Nice Tasting, Less Expensive Alcohol for a First Timer?

I will be trying alcohol for the first time out of curiosity and am looking for some nice tasting alcohol that is low in price.
I prefer the alcohol to be in a small size container i.e. a can or a small bottle.
There is no special occasion and i will not be drinking just to get drunk. Any ideas or experiences?


    • why did you wish you never started? please elaborate

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        Maybe because alcohol makes people do stupid things that place them at risk of injury, death, or prosecution for criminal activity. Plus

        Alcohol causes nearly 6,000 Australian deaths in one year, a third from cancer. Almost 6,000 Australians died from alcohol-attributable disease in a single year, about one every 90 minutes, according to new research being released today.

        • You can turn anything into something dangerous if you abuse it.

          Alcohol is no different

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          Yet we don't shut the world down over cigarettes, alcohol, fast food, traffic accidents, abortions, wars, mountain biking, cave diving and base jumping. At least in a partial idiocracy we have the freedom to choose and that's a good thing. Besides if OP has survived the lethal Covid then a drink is the least of OP's concerns.

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        Pretty much because the pros that seem so essential when you are younger (eg. confidence, socialisation, escape, having a good time, fit in) come eventually through maturation anyway and the cons list (eg. poor taste, hangovers, health effects, poor behaviour, loss of clarity, relationship effects, forgetfulness, sleeplessness, toilet trips in the night, potential increasing dependency and/or depression) can be avoided by simply not drinking in the first place.

        In short, the pros eventually become obsolete and the cons grow by the year and easily eclipse what few, if any, pros remain. That is why I wish I never started.

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          Well said!

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          This wisdom … a generous share.

        • It's never too late to stop. Giving up booze isn't that hard. It literally requires you to do nothing.

        • The key, as with all things in life, is moderation.

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    Egg liqueur well aged and made from cocks eggs.
    Perhaps the dearest but taking drugs for a first timer you wanna do it right.
    Took me ages to figure out the law of escaping reallity!

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    Monteith's or Coldstream apple cider. Tastes like carbonated apple juice.

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    Stick with this guidance, it's very important.

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    Canadian Club Dry cans or bottles

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    Maybe you need to try the most awful tasting drink out there so you don't have a reason to drink based on taste.

    I use to think Stones green ginger wine was pretty awful.

    • Stones is pretty awful. Use it as a chaser after a shot of Jager for extra effect?

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    Vodka + Water

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    get a mocktail. no alcohol but all the good taste of drinks made to taste good to hide the awful taste of alcohol

    • People drink alcohol for the effects, not taste….

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        A big part of why people drink in the first place is peer pressure and the desire to fit in. That can have as great or greater an effect than the alcohol on behaviour. Various studies have given people non-alcoholic drinks (that drinkers believed were alcoholic) in social situations and they've behaved similarly to their genuinely intoxicated peers and reported that they believed that they were drunk.

        • Interesting. I'm not very good at small talks in a social environment but alcohol seems to fix that problem for me.

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            @Homr: The effect is certainly not the only factor. I'm similar to you, though after finding a social group that I feel comfortable with I've found that I can comfortably start talking complete bollocks without drinking alcohol. πŸ™‚

            • @banana365: huh how?

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                @Homr: There's something called "social confidence" which is:

                Social confidence is you KNOWING for a FACT that what you are about to do or are doing is not only completely acceptable, but it is totally desired by all parties involved.

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        some people yes. personally I could not give a toss about the effect. on average I might drink enough to get drunk once every few years. I drink what I enjoy the taste of, never drink for the effect. might have 2 drinks a week on average, usually to compliment a meal. Will only buy craft beer that I enjoy the taste of or a few Red's or whites that I know I enjoy with certain types of meals.

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        That sounds sad and a lot like substance abuse.

        I drink lemonade at bars often with my friends cause I enjoy socialising in a setting of their choice and they drink diet coke with me at picnics.

