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nbn Unlimited 250/25Mbps $110/Month (FTTP and HFC Only) + $35 Setup Fee @ Future Broadband


Copied from whirlpool

Update: As of 12:05AM 15/12 half have been sold / used

UPDATE: expires 11:59pm WST tonight (15/12) / 2:59am AEDT (16/12) https://whrl.pl/RgmXDg

Hi All,

As a strictly limited special for 50 orders only we are offering our Flatrate NBN 250/25M plan for $110pm with none of the usual 6 or 12 month expiry periods – we will keep the price at $110pm for as long as you remain connected with us on that plan.

$110pm for NBN 250M/25M Flatrate/Unlimited for as long as you remain connected to Future Broadband 250/25M

Offer Details:
NBN250/25M – $110 per month (applied as a $25pm credit each month off the listed price of $135pm)

New customers – enter the Voucher/Offer code "250FOREVER110" when placing an online order for a Month-to-Month Performance NBN 250M/25M Flatrate Plan (Usually $135pm) and we will apply a $25 monthly credit on your account for each month you remain on this plan.

PAYG Phone is included, upgrade to optional included national/mobile calls for +$5pm (select the NBN 250M/25M Flatrate Bundle Plan (Usually $140pm) with the $25 monthly discount code.


To Claim These Offers

Order must be submitted online between now (1st-Dec-2021) and Midnight(AWST) 31th December 2021.
The full regular listed price will be deducted as your deposit with the $25 per month credit applying from your first invoice.
This date may be extended. Note that we schedule all transfer orders for business days only – but as long as your order is received by us the offer will apply. If you elect to transfer a phone number your transfer will be delayed until that process is completed (unless you ask us to do it earlier).
Strictly Limited to first 50 orders only.
Expiry or withdrawal of the offer will be noted as the timestamp of a new post in this thread indicating such, a link will be added to the top of this first post too.

Plan/Speed changes are permitted. To retain discount you must remain on the NBN 250M/25M Flatrate Plan. Prepay/6Month renewal discounts are not available in conjunction with these vouchers.
New/Transfer Services Only – Not applicable for existing customer services or plan changes on the account.
1 voucher per order – cannot be combined with any other voucher, offer, special or referral.
Performance NBN

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$35 + 1TB Databank Bonus for referrer and referee.

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    • Been getting full speed all day including peak.

      Thats really good to know.

      My boss used to be with them, and it would drop to high 800 - low 900s during peak.

      10% speed loss (congestion) is significant in any network planning ive ever done for a customer; I wouldnt sell it.

  • i had optus cable before but why is my NBN limited to 100mbps.

    • In lay terms, if your NBN is still using the same physical cable, then its not limited to 100mbps (unless artificially; because its your plan).

  • Is there something wrong with Future website? cannot reach

    • Are you using a VPN? I noticed if you are using a VPN their site goes straight to google for some stupid reason.

      • +2

        Some websites do not have any need for international customers, and since 99% of malware comes from overseas, so it's easier to just block it all.

    • +1

      Tangerine, mate, iinet, internode, exetel.

      Plenty of People also like aussie broadband, but they sent me other peoples documents by mistake and didnt contact them. And they also threatened me; so as a believer that 'crap flows down stream'; if thats how the upper management respond, I dont want to work with them. But others love them.

  • I need to move house in 3 months (both houses in HFC area). Can I connect now and move in 4 months? What fee can I expect to move? Can I continue on same plan ?

  • The $35 activation fee on their other plans is not something that you see often. Just a NBN Business Plan thing?

  • +1

    I was on the premium100/40 for $60 (normally $90 + $30 for speed boost) with telstra nbn hfc but they recently changed the 'legacy' plan to 100/20 for $110 - $15 credit for 12 months only.
    Which was a downgrade on the upload speed for more cost.
    So I complained to a case manager and negotiated a deal for the premium plan with ultra fast add-on with $70 credit plus a further $45 credit on my mobile medium plan. Therefore i end up paying $110 for 1000/50 nbn plan and $20 for 80gb mobile plan.
    So I am extremely happy with the resolution.

    • Wow, not bad, well done. Are those $70 and $45 credits limited in time? Have you got a proper public static IP address?

      • The credits are lifetime for those plans. I'm wasn't aware about the public static IP address option/feature. I assume it is a fixed IP address for a more stable and efficient connection?
        So far the average test speeds is about 600/35 (11ms pings) compared to Telstra estimates of 700/40. Which is more than enough for a family of 4 but if it does declines you can sure bet I'll be complaining to them.

  • What speed is the minimum required for gaming?

    • +8

      It's more the ping, than the speed…

      You want low latencies…

      • +9

        JV has a helpful comment for once

    • The 12mbps budget plans game fine, so long as your server is local.

      Gaming uses very little bandwith; its just all about latency, so look into someone on the same ISP as you want and have them ping the servers you like to play on.

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    Will this future $25 discount apply to 1000/50 with Home phone included?

  • +1

    Aussie broadband is the new big brother of internode that was the holygrail back in early 2014 to 2000, now it's hard to beat Aussie broadband given contingencies change, real world theoretical issues are diagnosed and discussed it's hard to beat them.

    Skymesh are good also in house for what you pay for but that's it, you pay exactly what you get as if you were talking to the network it's self.

    • +1

      Their price is too high. Customer service is YMMV. I had few bad calls, a few good ones

    • +1

      They sent me more than 1 persons private messages, and didnt inform them (I did, though).

      They acknowledged they lied on a recorded call and "wont honor it" (was simply a discounted modem). And they posed masked threats to my elderly parents.

      Clearly a case of YMMV for how AussieBB behave around you.

      There's nothing "mateship" about their attitude toward customers though.

      • Yeah I will switch to someone else once there are better deals

  • +1

    Mate (letsbemates.com.au) has 250/25 plan for $99 a month.

    • they use vocus tho :-(

      • And Wireline.

      • Sold! Vocus is stupid quick in QLD.

  • +2

    Can't recommend these guys enough. I'm on the 1000/50 plan and it's flawless. I've also been with ABB and Superloop in the past who were fantastic too!

  • +1

    Same speed is $99 with Mate…..

  • +1

    Future broadband are fantastic, it just works, have never had any issues.

  • +1

    Only 50 orders? Limit reached already?

  • +1

    I feel sad for everyone that can't get a service like this one https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/589730

    NBN is a money pit. Our street already had the iinet cable, then NBN came along and gave everyone in the street FTTP as well! Good for choice I guess.

  • Damn.. I'm with future broadband already FTTN though. very good service. Had an issue with my line dropping in/out and they arranged a technician to come to my house to investigate the fault. Turned out there was a fault in a pit that was flooded and a line fault in my house.

    Would 100% jump on this deal if I had FTTP.

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    $35 set up fee???

  • +2

    Latest update via whirlpool:

    Looking at the orders we will reach 50 today, so to be fair we will accept all orders raised to us by 11.59pm WST 15th, so tonight.

    As it's been way more popular than expected, we might do something similar after Christmas too.


  • Thanks for the post OP.
    Used this offer as my 6mth trial with ABB on a 250M plan is ending shortly. It's only a $35 upfront against an annual saving of $228.

    Anyone else on ABB feel like their customer service quality has declined noticeably since they went ASX listing? Not sure what their office culture is like at the call center but they need a wake-up call if you ask me.

  • FFTTN.

  • I have no idea why this or any of the plans indicated are better than my $85 Telstra 5G home broadband which most often has a poor response time.

    Anybody can suggest something better?

    • Yes, almost any fixed line internet. Latency and Telstra filter.

      • Had the Telstra unlimited $85 plan - that sucked too

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