and it extended it to 13 days left. I mean I will take it but can someone else confirm if it still gives 29 days?

    • +1

      Tried it today with 2 days left, and got an extra 30 days from today (so ends on 1 Feb)

  • Extended today 2nd time (2 days before expiry) for another 30 days until 6 Feb

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    I had to force a switch to annual. I then attempted to cancel and was offered a switch to monthly. Then my free trial was extended.

  • I had 4 days left on my trial, I applied this hack, it extended the trial, but now it says it will end in 13 days…..kinda worked….anyone know why I only got 11 more days?

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    What a great hack! I had 4 days left in my trial, after using this method, there are 29 days left in the trial again

    “29 days left in your trial”
    “ Plan has been changed successfully
    After your free trial, you will be charged $6.99 for a month of Prime.”

  • Didn't work second time around. Attempted on day of expiry so maybe too late. Also wife made one purchase with a different card so that may have broken it.

  • I activated my prime via Mastercard, this 3 months trial is about to end in 3 days. The "End membership" button is not click-able and Under the "End Membership" headings, it says "Your Prime membership is activated through Mastercard. For any membership billing questions, contact Amazon"

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      This hack only works with a standard 1-month trial.

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    i have just got my 3rd month free trial

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    Just did this again to try and get the 3rd month free. I was on annual plan and membership is due to expire in 2 days.

    Clicked to cancel membership and then accepted offer to change to monthly plan. Strangely without going through the cancel process a second time my account then said I have 13 days left in the trial. I tried cancelling again and accepting the offer to change to the annual plan but unfortunately there is still only 13 days left instead of the 29 days which I was able to get last month.

    Will try to renew it again in 12 days and see if it will extend any further.

    I wonder if this hack is related to how many things you have bought or how much you have spent from Amazon Prime or what membership you had originally started with.

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