        • A disturbing number of people are alcoholics - they just refuse to label themselves that way since alcoholism is defined usually as chronic solo drinking and/or, overdrinking in social situations

          My SO and I are teetotalers so, we drink soft drinks, water, and LLB in alcoholic settings. If we host, we tell people we're not providing alcohol and it works out.

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            @Carmen Sandiego: In the queer community there isnt a lot of activities planned that arent basically binge drinking and clubbing. It'd be nice if there was more for people especially young people that didn't involve substance use.

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              @sarahlump: I don't think that is an issue unique to the queer community unfortunately…

            • @sarahlump: @sarahlump as @NigelTufnel pointed out, yeah, it's unfortunately all aimed at binge drinkers when you're in your teens and 20s.

              Thankfully, it's more socially acceptable to have casual drinks at age 30+ so, I guess that's something?

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    Better stay off Alcohol, it will save lot of money, headache and regrets later in the life πŸ˜‚

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      I'll take a scotch and water thanks, hold the scotch.

      ^ yep save your money and health. You don't have to enjoy it because others do. Find your niche and enjoy it.

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    Fireball, it sounds worse than it is but really not that bad

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    Korean flavoured Soju if you're into sweet stuff and you don't want to taste the booze just yet

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      I think soju tastes like paint stripper with fruit :D

      • Haha maybe it's just me and I just can't taste the booze anymore then.

      • I was about to say the same thing!

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      I don't think Soju is the best drink for a first timer. Very easy to get hammered on it. Probably as bad as Strong Zero when it comes to easily underestimating a drink.

      • Also, from what my friends tell me, a brutal hangover

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    Passion Pop
    Unleaded petrol is also relatively cheap.

    • sold!

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    I consider alcohol to be a hard drug that can quite often lead to addiction.

    Despite how casual and accepting everyone is suggesting and condoning it's use, be careful.

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    Beer or cider would be your best bet.
    Nice tasting alcohol and low in price should never be in the same sentence

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    Crabbies ginger beer.

    • This stuff really just taste's like standard ginger beer!
      Haven't had it in for almost 10 years but thanks for reminding me! :)

    • Lick Pier Ginger Beer is great too

  • Moscato in a can. Plenty of options at your local Dan Murphys.

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    Metho diluted with water.

  • canadian club & dry

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    Go out with your mates and just try stuff. Drinking alone is for sad old men.

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    Some cheap options that are pretty easy drinking:

    1 shot of vodka mixed in a glass with your favourite lemonade. Add ice if desired.

    1 shot of whiskey/bourbon mixed in a glass with coca-cola. Add ice if desired.

    Corona beer with a slice of lime wedged down the neck.

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    IMO, you better not start it. Keep away from alcohol.

    • C2H5OH sounds like evil natural components!

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      Alcohol is a known carcinogen meaning it causes cancer. Just because you can legally consume it and is accepted socially and culturally, it doesn't mean you need to start consuming it because you have reached legal age.
      By your logic, you might as well start smoking a light inexpensive brand of cigarettes (which I highly do not recommend).

      It's your life, your body. Choose wisely.

  • My fav is cheap a quality port and freshly squeezed lime juice, but there are a heap of "off the counter" options that taste like a soft drink, quite a few vodka offerings and even some that are simply Ethanol and flavored carbonated water.

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    You almost certainly will not like wine or beer or strong spirits.

    If you want to try a beer, have a Heineken or corona, they're fairly easy drinking beers.

    UDL/cruisers are pretty much the same experience as drinking cordial, very easy to drink, and I don't mean that as a judgement against them. Bourbon and coke is also very easy to drink but you get a bit of the bourbon flavour come through.

