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Netflix Basic Plan ₹199 (~A$3.68) and Mobile Plan ₹149 (~A$2.75) @ Netflix India (VPN to India Required)


Netflix Slashes India Subscription Price on Dec. 14 with Cheapest Mobile Plan and Better Basic Plan.

I got email today stating ”We’ve upgraded you to our Basic plan for the same price!” (I was on Mobile Plan before. But this free upgrade is no use for me. So, I may downgrade to save $1)

New Pricing

  • Mobile Plan ₹149 (~A$ 2.75)
  • Basic Plan ₹199 (~A$ 3.68)
  • Standard Plan ₹499 (~A$ 9.22)
  • Premium Plan ₹649 (~A$ 12.00)

I would still consider Turkey or Argentina Price is cheaper. Please check the long running previous deal for additional information regarding use of VPN.

PS: Mod may require to update this post if additional details require. Feel free to add more information.

Mod: From comments, you may need to use an international credit card, or gift cards for payment method, many Australian cards are reported to fail. See comments.

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      • hows the quality? have you tried logging on thru the TV/laptop/apple tv?

        • Not bad.. it says SD 480p Quality for Mobile Plan and Standard Plan. And, it will prompt notification on login page to change Plan to standard For use on laptop or TV upon login.

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            @mountains: Can you cast it to TV via chromecast/Apple TV/some dongle?

            • +1

              @hashtagbargain: Wouldn’t be a bargain for me if I need to buy TV and Chrome-cast for this haha.

              I maybe able to check this on coming holidays at my friends place. Will let you know. But if you finds out first. Give me heads up.

  • Haven't had much luck, I get stuck on payment method. Tried using ING and Wise.

    • +1

      Same here, end up using gift card instead, premium is like ~A$7.1/month.

      • Where do you buy gift cards from?

        • +2

          100tl = ~AUD$12.5
          After payment, sometimes need to wait a few hours though. They will buy from local supermarket and send you the photos of gift card code.

          • @timgf1: After you use gift card can you just pay with a bank card or does it switch to AUD?

  • Turkey 🦃 better

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    How does this work if you have existing Australian subscription? Do you have to cancel and then sign up on Indian Netflix with Vpn? Or can you just connect to VPN and change payment method to Indian credit card ?

    • +1 would also like to know

    • +1

      Yes, you have to cancel aus subscription.. check the previous post for more information regarding sign up via VPN.

    • +7
      1. cancel or wait current subscription to expire
      2. log out of your account
      3. use India/Turkey VPN
      4. log in again using your existing account
      5. subscribe again, you should now see subscription fee in local currency
      6. try Australian CC as payment method (however unfortunately only small number of Australian cards will work)
      7. enjoy at 1/3 of the cost compare to Aus subscription.
      • Which Australian CC is recommended or works?

        • +2

          I tried below cards but no luck.
          Amex, ANZ debit, HSBC Debit, 86400
          Always failed in payment method.

          • +10

            @Capt0083: Ok so here’s the steps to get it working.

            1.Create a Wise (formerly Transferwise) account. Input real details here including postal address. Verify account, get a card sent out. Activate card and deposit some money.

            2.You can either open a new Netflix or use an existing account at this point. Add your card and phone number to an AU Netflix account, verify your phone number if you need to. Pay for a month with this card, then immediately cancel the subscription. Netflix will email you and confirm you have cancelled and have the remaining month to use. If you want, you can contact them via chat and tell them to refund you the fee pro rata because you don’t want to use it for the month.

            3.Once it’s completely cancelled you will receive and email with a button to reactivate your account. (Don’t press this yet.)

            1. Change Wise address details to the same city in which you are about to use a VPN, Istanbul for example. (This is why your AU cards are failing.)

            5.Connect to your VPN and make sure the city is the same as step above and click on the link given in the email on step 3.

            6.Now just follow through and pay for account.

            7.After you’ve got it all set up, change your details in Wise back to your real address.

            • @Diplomats: When you say 'get a card sent out' in step 1, do you mean a physical card via snail mail?

              • @Ge3ks: Yeah you need the card to activate. I haven’t tried with the digital card but you might be able to try that way if you don’t want to wait for the physical.

