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  • Anybody care to explain what the catch is with cheap drones? Going camping early next year and would love to fly something around and take some videos, but would probably only use it once or twice ever again, as a gimmick for video shoots. Would this be good for that, or should I look for cheaper, or dearer?

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      The catch is that these drones have awful picture/video quality. Don't expect much in the way of performance, control, or image quality.
      You'd be far better off buying a second hand DJI Spark but you say you'll only use it a couple of times and never again so it might be a waste of money no matter which way you go.

      Someone I know has bought a number of cheap drones over the years, they're all awful. I bought a Spark years ago and loved it. Image quality and functionality was spot on for what I wanted as a first drone. I've since sold it and have a Mini 2 and I'm more than happy.

      I fully understand that spending $800 on a drone is way too much for someone starting out but I'd be worried about wasting money on cheap stuff that's only going to end up sitting in a cupboard and eventually thrown out. But if you buy something decent to start with, you'll be hooked and will use it much more. Cost per flight will almost certainly work out to be cheaper.

      • Good advice 👍

      • $800 is very expensive for beginner who just want to have a taste of drone flying.. or to fly only 1 or 2 times and never again..

        this might be good enough for them

        though as said the image quality and experience will not be as good as the $800 one.

        • Oh totally! I just wanted to be realistic for OP so he/she can be realistic about their expectations from a $60 toy drone.
          I would say $60 on something to be used once or twice is a waste of money.

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      (From experience and what's stated in specs)

      4K HD dual camera can capture high quality photos with a panoramic view.

      So don't expect 4K video only photos

      Agree with other comments,.. it's not going to be as good as a very expensive Drone though saying that,.. for a first timer and only $60 rather smash frequently a $60 Drone while learning how to fly a drone lol ps: I haven't as yet ventured to the more expensive drones . typical tight arse 👍😁

      • which drone did you buy and how is the experience like for you?

        yeah for beginner this is probably not bad for the price..
        with the knowledge that it will not be as good as the more expensive one..
        it might still be good enough for them in terms experiencing some drone flying fun that only cost $60..

  • feedback please?

  • It looks like this one: JX Drone 1811

    Video review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbYBK1DO4Y8

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    Similar product perhaps, but with 3 batteries with $2 more

  • This JX Drone is difficult to find any reviews on, but I think this is the model in this Youtube video It's also sold on Banggood for AU$69.43 inc shipping & GST.
    The review on Youtube is mostly positive (for the price) but he points out that the vertical or altitude hold is not good, it lands really hard,
    and of course the 4K camera is upscaled, no surprise there. It seems difficult to buy parts such as batteries.
    In the eBay listing it doesn't state what model this is, so I'm assuming it is the JX 1811 model.
    A review on Banggood states "1. it is not for beginners, as very prone to wind 2. She's relatively hard to handle
    3. The workmanship is under all the cannon, after we screwed in a bunch of screws, (was not screwed) which we had to get first, it didn't fall apart either.
    4. The camera works wonderfully and also recording via mobile phone is easy. Conclusion, you can buy but as a beginner finger off".

    • what is the actual resolution of the camera?

      how do they upscale to 4k?

  • Waiting for a DJI Mini 2 deal. Hopefully some will be available because DJI Mini 3 is reported to be coming out.

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