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Vodafone $250 Prepaid Starter Pack for $125 (365 Day Expiry with 200GB) @ Officeworks (in Store Only)


Same as the Woolworths deal but with 50GB of extra data.

This Vodafone $250 Prepaid Starter Pack is a quick and convenient way of connecting with the Vodafone network. The SIM is 4G capable for connecting to a wireless cellular network and comes with 200 GB of data for you to get started with.

You can use this pack to connect to the Vodafone network.
A micro, mini and nano SIM are included so you can pick the one that suits your phone.
The SIM supports 4G connectivity.
With this pack, you'll be entering into a pre-paid plan.
This pack comes with a total of 200 GB data (150GB + 50GB Bonus Data).
It comes with $5 off with every automatic recharge.
It comes with unlimited standard national calls and texts as well as 50 international standard texts.
The data is valid for 365 days from activation.

Mod Edit 16/12 - Expired online, now $200, however some users are still finding it at $125 in store. See comments.

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    Hello everyone, I see the same questions every time there's a Vodafone prepaid deal, and see them repeated even in the same deal when they've already been answered. So I'm going to try make this a one stop comment with all the answers to everyone's favourite questions. These answers are in relation to Vodafone prepaid, postpaid may differ.

    Does it have 5g?
    Yes it does

    Does it have VOLTE?
    Yes it does

    Is there Wifi Calling?
    Yes there is

    Is there eSim?

    Can I use numbersync with my smart watch?
    No, no prepaid plans are able to AFAIK

    How long do I have to activate the starter pack?
    365 days from purchase

    How's the Vodafone network nowadays?
    Coverage checker

    Can I port my number to this?
    Yes, if your number is with another provider you can definitely port your number to Vodafone

    I'm already with Vodafone, can I get this deal?
    This is a tricky question for me to answer, so I'll just refer you to my previous answer to a similar question

    Can I use this to hotspot?
    Another tricky question to answer, another referral to a previous answer to this question

    • +1

      365 activation days from purchase? that is insane, this means when my Coles Mobile ends in November 2022, I can still active this and get full year from November 2022

      • -1

        Just be careful is all

        • I'm in similar situation but 2 family phones with contract ending in late July 2022. Careful of what? Was curious.

          • +1

            @seamonkey: Telco prices trend down so you need to be careful locking yourself into a price

        • Be careful of what?

      • That's if you rem in Nov 2022

    • Thanks for this, do you or anyone know if it’s ok porting from Kogan mobile?

      • Kogan use same network as Vodafone I think 🤔

      • same boat and presumably we are ok to do so. but I am planning to buy a cheap belong/amaysim/catch connect for 28ish day then port in to activate this card.

      • +1
        • Cheers - posted across easily enough, no dramas. Thanks, great deal

    • Do these plans come with unlimited data at 1.5mbps (or so) once the data is over?

      • +2

        only the 28 day ones ($30, $40, $50)

    • So sim goes ready2activate only when officeworks scan it? Like giftcard?

      • Correct. After you complete payment the system activates the SIM.

    • Hi, do you know if this 365 prepaid sim works with Vodafone's $5 (per day) international roaming when I travel overseas?

      • +2

        no it doesn't, unfortunately, the $5 a day is only with postpaid. there are prepaid roaming add-ons which are also technically $5 a day, but don't have the same inclusions

        • Thank you so much, you helped me dodge a massive bullet. Was just about to purchase this solely for the $5 roaming deal thinking it was going to work the same. Also thanks for the link, I'll just port my number over to a 180-day "Pay and Go" deal while I temporary travel overseas for a few months, I don't need a lot of data/credit, I only need to make a few business calls 2 or 3 days of the week so "Pay and Go" would work perfect for me and it's cheaper anyway. Cheers!

        • tofusana on 16/12/2021 - 14:02 Comment unpublished. (Requested by Commenter)
    • +1

      Does anyone can get VoWIFI available on the day of activation? I am not able to see vodafone au wifi when I insert my newly activated sim card.
      However, when I put my friend's sim card in for testing, the wifi calling shows.

      Anyone know how long does it take to get myself activate?

  • +1

    Not a bad deal for directly through vodafone!

  • +7

    It should in theory work with 5G as well, the text is probably generic from the OW website.

    Great deal, thanks OP.

  • +2

    GAHHHHHH…I just bought from WW today

    • Yep…me too. I shouldn't look at OzB so frequently. 😂

      • +3

        If not frequently, you may miss out more.

  • +5

    Now wait for Costco to match this sim so we can have international calls inclusive.

    • +1

      I think you can buy a $5 add on for international calling. Adding up $60 for a year, this makes $185 with international dial to limited countries.

      • Costco one has way more international call allowance

  • +1

    Does anybody know if this has an "activation expiry" date? My current plan is still active for another half a year, I'm wondering if I can buy this now and activate it after my next plan runs out?

    • Seconded

      • +3

        Rep on Woolworths thread said we have 1 year after buying it.

        • +2

          12 months according to the VF website…

          • @vinnycol: thanks. I was combing through the website but couldn't find it. Guess I should improve my reading skills :(

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    Can any of the prepaid sims be converted to esim or is that only with postpaid plans?

  • +8

    Includes VoLTE and WiFi calling for anyone wondering.

    • +1

      Ah wow they finally supported it on prepaid… after years of 'coming soon'.

    • Just curious, whats the advantage of VoLTE?

      • Data doesn't drop down to 3G while on call, also better call reception while connection homework (VoWifi)

  • just wondering i am planning to cancel a Vodafone plan but have a mobile plan can this replace the sim plan I have?

