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YouTube Premium via Argentina: ARS $119/Month (Single ~A$1.65/Month, Family ~A$2.48/Month, VPN Required only for Registration)


Resharing again after 6 months for those unaware of this workaround to score YouTube Premium at a fraction of the normal price (with full credit to HiDave for the original find). Personally been on this plan for over 18 months and works flawlessly with 28 Degrees MasterCard (no fees). Please stay safe, and enjoy :)

Very straightforward process:

  1. Use a VPN to connect to an Argentinian server (required only for registration).
  2. Open an incognito browser window.
  3. Sign up via the main link in this post (or here).
  4. If an Argentinian address is requested, use this link and Google the postcode.
  5. Pay with a card that has no foreign exchange fees.
  6. Enjoy the full benefits of YouTube Premium.

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Referrers get 1 bonus month of YouTube Premium
Referees get 3 months of YouTube Premium at A$1.29.

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        Well no , I didn't even know you could do that , but it is FREE.
        Why would you want to play a video while the screen is off.

        • +1

          Music video, press conference, ambient sounds etc

        • +1

          Podcasts, and listening while phone is in pocket so as to avoid random keypresses

    • Doing this will only result in more ads for any future videos you watch.

  • somehow it keeps reverting to Canadian youtube with 11 CAD / month. Creating new account needs phone verification which needs Argentinian phone. did anyone actually worked it out? (I'm using NordVPN btw)

    • Are you signing up on a desktop browser?

  • Will this work with a precard like crypto.com?

    • +1


      • Why not? I changed changed my payment method from ING to Crypto.com card?

  • I have an Argentinian individual subscription but no matter what I did I couldn't upgrade it to family subscription. That option simply doesn't exist under my premium membership page. Has anybody any experience in this? I'm following Google's own instructions:


    • +1

      Connect to Argentina vpn again, sign in to your YouTube account and you will find upgrade in 'settings, purchases & membership'

    • Nope, This is what I see:


  • Just for clarification, should I create a new Google account and use it to subscribe or will this work with my existing Google account?

    Adding all subscriptions to a new Google/YouTube account will be a pain.

    • Would like to know this too! What is the risk of being locked out of the primary Gmail account.

    • +2

      It will work with your existing email. I have it on mine.

    • +2

      It should work on your current Google account. I just did that - Deactivated my current AU youtube premium (Next billing cycle 30/12) and used this method but with India instead of Argentina (VPN can’t seem to access Argentina) and worked like a charm.

    • I signed up for Tunnel Bear free version because Expressvpn would load Brazil YouTube when I connect to Argentina.
      Connect to VPN, Open any browser in private mode and open YouTube.
      Sign in with your main account and select a plan.
      Enter Argentinian address.
      I used my Wise card from earlier OzBargain deal and Family plan was exactly $2.48 aud.
      When you disconnect from vpn, your main account and settings are all there.

    • When I signed up awhile ago I used my existing Google/YT account.

    • Ok, I took the risk with all the rumors of getting locked out of Gmail and tried with my main account.

      Literally took me less than 5 minutes to sign up for the Premium account. Only had to use Tunnel Bear and address extractor.

      Used ING and had $1.64 deduction. Happy days :)

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    Will this remove ads from YouTube Apple TV app if I am signed in with the account I use to buy the premium?

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  • +1

    I created a new Google Account and was able to activate the offer.

    However when I try to add my Google Account I get the following message
    Trouble joining family group
    Looks like you're in a different country than the family manager.

    • +1

      I had this problem too. I recommend starting from scratch on an account you don't care about losing. Set up a Google Family on this account and ensure you add everyone you need to on this step (if you don't you will run into the error you've been encountering), also make sure everyone accepts. After this, go ahead and subscribe to Youtube Premium and your family with automatically all get it.

    • +1

      Hopefully you've been able to get it working by now, but just in case, I Just signed up and got stuck at this point too. I eventually got around it:

      1. Create the new account in Argentina
      2. Invite your main account
      3. In your main account, go to https://pay.google.com, then Settings -> Country/Region and create a new Payment Profile in Argentina
      4. Switch back to your Australian Payments Profile, then go back to Settings and close it (Note that you'll lose transaction history/Google Play credit etc as part of this)
      5. You should now only have the Argentina Payment Profile left on your account; clear cookies etc (or open another private window) and sign back into your main account
      6. It should now let you join the family group

      That was the only thing that worked for me. And despite removing the Aus payment profile my YouTube is still set to AU, haven't lost any history etc, and the recommendations are all still the same as they were before.

  • Every card I have tried fails… oh well

    • +3

      1) Turn on AR VPN
      2) First sign into GPay (NOT YouTube Premium)
      3) Create a NEW GPay profile with with random AR Address BUT with the name on your card
      4) Then you MUST validate your Card with GPay and ensure your card is successfully validated and activated in GPAY
      => I would recommend removing your AU pay profile if you have one
      5) Clear ALL cookies related to Google
      6)Sign into your Google Account
      7) Now sign sign up for YouTube Premium
      8) Add family members - Family members should remove their non AR GPay profile or will get an error - Looks like you're in a different country than the family manager.

