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Glow in the Dark SpaceRail Marble Run $18.99 + Delivery (Free with First) @ Kogan


I've been waiting for a set to drop below $20 and spotted this on Kogan. I've usually seen this set retailing between $35-40 at other places. Requires one C battery.

Copy pasted product info below:

This exciting toy rollercoaster provides endless fun – well into the night!

DIY construction – a rewarding challenge!
Unique glow in the dark design
5m of exciting track length
Elevator keeps the rollercoaster moving
The 5 included marbles can perform 360-degree flipovers and incredible steep drops
The DIY Glow in the Dark Toy Rollercoaster is bound to delight children and adults alike. Enjoy the challenge of putting it all together, with the end result being an impressive rollercoaster set that you can be proud of!

Since it glows in the dark, this rollercoaster set can be enjoyed with the lights off, and comes equipped with an elevator that takes all the pieces from the bottom back to the top in a continuous loop.

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  • It's $1 cheaper if you don't want to play in the dark

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    It's good at the start but the clips are very weak and started snapping after about 2 hours or run time (marbles' weight flexing the track stresses the clips). I used up all the spare clips and now it's not usable. Fun for a few days though.

    • Yep this.. not only that, it’s quite a pain in the ass to assemble!

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        (profanity) that then

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    Don’t wasting money.

    • +3

      Thanks Dad

      (In all seriousness, thanks - I was going to make a stupid impulse purchase)

      • Thanks. What stopped me from impulse buying was your comment. Cheers.

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    I bought this earlier this year and it's not the OG Japanese version of the SpaceRail series.

    It's a scaled down version and it's a PITA to assemble and get it running smoothly.

    Trust me, dont.

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    Ended in the bin half done. Build quality is poor, manual is a joke.

  • I bought this a few Christmases ago for the kid. Was lots of fun to build and adjust.

    Satisfying when it all works but the novelty wears off. It is more about the journey than the destination :-)
    The glow is very dim. Maybe with a UV light?

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    This was a 'gift' from my sister in law sent over. It's clear now, she absolutely hates me. Strong pass recommended.

  • hmm - going to toilet at night, inadvertently stepping on a marble is not as good as stepping on a block of lego….

  • anyone with recommendations on something similar to this but better quality ?

  • I got this from the Dec'18 post. It's extremely hard to get the tracks correct so that the balls don't fall off - the loop and last curve to the elevator being the bugbears. Once everything's working, the standing order to now-5yo is "don't touch a thing!". Still have it and don't mind firing it up for a 10min mesmerising session but I'd say it compares to slot cars except slots are easier to assemble and cars don't go off-track as much as these balls.
    Have checked the SpaceRail website and their product looks exactly like this.. it's the flexible self-cut and self-assemble tracks that make this difficult to get right.

    • 5yo? Might as well give him a 2000-piece jigsaw.

      The box says 15+ . It's not meant to be easy :-)

    • I'm sure that the deal I got…way back then.
      It's still in box, still unpacked.
      Never had time to get around to it.

      Seemed like a good idea at the time.

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