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[eBay Plus] TP-Link Tapo C200 Pan/Tilt 1080p Wi-Fi Camera $38.70 Delivered @ Harris Technology eBay


Cheapest price yet on the popular Tapo C200 Pan/Tilt 1080p Wi-Fi Camera.

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    Kasa > Tapo.

    • How do the xiaomi compare to Kasa?

    • Why? Can kasa be had for this price?

    • Care to elaborate more? I thought they're the same?
      Is it the app?

  • not sure about that why is Kasa better?

    • Some Kasa cameras include 2 days free cloud clip storage.

      • Only for two years though

  • Is this ok for Blue Iris?

  • I have two tapos and pretty happy with them

  • I got one of these from Amazon during black friday, really great camera.

    Have it indoor as a pet cam and works wonders, much better than the old ebay cheapie we had before this.

    • +1

      Same here. Got one for the pup and one for the shed. Great camera.

      One thing to note is that their motion detection is pretty crap if you don't take the subscription. The default motion detection would detect even insects. I had the alarm going off for a moth. Otherwise it's pretty good.

  • How's this compare to the eufy pan and tilt camera?

  • +2

    Any way to record to cloud for free? Ie icloud

    • Following. On a related question, is it possible to record footage to free services like Google drive, one drive? I just need 1 or so GB of last saved footage.

  • Have 2 connect to a Synology NAS. Works great.

    • Curious to do this — does the NAS essentially just act as a recorder for the camera allowing for easy playback? I've read ptz (pan tilt zoom) doesn't work via the NAS, but I'm guessing you could still control the camera through the tapo app?

      • You can use Synology Surveillance Station's Event Detection (Setting for Sensitivity, Threshold, ignoring short-lived motion, as well as image detection zone for motion). Live viewing or recording both supported, and you can record by event detection, or continuous, and view recording via events or Timeline.
        Really nice features, the only thing is that each NAS only comes with 2 cameras supported, and licences need to be purchased to record more cams

  • +2

    I have these and they're good but don't have the ability to turn off the night IR LEDS so you can use the camera behind glass.

  • For me it only takes 10$ off… Have I done something wrong?

    • They've increased the price to $54.80, was $48.70. Have marked the deal expired.

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