      Remember you MUST validate your card in GPay or you will not be successful
      I would recommended signing up for a new Google Account if your planning to subscribe for family membership

      • Thanks for putting together this list of steps, I had already tried these, maybe it is just my cards

        • I used the card from Revolut and had problems when I directly signed up. However, once I went to Google pay first, created an AR profile and validated the card using their verification string I was able to sign up without any issues. Also your Google Pay account should not have a non ARS profile

      • I found that I just need to delete payment profiles (no more profile) and use VPN to accept invitation and it will work.

        If you have no payment profile you will need VPN to accept invitation and no need to put payment method.

  • Has anyone used a standard StGeorge visa card ?

  • -3

    Where is your loyalty to Australia?

    • +4

      Loyalty to wallet over country lol

    • +3

      Does YT employ anyone working in Australia?

      • Good point.

  • +7

    YT doesn't deserve a cent now that they've removed the dislike count from videos. Incredibly stupid decision that makes it significantly less efficient for users to filter through videos for quality content.

    • I reckon most videos it doesn't matter but every now and then, it's really really useful to find those fake guides or something deceptive "check out be footage of!!!"and it's not real or just photos.

      Very annoying

  • Anyone know if this discount applies for Google photos upload? Currently paying over $2 AUD

  • Been using YouTube Premium via Argentina using this method from 6 months ago. Less than AUD$1.70 a month and I haven't seen a single ad since then on YouTube and damn it's refreshing!

  • +1

    I had no idea I was paying too much for YT India ^^

  • Google is our friendly neighbor

  • Thanks OP, works fine for my existing google account, + 1 month free trial

    I did use my 3 months free trial before, no idea why I get another month from Argentinia

  • +1

    I can sub to a family plan no problems. But can't add anyone to the family at all.
    Even trying to add family members prior to purchasing subscription. Still get the country error.

  • Thanks OP. Works like a charm with my existing Google account and family as well. If anyone getting your payment reverted by using Revolut, try to verify the card first through https://pay.google.com. Cheers.

    • Does it have foreign transaction fee?

      • I don't see it in my Revolut.

  • Hi guys, I did create an account over Argentina. However, after I send the invitation to Australia account that I’m using right now. The system said “problem with different country of your family manager”. Anyone know how to solve it? Thanks

  • Followed this tutorial and have been using it for ~3 months now with no issues! I made a second account just for this purpose, primary account is too important to risk. Just have my phone signed into the premium account while on PC I use adblockers, same experience.

  • Argentinian link gave me a price of USD$11 per month.

    Indian link gave me a price of INR59000 (indonesian rupiah, or about AUD$5.70 per month)

    Either my VPN is on drugs or YT is on drugs.

    Im not on drugs…

    • Turn on your VPN and check your IP

  • +1

    I did this a year back and have been enjoying the premium YT since then. One thing to note, you'll need a second account if you want to use it on a smart TV. Being logged in with this account makes you unable to install aussie apps like 9NOW, 7Plus etc..

    • +1

      Huh? Why not?

      You mean if you log in to YouTube App on your TV with your YouTube Argentina creds you can't install other apps?

      • +1

        Sounds like he has an Android based smart TV which uses the Google Play account to access YouTube

  • +2

    Can anyone confirm can add existing family members on Family plan?

    • I don't seem to be able to.

    • I had an individual AU plan
      Cancelled it and signed up via VPN for family plan, it worked fine for 179 ARS / month

      • Same, I had 3 month free trials before, and canceled after expiration, no issue for me with the family subscription for 179 ARS/month

  • +2

    Thanks. I signed up and filled oz address and passed even left the province field empty.

  • I used my Anz debit card and it worked, I am on a one month free trial at the moment. Anyone know how much Anz charges for foreign conversion ? I can’t seem to find the info on their website. I don’t want to be paying so much extra won’t be worth it.

  • Will it work with any VPN any recommendations for a free or cheap VPN which is easy to set up

    • +1

      TunnelBear worked for me

  • Can you pay for a whole year? Or do you need to pay by the month?

    • India works cheapest month by month. No idea for Argentina.

  • Hi. I'm just getting a grayed out screen when I click on either of the membership options and can't go any further, is anyone else getting this?

  • I've been subbed from virtual India for ages for a similar price. One thing is that I can't stop them continually recommending Indian music to me. I'd prefer Argentinian as I'm a Latin music fan.

    • same here.

    • It got solved when I used PIA VPN

  • This is great. Tunnel bear working for.me. I'm worried about using my main Google account and signed up using secondary one. But it seems you need to be the family manager to get it to working for the group. With all the home Automation set up I don't want to switch everyone over to a new family. Maybe I will do it again using my main Google account.

  • +2

    Well that was easy. Setup the family before signing up and no problems at all. Hopefully no problems and if they get angry they just stop us getting it rather than losing the account.

  • Thanks heaps @tightarse you are a true star

  • +1

    Does anyone have a similar plan on how to get Spotify via foreign (cheaper) sites?