    Moscato is a sweet wine, or there's heaps of sweet ciders, rekordelig was very popular a few years ago

    Generally I'd recommend starting with something sweet as a gateway, and if you decide to drink more switch to maybe a whiskey and dry as a less sweet option, then try out beers/wines. To get a taste for wine, start by mixing it with orange juice. gateway beers are corona and Heineken, or ciders. Be careful with Ciders, they can be very sweet or very dry (not sweet)

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    It depends on your general flavour preference.. sweet? Try something like cruisers, udl, apple cider, fruity wine or mix vodka with something sweet like cordial or juice. Ok with things a little bitter? Try beer, Hahn super dry is my go to as it tastes smooth. If you're hard core ? tequila, whisky, any type of shots really. And if you're completely crazy, hand sanitiser will get the job done (this was for a joke.. don't drink it)

  • I couldn't find a drink that I actually enjoyed for years. But Cider and Gin changed that.

    Apple/Pear/Passionfruit Cider is really nice.
    Same with Gin and Tonic.
    Really good drinks on a hot summers day.

  • I'd try a pre mix but there's a great one called -196 it's from Suntory

  • Baileys

    Honey Mead

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    West Coast coolers (I think that's what they are called).

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      Came here to comment the same thing. West Coast Wine Coolers just taste like a fruity lemonade and still around 3.5%

      • I'm not pretending I wouldn't smash a few of them at a BBQ.

        Not even sure what this thread is about. Try a drink and see if you like it. If you don't, just don't drink alcohol.

        It's not like alcohol is essential or even a very good idea TBH, I can take it or leave it.

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    Easy drinks for me:

    1. vodka cruisers if you like fizzy drinks
    2. Ciders
    3. Seltzers: Pretty much flavoured sparkling water
    4. Moscato: Sweet Wine
    5. Jim Beam and Coke in the can
    6. Mix your own cocktails: Malibu and coke, Midori and lemonade or just buy it from the bottle section of premade cocktails
    7. Baileys on the rocks or add milk to dilute it: Irish cream if you like milky

    Because you're starting out: I wouldn't suggest wine or beer as I notice people attune to the taste of them over time.

    • Summary of thread so far!

  • Apple cider

  • UDL

  • +1


    Not drinking alcohol because it is pointless Vs derision by a culture that reveres and shamelessly promotes a pointless drug

    Probably best off drinking so you fit in in strayamaaate

  • Moscato wine if you like sweet things. Lowish alcohol content for a wine. Can be purchased for as little as $6 a bottle.

    If you are partial to Vikings, try mead instead. About $17 a bottle since honey is a relatively expnsive fermenting substrate.

  • I don't drink often, aside from a few parties when I was younger, I just don't like the taste of most alcohol, with a few exceptions.

    Dad and I share a splash of Wild Turkey, American Honey whiskey over ice each time we get together, unfortunately it isn't often now that we're seperate by almost 800km, and the past year by COVID - but a bottle lasts us at least 6 months and, makes an easy Christmas gift to each other 🀣
    Sipping it slowly, it's one of my favourites. For a faster drink, a nice whiskey, or bourbon/coke mixed relatively weak is a good go.
    Alcohol is best on rare occasion and in moderation. Because you indicate you are young, obviously there are times you will seek the buzz - drinking on the 'cheap' at clubs (because it's still going to be expensive), Long Island Ice Tea is a good cocktail but contains a lot of alcohol. One or two will certainly get you buzzing. But you should look to outgrow that phase by the time you're 23-25 πŸ˜‚.
    Drink responsibly πŸ˜‰

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    there isn't enough information in this request. we would need to know what flavours you enjoy, whether you want bitter or sweet or spicy or creamy. "nice tasting" just isn't enough since it is extraordinarily subjective

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    ok, really depends on your taste buds, what sort of soft drink do you like? coke or pepsi? sour or sweet?

