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James Squire Zero Alcohol Bottles 345mlx 6 Pack $7.50 (Was $15.00) @ Woolworths


Price keeps changing, initially, it was $7.50, then $9, now people reported $10 in NSW. Dan Murphys, Liquorland’s and others are selling $43 (24bottles) around. I haven’t tried this one yet.

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    I have tried it and I'll give it a miss.

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      I got given one for free and I wanted my money back.

      • You clever. I paid so I had to finish the pack.

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    James Squire Zero Alcohol Bottles 345mlx 6 Pack

    I mean $15 for no alcohol? It should be $7.5 every day

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      The price should be comparative to bottled water .

      • Overpriced?

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    they keep making the shelves bigger for zero alcohol beer and wine. Similar to the meat thats not real meat. When the apocalypse happened, I know what no one wanted

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    Isn't it cheaper to buy water?

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      Alcohol-free beers are good for the end-of-year outdoor barbecue where you want a beer in your hand but you have a reason to not drink alcohol.

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        OMG, when are you due?

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    So, do we mix our own alcohol or what?

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    Go for Coopers Birell instead. Bigger bottles, better alcohol-free beer IMHO, and $8.30 six-pack RRP.

  • James Squire Zero Alcohol Bottles 345mlx 6 Pack $7.50

    Just make your own…

    Add tap water to your sodastream….

    • Sounds like sod water to me, jv. I don’t like beer so asking for others - how could they get the bitter, hoppy flavour to make it taste like beer?

      • how could they get the bitter, hoppy flavour to make it taste like beer?

        I'm gathering you haven't tasted James Squire Zero Alcohol…

        • Hahaha, correct. I have not.

          I’m guessing James Squire Zero is much like making love in a canoe, then?!

          • @JayParker: Lol. Link to canoe video, or it didn't happen.

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    Coming up as $9 for me. I don't mind this for a zero alcohol beer when I am driving and still want to stand around swigging on a beer with mates

    • For me, the ritual is there but it's not fooling my brain.
      It's a tough sell for me.

      I drink a 0% and then wonder why I purchased it.

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    IMHO non alcoholic beer is like watching porn on the radio. It just doesn't do it for you. ;-)

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      Hey after 3-4 real beers you wont notice the difference in taste…

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      Come on, that comment's not fair to blind people.

  • Wish this was available here
    Seriously good https://brooklynbrewery.com/brooklyn-beers/non-alcoholic/spe...

  • Where did you get $7.50? It shows $10 in NSW.

  • $10 on NSW central coast. feel ripped off

  • This is the one where if you look closely it doesn't even say "beer" on the packaging. Foul stuff.

  • $10 in Queensland

  • lotta hate for zero beers in the comments, which is sad to see. there are some folks, myself included, who really enjoy a beer for flavour but don't always want the alcohol that comes along with it.

    that being said tho, this one is not the greatest tasting zero beer out there. give heaps normal a try if you're starting out on the low/no alcohol journey and want a perfectly drinkable beer :)

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