    My family plan for Spotify is quite a bit spendier than I'd like, but the whole family already uses it and nobody wants to change…

    • Philippines is about $5pm for a family sub

      • Sweet! Just VPN and change country like the Youtube one? Or is it more complicated than that?

        • been awhile since I did it, I think there's a thread on here somewhere but yeah I believe its just VPN and change country

  • +9

    Anyone with the "Looks like you're in a different country" issue for a family account:

    I resolved this by:

    • Don't turn on the VPN
    • Create a new Gmail account. Something like '[email protected]' thats easy to remember.
    • Create the family and add your main Gmail account and any others. https://families.google.com/families
    • Accept the family invite on your main Gmail.

    • Jump on the VPN in Argentina. I use PIA

    • Sign into the new Family Gmail account
    • Purchase a Youtube Premium Account using OP's method. It should show in ARS. I used 28 Degrees.

    • Jump off the VPN and sign into your main Gmail.

    • Open Youtube and it should say Youtube Premium in the top left.
    • +3

      If you use an existing Gmail account then all you need to do is:

      Enable PIA VPN (free for first 500mb) for Argentina
      Login to your Gmail account
      Open the invitation email
      Follow the Join Family instructions

      Done… I have added my son's existing Gmail account this way.

      **Make sure there is no payment method has already been defined under account Settings/Payments and subscriptions for the Gmail account.

      • Doesn't work with surfshark on one invite. 2nd new email invite for some reason thinking my tv box was already logged in blocked my brown bear invite same account using the PC.

        I'd guess make sure your not syncing with another device before you use the invite link


    • +1

      I've solved this without having to create new accounts.

      The issue was with family group initiator having incorrect location (on Google maps), even though its device was connected via VPN.
      Method explained here used on iPhone device, to actually emulate location without having to use VPN, fixed this.
      1. Change your GPS location
      2. Open Google maps app (for iOS) with the family group initiator account selected and make sure it's location appears in Argentina. Also make sure you are not logged in with that account on any other devices.

      Once the group initiator is physically in Argentina, all other members could get connected by following the link in the invitation email while on VPN.

    • +3

      If you've already subscribed to YouTube Premium family, and getting the same error message, you can do this:

      • Head to https://pay.google.com/
      • Go to settings
      • Delete your payment profile, it will prompt you to cancel your existing YouTube Family subscription (don't worry, we can resubscribe later)
      • Go to https://families.google.com/families and invite everyone intend to have on your family list
      • Accept invites without VPN
      • Turn on VPN to Argentina
      • Setup Argentinian payment method (you can either setup your payment method on pay.google.com or directly from the YouTube Premium page)
      • Resubscribe to YouTube Premium Family
      • Done
      • Just to back this up Q.A from Google.


        I purchased content, but I can't add it to Family Library
        If you can't add content that you've bought to Family Library, it might be because:

        The content isn't eligible to be added to Family Library.
        You used your personal credit or debit card instead of the family payment method to purchase the content.

      • Just found another way to do this for new email accounts. You only get to change Google Family once a year so this is a second chance method

        Go to https://pay.google.com/ for the new email you want to add to Family.
        Ignore the CC details and scroll to the address and change country to ARS then close don't bother putting an address in
        Go back to family manager from master account add new user email.
        Go to new user email make sure not logged in anywhere else.
        Use VPN and reply invite.
        You should be good to go.

  • No matter what I do I always get the following error:

    Your request failed. Ensure your payment method info is correct or add a new payment method to your Google Account. Learn more [OR-CCSEH-05]

    Has anyone found a workaround? I've been trying for about an hour, using a Revolut virtual card.

    • Same here :( Attempted with 7 cards!

      Any help would be appreciated! Tried adding them both with and without a VPN applied too. Even gave it a shot with my legit address haha.

    • First set up card with Google Pay and you must verify your card by following instruction on GPay
      Use your real name (name as card)
      Use Random Argentina Address

      Also read the following:

  • where can u get a free vpn from?

    • Tunnelbear or pia vpn
      Or multiple cashback offer for nordvpn :-)

  • I use vpn.ac, shame it does not have Argentina, only Brazil in South America.

  • -2

    Does this hack work on PornHub? Asking for a friend :)

  • +2

    Can we watch Movies? I am using SmartTubeNext, and I do not need to block ads by getting the Premium version.

    • Yes, Youtube Premium includes access to Youtube Red original content.
      The content is pretty poor though, most people just pay it for ad-free access to YouTube & the YouTube Music app.

  • Thanks to the op No problem signing up

    • what vpn are you using?

      • KeepSolid

  • Is Youtube cracking down? My family membership via 28 degrees is suddenly not working anymore.

    • I was billed on the 15/12 using 28° no issue here

  • +3

    trying on surfshark argentina and it says youtube primer not avaiable in this country

    • same here

    • same, use tunnelbear (free) works.

  • How good!

  • Anyone else having issues getting ARG price to appear?
    I am connected to Argentinia and its showing up as 11.99 which appears to be AUD
    i am using PureVPN

    Any other countries anyone can suggest?
    Tried India and SA but both showing higher price conversion to about $6 AUD per month.

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