Mattress recommendations Melbourne?

Hi all,
In need of a new mattress and hoping someone has some recommendations. Previous discussions seem to focus on mattresses in a box which I have tried - first the Sleeping Duck which was comfortable at first but after 2 months my partner and I started waking up with side pains (side sleepers) which progressively got worse.

We switched to Sleep Republic which although was a bit more uncomfortable at first as it is quite a bit firmer than Sleeping Duck, it became fine to sleep on after a couple weeks. However now we are now almost up to the 100 day period and are again waking up with side and back pain in the morning. I'm not sure if this is because mattress in a box type products maybe just aren't good for side sleepers - does anyone have any recommendations of where to look for a good mattress in Melbourne? Budget is no more than $2000ish.


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    • only 100,000klms on em

  • Try EVA. I got one to replace my sagged ZZZ Atelier and loving it. Much more supportive (has inbuilt pocket springs, most MIAB do not). 120 day trial too.

    • Unfortunately tried the Eva, this was our old mattress but we switched it to the guest bedroom when it got uncomfortable. Was good for about 9-10 months but then again became painful in the mornings.

  • I went with a traditional Sealy (Brisbane made) mattress in October and it has been great - Exquisite range. Bought from Bed Shed as they give you 60 days or something like that to try the bed and you can return for firmer, etc if you need. I was tempted to go with the new style beds like Sleeping Duck but I've always like springs for my back.

  • why are there all of these 'try the bed for 60-120 days' …
    i'm guessing soiling it means you keep it …
    what do they do with the returned ones? put them back in their box?

    • I know the big stores who have guarantees (Bedshed etc) donate the returned mattresses to charity which are cleaned and rebagged before being given to those who need them.

      The foam in a box mattresses are recycled.
      The foam is essentially broken down and mixed into new foam stock etc
      The foam is cleaned and sanitised as part of the recycling process but any new mattress made with the recycled foam would contain max 1-2% recycled material anyways.

      • Can't rip foam apart and mix into new foam. It doesn't melt and mix like plastics. If a foam block is ripped apart it turns into carpet underlay, as underlay is essentially just shredded bits of foam bonded together. If a mattress is using recycled foam, it would be a single thin layer and would look similar to carpet underlay, then rest of the mattress would be new foam.

  • Each to their own but I've found that the ones that give 90-120 day guarantee stuff are not firm enough for someone with back issues. Only tried these twice and experienced another couple at some friends' place - but didn't find them firm enough..

    So, stuck to the one we found one very early and has never disappointed us even after 8 years…

    Sleeping Giant/James Lane - Art & Science, Gold+ Extra firm (for firm depending on what you like). At the moment all are mattresses are these…

  • Physio says side sleepers should sleep with a pillow between your knees. Maybe try this first? I’m a side sleeper and love my firm sleeping duck. Spent $5k on a mattress from one of the physical stores before that and it was terrible and could not return. Whatever you do, make sure you can return.

  • Try the range at Comfort Shop, pricey but the firm model worked for me since 2011. I've got a few "back issues"

  • i use Seahorse brand mattress . it's from Hong Kong and price isn't too expensive. They are on the firmer side but really good quality. Whole family and relatives been using for over 15 years. No sagging at all (or very little)

  • You want a pocket spring if you want good support as a side sleeper. The springs will contour around your shoulders and hips better and will spring back, unlike foam which will degrade and sag over time.

    Finding a good pocket spring under $2000 might be tough but.

    King Koil makes a good pocket spring and mattress. Maybe worth a look if theres some specials around.

  • We got the Emma for a single bed, and the Ecosa for our King-size one… The Ecosa is soooooo good. My wife, and I love it.

    • How long have you been using it for? I'm a bit worried about longevity.

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        The Ecosa, around 6months. The Emma, 1month.

        The Ecosa still feels the same after 6months. Can't comment much about the Emma one because we're not using it. But our kid says it's still ok!

  • Peacelilly latex mattress, latex doesn't sag, 25 year warranty

  • im going to give the noa a go

    might be worth a shot

    • Did you end up getting this? How is it?

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        no ended up buying a tempur matress. no regrets at all

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