    • +2

      Yes, you just need to port out to a different provider and port back in to Vodafone. A $2 Telstra Sim is probably the easiest way to do this.

      • oh wow so i don't even need to be on a plan as I want to divert away form Vodafone but still have the mobile phone to pay off which is not connected to the sim plan but is on the same account

        • Ah gotcha, not sure about that one. I'd guess since they're two separate plans that shouldn't be a problem. Might be best to give them a call.

        • +2

          Or, you could save some money out of it, and get a $5 1 month Amaysim to tide you across.

    • Gotta pay off the phone if not wanting to keep the sim plan.

  • Just bought kogan for $120, 140GB last night. Can I return/cancel kogan's order?

  • +1

    When do the sims expire?

    • +15

      Well, Sims 2 was released on September 14, 2004, hope that helps.

      • Lol

    • -1

      Are you planning to stalk people?

  • How bad is Vodafone coverage in Melbourne outer suburbs these days?

  • +2

    Long activation period won it for me. Thx op…

  • This is amazing deal and VF network in my area is great. Thanks a ton OP!

  • +1

    Can you port directly from Kogan to VF or is it the usual port to Optus or helstra first?

    • I was going to ask the same question

    • +2

      Haven't had any issues porting between the two.

    • Just ported from Kogan myself. Literally took 10mins and a restart of the phone.

  • +1

    Note free delivery too!

  • +1

    Oh! FFS!!! Take an upvote along with my frustration of buying the WW deal few hours back! :(

  • No access to 5G? I thought voda prepaid allowed access to its 5G network?

    • I think so

    • +3

      Yes, currently replying to you using this same Sim Voda 5G

  • Hi guys , can anyone confirm if this has 5g ? The WW was confirmed. Thanks !

    • +1


      • Awsome ! Thanks mate, my last amaysim deal expires in 30 days! Just in time!

      • Bought it , thanks OP !

  • Does this service allow you to recieve SMS overseas for free? Or would you have to get the roaming addon for this to work? Thanks!

  • Thanks. I've bought the Kogan $15 3 month and will switch to this after.

  • Damn, I just bought the 365 day from boost for ~150. I would've preferred this @[email protected]

    • Isn't Boost the better network ?

      • Yep

      • +2

        Not always, im mainly in Sydney and I've found it to vary. I carry two phones the other is on amaysim( optus). Sometimes optus gets better reception then boost. Before that my other phone was with Vodafone and sometimes I'd find Vodafone gets better reception here and there too.

        In saying that, I can't say which network consistently gets better reception overall.

        But with this sim apparently you get 5g which i don't have on boost

        • +1

          This is a great deal, but don't get too excited about Vodafone 5G.

          It varies anywhere from 2mbps in a rubbish area (one the areas they trialed 5G home broadband, so I'm wondering if it just gets absolutely hammered there?), to 100 - 150 mbps in decent spots, which to be honest, 100-150 mbps you can easily get on boost 4G while using less battery probably.

  • +1

    Nice, gonna switch from amaysim because this one has 5G and e-sim. Cheers OP!

  • Maybe silly question……………Does this use Hotspot

  • Thanks OP, just got one from the Underwood store.

  • just wondering if anyone knows any different between kogan and vodafone? (besides 5G)

    I tried Kogan and it seems fine but just I can't send photos or emails when I am on calls. not sure why.

    • -3

      It is exactly the same and the reason why you can't use the internet during a call is because the call is taking up the 3G/4G line.

      • This is not right.

    • +3

      It’s because Kogan doesn’t have access to VoLTE, so when you’re on a call the phone drops to 3G, which is slowwww.

      This plan has VoLTE so this problem will go away for you, as you’ll still be on 4G when you’re on a call.

      • Thanks mate.

        Just another thing, if I want to call overseas occasionally, any way we can do that with the lowest price to pay?


  • Can I use the Wifi calling feature when I am overseas?

    • I believe, when you are on roaming country- wifi calling feature is not enabled. it's only available to home country where you are connected to your provider and home wifi then it will activate wifi calling. Even if you do get wifi calling in roaming (if you are lucky) then it's still counted as international call on roaming- it won't be considered local calls to Australia.

  • So it doesn't have free international calls and texts?

  • Can I use Myer gift card to buy this in store?

    • You mean coles/myer?
      I'm going to try it later, couldn't do online as they don't accept giftcard

      • I mean just Myer gift card.

        • Yes, myer card is only for myer

      • I would like to know as well. Good deal, especially if you can use giftcards!

        Note: Coles/Myer giftcards. Just Myer giftcards won't work at Officeworks.

        • Oh.
          BTW, there were few occasions to buy 10% off Myer cards from Myer/Woolworths.
          Where to buy discounted Coles/Myer giftcards?

        • Just purchased with coles/myer gift card at Officeworks

  • There's also an option for free shipping

  • This deal is so good

  • +2

    No credit to the user that first reported it?

    • +1

      It was myself actually ;) But thought it would be posted by the time i checked again

  • Could I buy 2 of these, start one up & then renew the second one like a week before my first year is up?

    • +1

      You would need to port out and then port back in if you want to keep your number. This is not a recharge, but a starter pack.

      • Yeah okay makes sense, easy enough to do - thanks for that mate!

        • +1

          Or be a true ozbargainer and risk waiting a week before buying your 2nd pack just so you get that extra week of usage.

  • When is the deal end?

  • Doesn't the woolies one pay itself with 10% off groceries ?

    • Yes but this one has 5G, voLTE and more data on their full network

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