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Sennheiser HD 250BT On-Ear Wireless Headphones $49 (1/2 Price) @ JB Hi-Fi


New JB Instant Deals Coupon. The code is generic.

Looks like a decent price for these well reviewed headphones, I believe they are a new model released this year.

These might be a good choice for those who don't want noise cancelling:

Bluetooth 5.0
USB-C (Charging Cable Included)
Up to 25 hours battery life
2 year warranty
Smart Control App with equaliser function
Built-in microphone for phone calls

Sound that punches above its weight class
Sennheiser’s famed transducer technology as well as support for high-quality codecs such as apt(TM) and AAC ensure remarkable audio quality with dynamic bass for a DJ-inspired sound. Rock-solid Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity assures a better listening experience, while aptX(TM) Low Latency keeps audio perfectly synchronized with onscreen action when enjoying video.

A few reviews here:

What HiFi 5/5
Techradar 4.5/5
AU PC Mag 4/5

In Store, Click & Collect or ~$5.99 Delivery.

Limit of 1 each per Coupon. Available instore and online. While stocks last. Offer ends Friday 24th December 2021.

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  • +1

    Good price for wireless

  • +3

    I know these are BT and all. But, nothing beats their HD25ii.

    • nothing beats their HD25ii.

      the ones that cost $200-$300 ?

      • +1

        Posting a deal ;)

    • Yeah, the gold standard in DJ'n and monitoring. Super comfy, great sound, highly recommended. Was going to buy another set in the recent sales.

    • Yep. Had mine for about 15 years and still going strong. Haven't even replaced the earpads. I only wish they had the fold back hing on both sides rather than just the left.

  • How comfortable are these?

    • +3

      I've always found supra-aural (on ear) headphones hurt with extended use. I have many more pairs of cirumaural (around ear) headphones for longer use.

      • Thanks… good point…

        • Too easy JV.

      • +1

        This is the exact reason why I didn't jump at these. I will never purposely buy on-ear headphones.

        • I have HD25IIs, beyer 770s, momentums and a few others. The HD25IIs get the least use by a massive margin.

          • +1

            @DavoW: Well there you go. On-ear should only be for cheap headphones imo, they hurt too much for prolonged use.

        • Lucky I waited for a reply before buying a pair…

      • What cirumaural headphones do you recommend?

        • +1

          Depends on your usage and budget. I like the Sennheiser Momentums, but my daily wireless ones are the sennheiser 4.50SE. I've had a pair of beyerdynamic DT770 phones for 20 years which sound amazing, but they are very bulky.

          The advice I got years ago (which may not be so useful with current retail) is to take some music that you know and love, and try different headphones. Buy the ones that make the music sound best to your ears.

  • oh darn, just used my $60 gift card yetersday..

    • What did you get?

      • another hard drive

        • +6

          how many do you have now?

  • Are these on ear

    • Added to title now, thanks.

    • +1

      Are these on ear

      Not if you have really small ears…

  • +1

    I just got the email promo and was just about to post!
    Reviews are great for a budget bluetooth headphone at the AUD100 mark, so AUD49 sounds a great deal to me.

  • +2

    stick to over ears or earphones on ears are just dumb and fatiguing

  • +1

    This or JBL 510bt?

  • what if I don't need these? should I still buy? It's a great saving

    • +6

      thats the wroooong question to ask around here

      • +1

        Should I seek help?

        • no you should just get it … and then regret your decision.

    • I bought some to use up a $50 voucher but not sure what I'll do with them

  • Can code be used in store?
    Click and collect checkout looping :-(

    • Yes just used in store (Brisbane CBD)

    • Here is the barcode in case they ask:


    • Thanks bauser99 and hamza23

  • +16

    Starting price = $99.95
    Call JB Hi-Fi and ask to price-match The Good Guys = $79.00
    Receive cart link and apply coupon, which removes $50.95 = $28.05

    Over-all cost: $28.05 - woohoo, thanks OP!

    Mod Update: Comment edited for clarity (provided by danm02)

    • You paid $28.05 for these on JBHifi website using the coupon? Or was this on TGG website?

      • Jb website

    • +1

      Worked a charm, thanks!

    • +1

      Thanks mate.

    • Champion!
      Thanks for posting OP!

    • I called jb and they said they are not price matching this as there's a 50% coupon for it. Oh well

      • Try calling a different store

        • I even tried online chat and got the same response

          • +2

            @deels: Guess a JB rep on here snitched on us :( party's over guys

    • now that is what you call a bargain. nice work

    • Nice! Managed to snag this just before the fix

    • Doesn't work anymore. They say since half price is a better offer so can't price match.

      • Got one by contacting a JB HiFi store (not online Sales) and asking for a price-matched link to be sent on my mobile number.

  • Does anyone know if these are usb-c or micro-usb charging?

    • +1

      From the What Hifi review linked in the OP;

      'The right earpiece is where you’ll find a USB-C port for charging'

  • +2

    Thanks OP and damn02 got a set for $28! Cant go wrong

    • +1

      No worries :)

  • You guys are too good. I bought before the price match with TGG.
    Arrgh - paid $49

  • +1

    Hi everyone, super silly question but i'm confused how people are getting it for $28. the code makes it $49 but then where is everyone getting the extra coupon to make it $28?

    • See comment.

      Need to price match TGG first over the phone for $79, then use the coupon second, which takes $50.95 off the listed price.

      • Buy it on TGG website? If price match, it would be $49 with the coupon to both vendors. Idk how's it works.