    Cheap stuff is easier if you like sweet:
    - passion pop spewmante
    - Moscato
    - cider (any, more expensive tastes better)
    - port

    generally easy to drink stuff:
    - alize & lemonade
    - southern comfort & coke (or dry)
    - vodka & raspberry (or cranberry)
    - alcoholic ginger beer

    cocktails, difficult to make, but tasty:
    - margarita (if you like sour)
    - illusions (if you like sweet)
    - mohito (fresh & herby)

    steer clear of beer, gin & wine to start with, they are an acquired taste

  • Fat Lamb Cola

  • Canadian Club

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    Curiosity killed the cat.
    Just buy this and be done with it.

    • no one should buy polish rectified spirits, not even the polish

      • Isn't this the stuff they use to thin paint?

  • Frangelico, lime and ice. Specifically, pour 30mls (1 shot) of Frangelico into a glass, squeeze the juice of 1/4 of a lime in and then put the lime wedge in too, then put in three or four ice cubes. You can top up with a splash of soda water if you like, I prefer it without.

    It's delicious, not too strong and much better quality than the passion pop and vodka cruiser suggestions here.

  • Just visit a nearby vinery you can do a lot of tasting of vines for free (sample tastings)

    Not that i do it, but heard from few people some have really gone crazzy on these samples.

    Sure it may cost you quite a lot more on travel and time, but alcohol wise not much cost at all (may be any entry cost or something but nothing else)

  • Cranberry and Vodka. You can hardly taste the vodka.

  • AlizΓ©, mix with sprite
    Makgeolli (Korean rice wine), get one of the fruit flavoured bottles that masks the original flavour. Peach is really good.

  • 4 pack of Wild Turkey and Cola in glass bottles.

    You'll only need two at most. Save the others for another day πŸ˜‰

  • If you're dipping your toe in the water then I'd suggest that you go for a mid/low strength beer which will be low in alcohol and you can nurse over a longer period of time.

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    Definitely Moutai.

  • smoke weed everyday

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    Goonbag and a durry.

  • Cheapest would be Passion Pop, mixed berry or watermelon are nice. Only $4-5. Goes down very easy for a wine.

    Best tasting is definitely vodka + Red Bull. The energy drink massively overpowers the taste of the vodka more than any soda or fruit juice can. It pretty much removes any taste of vodka. Perfect for when you don't like the taste of alcohol but want to drink it. Also, mixing with energy drinks gives the drink a bit of an extra kick. Still pretty cheap overall, about $3 per standard drink but costs more up front for a bottle of vodka and the energy drinks. Surprised this isn't really much of a thing.

    For something canned.. maybe -196 beer or Batlow Tuti Frutti ciders. A bit more expensive than your usual canned drinks, but 8% alc volume for a good tasting drink makes up for that.

  • Baileys

    Add about 1/3 milk and an ice cube or two

  • +1

    Go with something nice tasting. Here's a few options:
    1. NOT beer. It all is a bitter taste you need to get used to.
    2. Moscato, or Prosecco wine. It's sweet and easy to drink. Many wines require a specific pallette.
    3. Baileys with milk if you like milkshakes.
    4. Vodka, lemon, lime and bitters, with mixer like lemonade. Vodka is mostly flavourless.
    5. Jameson Irish whiskey, with lime and mixer (cola or dry ginger ale). Nicest tasting of all the bourbons and whiskeys which also require a specific pallette.

    This will all upset people who have their favourite wine or spirit but these are the least likely to make you cough.

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    I'm not a regular drinker but I do enjoy the sweet stuff like:
    Muscat fortified wine (dessert wine)
    Riesling or Moscato white wine
    Ciders like Somersby Pear Cider or Rekorderlig
    Peach or Apple Schnapps
    Canadian Club with Dry Ginger Ale (they sell premix too)
    Strawberry Soju or other fruit flavoured soju
    Choya Plum Wine

  • I'd go with a whisky, specifically Johnny walker black label. This has the least hangover of anything I have drunk. You can have three drinks with soda and lime or lemon and have almost no hangover the next day. Beginners usually start with things like beer, rum or sugary drinks. These cause hangovers. Also a good idea to have water in between drinks.

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