BMW M3 Owners - What Do You Like or Dislike about It?

Been looking at BMW M3s lately and is itching for a new car. What are first hand experience from owners?

Front appearance is a bit too out there. Rest of the car is nice.

—- post closed —- no budget allocation allowed on a new toy —-


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    No V8 manual since E92 🙁

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    You don't need to use your indicators.

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    It attracts more dudes than girls.

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      That is one added reason why it will get the wifes approval.

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    what do you … dislike about it

    It's not a Toyota!

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      Get a GR Yaris

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    In b4 buy a Tesla or something French

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    high yield investment vehicle FTW

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      Actually depreciation isnt as bad as typical high yield euros

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    That most owners are douchey dude bros. Basically, take a typical Mustang owner and wrap them in a cheap suit.

  • The front of it 🤢

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    What's the bet op isn't talking about a BMW M3, but a Tesla model 3, and is calling it M3 like the tools on whirlpool.

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      Bloody hell. No mention of BMW in the op. I thought it was oddly specific. Model 3 makes so much more sense on ozbargain.

      • I didn't know Tesla also trademarked M3? The M3 I have alway known runs on inline 6.

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      I see how badly the term 'M3' being misused after well negged

      • It's dumb, sorry for assuming you were one of those silly people.

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    Like : The look
    Dislike : Not Japanese

  • How did you go from a Lexus IS350 to a new M3?

    • Already got an IS350. Thinking of adding another.

      Noted it now comes in both AWD and RWD.

      Was initially eyeing the Emira supercharged v6… But… Looks like will go on sale for 200K and not th 140-150K that initially hoped for.

      Anyway. Doubted the CFO will approve such an expensive toy. Likely ended up owning it in gran tourismo.

  • Needs a bigger grill

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      It doesn't have a grill. It's got huge nostrils… just like a lot of their owners who use their own huge nostrils for party time! lol

  • rather than post here and receive jokes from people who do not own one, try a dedicated owners forum e.g.

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      ..rather than post here and receive jokes from people who do not own one, try a dedicated owners forum

      Can't humble-brag about wanting to buy one in a forum where everyone actually already has one! lol

      • Can be a reason.

        Reality is that I spend more time on ozb than many other places (physical or virtual). Almost like a second home for that matter, and often sharing thoughts at home can be rather random. :)

        I find it hard to brag on ozb, given the number well heeled Tesla owners on here, together with the occasion exotic porsche/ferrari drivers.

        Lastly. In order to brag, I suppose it 'feels better' bragging to people face to face, or people that one actually knows in the real world? Online forum is good for trolling at best.

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    Wrong forum for comments on a BMW, let alone one of their premium offerings.

  • A brand new G80? I've had an e46 m3 cs for 9 years. It ended up being the high yield investment I didn't ask for. Unfortunately now lives in semi-permanent hibernation.

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