        • +1

          No, you need to buy it on the JB website so you can apply the coupon. I believe JB will then send you an invoice with a link to the JB website to pay the $79, after you call JB and get them to price match TGG. Once you get the invoice, you can apply the 92522829884 coupon then pay the $28.05 remainder via whatever method you wish (credit card, gift card etc.)

          I have not done it personally with the headphones, but @danm02 should be able to confirm.

          • +2


            • Call JB and ask them to price-match The Good Guys
            • JB rep will send you a checkout cart link via text message
            • Press the checkout cart link, then on the webpage apply the coupon

            ping @braday @deepdreamer @transit

      • +1

        Yeah but how does an over the phone price match equate to an online order where you can apply the coupon? Do they give you some other code to get it down to $79?

        • With JBHiFi online sales, you can call them and they send you a link with a one-time link with discounted price on your mobile number. You have to enter the mobile number to verify yourself when you open the link and it takes you to the order page with the item added. You pay just like you would pay for any other online order.

      • Still not sure how that works. If you call TGG and they agree to price match then you have to go into TGG store and pay them

  • +1

    so to confirm are people saying that after price matching TGG over the phone you get sent an invoice to pay.
    to process the invoice and pay it online people are using the coupon code "92522829884" on the good guys website???

    I am a bit confused….

    • +3

      I just did it.

      1) Call your local JB HIFI and and tell them you want to purchase the headphones online on their website. Ask them to match the $79 at TGG. They will send you an sms with link to payment details for $79.

      2) Enter the coupon code in the payment section which brings it down to $28.05

      3) Make payment for $28.05 and enjoy :)

      • Ditto, great find. Now how to rinse and repeat…

        Edit: did the repeat, got four as replacements for when the kids inevitably break what they have

    • +2

      You can also do the same over live chat on the site - hit the help button on the bottom right.

  • +2

    Hamza thank you so much for putting in the time to explain. I wouldn't be able to navigate it myself.

    Also, probably not the place but why the hell do they want full address in the billing section when paying with PayPal and click to collect anyways ?! It's a huge privacy concern, especially in Australia.

    • +2

      It's a huge privacy concern


      • Hi jv,

        Based on my current JB experience I am not confident they can always pick up the correct item when ordering online. You can only imagine what's their ability to properly store, manage and protect data long term.
        There is zero reason for them to collect our home address if we are collecting items ourselves. Especially given this is one of the data points used to prove identity.

  • +1

    I am just trying to help here. Please, people. Read number 1 (from the instructions from the people here). Call JB to pricematch TGG, not the other way around…

  • +2

    Actually got a spare cart link if someone wants it. I was on a phone call and live chat at the same time and both generated the cart link

    • Sure, I'll take it if you still have it.

      • +1

        PM me

  • Great deal. Thank OP.

  • anyone with a spare link? thanks

  • I would greatly appreciate a link if anyone has one to share

  • I would like a cart link as well if anyone has a spare, tried live chat but got denied

  • +1

    Anyone has any spare links? Got denied for both live chat and call as well

  • +2

    Deal is gone. JB rep told me they are aware of this post. DAMN~

    • Just now worked for me..

      • online chat or phone?

  • Anyone have a spare link?

  • +2

    Disappointed to know that I cannot make the micro usb comment. Bad deal. Not impressed.

    • +1 making the not making micro usb reference…

  • wouldnt mind a link if someone has a spare one

  • Has anyone used these while running? Do they stay put and are they comfortable? Also couldn't find any info on whether they're sweatproof or waterproof. Any idea?

  • Thank you, got one for $28.05

  • Walked into JB Mt Gravatt with the barcode and voucher code. Doesn't scan on their POS, they are not aware of the deal and can't sell it at 50% off. Not the first time the staff at this store have been completely useless lol. Guess I'll order it online.

  • +1

    Picked up mine today, and I'm not really a fan. The band is brutally hard on the top of the head, and the on-ear cups are not great either.

    They do sound good though. I'll play with it for a few days but might end up returning them

    • From the pics it looks like a nice base unit for modding and improving.

      • What would be an easy mod for headband padding, and for the earpads?

        • +1

          HD25 earpads might fit them. If so, u can get sheepskin or alternative earpads. You can buy soft generic headband cover or make one yourself.

        • +2

          I'm using a spare headband pad from my hd25's. you could just pick a set up off ebay. seems to help a bit. if you want to splash out, can defo recommend Yaxi pads (but the full set of earpads + 2 pads for the split headband cost more than double the headphones lol)

          The earpads are way more difficult though. The hd25 earcup is slightly smaller than that of the hd250bt and the ring on stock pads i have are not flexible enough to get the retaining ring into the slot on the hd250bt . On the 250bt, the filter cloth is attached to the pads too as opposed tot he hd25 where the filter is a seperate disc.

          Was too lazy to really put in the proper effort to swap the pads as they kept sliding off, but i reckon if you give it enough of a go it's doable to put in hd25 pads.

          EDIT: Managed to get the HD25 pads on. was a real pain though. I would also recommend either cutting out and transplanting the filter or getting another filter somehow because twithout it the high frequencies quite fatigueing to listen to (though YMMV). I'm going back to the stock 250bt pads even though they're not as comfy.

  • +1

    Thanks! Great headphones for $50!
    Not super comfy, but not terrible either. Very lightweight so the Un-padded headband doesn’t bother me.
    Sound is great , they don’t have the separation and space of other (more expensive) headphones I own, But seriously , at $50 I don’t think anything comes close to the sound of these.

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