                Again. Not sure if Revolut would work the same as I haven’t tried.

              • @Ge3ks: You really dont need a physical card, Wise gives you a digital card, which can be used online.

                • +1

                  @ozboyes: Digital card works

                • @ozboyes: Do you mind telling how to the get the Wise digital card? I have the account setup already and Turkey balance is opened. I saw there is an option to pay $10 to get the card. But I’m not sure the If that’s option to get the digital card.

            • @Diplomats: legend!i will try this! Appreciate!

            • @Diplomats: I'm really keen to do this but worried about remembering to transfer money to Wise and convert it each month. Is there a way to schedule the currency conversion or will Wise do it automatically when I make payments in another currency? Sorry for the noob questions

              • +1

                @drakarn_123: You don’t need to convert it. Just deposit as AUD and it does it by itself. I have the Turkey Ultra subscription and just transfer say $50 AUD which will last ages. Wise will notify me when getting low.

            • @Diplomats: I tried this and exactly followed your advice. It still shows me an error in the end, "Something went wrong".
              Do I need to open a Turkish Lira account as well apart from just setting my locaiton to Turkey.

        • +1

          Currently my Bankwest platinum cc works with no fees.

          • +2

            @Thypeople: Has anyone tried the crypto card?

            • @nightelves: just wondering have you tried?
              i'm wanting to use my crypto.com card too

              • +1

                @SeVeN11: Nah not yet. I have to do the Turkish giftcard first.

        • Bankwest, Wise, 28 Degree are those few works based on comment.

          • @mountains: I can't get my Bankwest Platinum to pay.

            • @ESEMCE: Sometimes first try do get fail.. try again or try again with another VPN.

      • Thanks.

        I will be using wise to pay. Already loaded some Indian Rupees on my card. When I changed payment method for my existing subscription using VPN I think it was showing Indian currency there was a note which said something along the line amount above 2000 rupees will require some authentication or something. So I thought next payment will be charged in INR. But I guess that’s not correct, if I have to follow the steps above.

      • Anyone having trouble getting their wise card accepted as payment method? Mine is constantly saying “Looks like there is something wrong”

        • same problem

        • Same with 28D card

        • Looks like issue with VPN. Alternatively, create Netflix AU account, add card, get account verified & cancel. Later, Use VPN to reactivate another region.

  • +1

    does revolut work with this

  • -2

    bye bye 4k

  • Do we always need VPN to watch Netflix ? Or just sign up only ?

    • +3

      Only once for signup

  • +1

    Turkish currency has gone down. This month my DD was $6 Aud instead of around $8 (full HD plan). I would strongly suggest to go for turkey Netflix via VPN.

    • How do you pay for it and how did you activate the account?

      • +4

        I have it nearly for 2 years - top plan ( ultra HD - 4 screens) last billing was $5.82 AUD - steps to sign up has been listed above by another poster. I use BankWest CC. VPN needed only once for signup

  • Anyone tried Amazon prime with same VPN method?

    • +1

      Amazon Prime non-video is per country, I would prefer 1yr of Australian Prime for A$59.

    • Indian Amazon prime wouldn’t work here.

      • +2

        amazon prime video , music works here.

        shopping services doesnt work here.

      • It works for me. You need to have a verified Indian phone number.

        • If you want shipping within India only.

  • I have a $50 Netflix gift card purchased in Australia, any chance I can still use this for India/Turkey/Argentina subscriptions?

    • +1

      I believe the Netflix giftcard only works with a subscription in that country.

      Shame Argentina doesnt have gift cards, using an Australian credit card and you get hit with 35% tax on top. Was paying $12 for Argentina Premium when first signed up, now it's $22! Same price as Australia…

      • -1

        I am using Up bank card and my last payment for UHD was $6.94 via Argentina

  • +1

    Genuinely want to ask - why is this being upvoted if Turkey is (substantially) still cheaper?

    Are there any advantages to this over Turkey..?

    As long as Netflix Turkey is still an option, this just seems like an inferior deal to that.

    • +1

      Regions have their own catalog so that could be a reason. However, you can easily change your region so it's not that big of a deal.

    • Another (pricier) option for folks who might not be able to hitch on to Turkey due to various reasons and their card may/ may not work with India - still cheaper than AU

    • Or someone may never heard of Mobile Only Plan like this and find it interesting.

      Personally, loved the price drop for Mobile Plan which is under $3 now. Thought it would be decent bargain for few people. But OZB user support is quite Overwhelming.

  • +3

    At this point just use Stremio, you're basically pirating anyway.

    • Asking for trouble with the required addons

      • No issues here, using it through a debrid service makes it better than any of the official apps anyway.

  • +2

    Time to do the needful.

    • +1

      Do the needful.

      A common phrase in Indian English.
      I never understood if it is meant to be polite why of asking?
      It comes across a bit demanding?

      • Depends on who's saying it and how they're saying it. It can come across as a bit demanding, especially to Aussies, whereas the corporate culture in India may be a bit more strict or this just might be such a common phrase that its lost its seriousness. Of course, if in an email someone says "I'll leave it to you to complete this task, please do the needful", then that emphasises professionalism as well as letting you know that you're required to do something (of importance). The other issue is that everyone interprets tone in written words differently. Your relationship with the person writing it will also influence how you perceive this comment.

    • -2

      Bit racist.

    • -1

      nods head left and right

  • Failed at payment method

  • +2

    Will this provide me with high-definition 24-hour streaming of how can she slap

  • +1

    Two questions,

    1. If I have $100 credit on my account, will I have to use that up before doing this?

    2. Do you have to use India VPN the whole time you watch Netflix?

    • I am interested in the same

    • +1

      I can answer for 2nd question, VPN for just sign-up. You can watch without VPN all the time. Regarding CREDIT, I am not sure but credit can’t be transferred to another region subscription.

    • +2

      1) yes you will have to finish up your credit before you can change regions.

  • Will it be easier if you get your friend and family to setup in India (with Indian Credit card) and then you use it here? That should still work?

    • +1

      yes, it will work.

    • +1

      You will be saving foreign exchange fee, if your Aus credit card charges.

      • It was $2.80 foreign exchange fee for the whole 2021 for me. Granted that's half a month worth of Netflix ultra on Turkish plan, but is still negligible imo.

        • Agree!! It is still negligible here. But they set up there.

          friend and family to setup in India (with Indian Credit card)

          They can get extra 1 Month of Free Netflix Mobile Plan (~A2.76) for this fee every year.

          • @mountains: Yeah half a month free on Turkey Ultra plan for me, but I am happy to forego it.

  • Vana-cum

  • Who knows what HD available ( standard) vs Ultra HD means (Premium) as debating on which to get for 50"TV viewing?

    • +2

      It usually means 1080p vs 4k.

      • It also means 2 streams vs 4 streams

  • +1

    does anyone know if signing up for the Netflix in Indi here will still trigger the auto rebate from staking a jade card on crypto.com?

    • Should if it's the payment card

    • just wondering if you've tried?
      I'm wanting to use my crypto.com card too…

      • Haven't tried myself but from what I gather it should!

    • +1

      Make sure you "Enable International Usage" in your "CARD SETTINGS".

      You'll find it in "Your Card" in the Crypto.com app.

  • Has anyone ever got their account suspended or terminated for doing something like this? Would love to get YouTube premium to get rid of mobile ads but can’t stomach the standard $20AUD it is here. So expensive.

    • +4

      Just follow this deal for YouTube. Well written description how you can use the same method and get cheaper YOUTUBE subscription.

      • Damn, I'm getting ripped off ha ha. $3.54 per month for family from an older deal

      • worked for me recently.

        I did get an issue with adding a payment method, if that happens to you just email google and they'll do something in the backend to reset it.
        Once they did that for me, everything was easy peasy.

    • +1

      I have been using Arg YouTube for a year now. Roughly 2.5aud a month for a family plan.

  • +2

    Seeing as I just got charged $21.55 for my Argentine Ultra account, I need to look into this again..

    • Is this because of tax? I was quite happily paying ~$15/month until this month.

    • Argentina increased the tax massively recently. It's now about same as Australia pricing

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