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Edifier S2000MKIII Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf 2.0 Speakers $399 (Was $549) Delivered @ Amazon AU


It should be a good price. Not the lowest. The lowest price should be $359 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/621323

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • wrong title, it's S2000MKIII

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    Can these be used in place of a sound bar for a TV?

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      Yes. These would give you much better sound. Only stereo sound though. But much much better.

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      There is an optical input so I don't see why not. I'd imagine these to sound far superior to most soundbars, too. It'll just look old school with the 2 speakers on the sides.

    • You may be having issues with too soft dialogues and too loud sound effects though… as some complain…

      • the tweeters are better in the s3000 but these should still be far more accurate and clearer than soundbars double or triple the cost

        • I'm sure they are better than low end sound bars, but I thought all 2.0 setups are weak in dialogues?

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            @nfr: Nope, I sold my Samsung q850 and tried the s3000pro. I got much better all around sound. I constantly had to alter the sound profile on the soundbar to match what I was watching. The soundbar couldn’t do stereo very well due to narrow physical housing. The s3000pro has incredible tweeters that are better than most stereo speakers at double or triple the cost. When they are aimed correctly, they provide incredible stereo imaging and I’ve not once had to adjust the profile no matter what I watch. We even watch shows from the kitchen bench which is over 6 metres away and dialogue is perfect.

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      I have the DB and I can't believe how good they sound. I use them attached to my htpc and it's awesome. I wish that the remote wasn't such a weird little shape but I really love the sound of these. The sub woofer really helps in movies etc.

    • Some of the previous threads for the S350DB mentioned problematic QC
      Not sure if that affects 351

      • Had mine for 3 months now, they are perfect & highly recommended.

  • I have this are nice

  • i bought these for use with a tv (since many seem to ask about it) and without a centre channel dialogue in movies and shows is quite difficult to hear, so i reverted back to just the tv speakers as you could actually understand what people were saying clearly
    other than that it's good for the price and i'd recommend it

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      Could it be because your source is set to 5.1? I have the ozbargain favourite yas 108 soundbar and it's terrible for movies. It's bigger sound sure but voice clarity sucks and it needs a subwoofer. So I've been looking for a 2.1 set up.

    • Are the tweeters at ear level and aimed at you?

      • That makes little difference to the user's experience. It's just a small tweak to "min/max" the listening experience. The problem s1Lence is having is related to surround sound settings.

        • how would you change this, i spent a while adjusting settings and whatnot but didnt see such a thing (samsung tu8000 connected via rca cables if it matters)

          edit: also had it on PCM for sound output settings

          • @s1Lence: I'm not actually sure, as I don't think I've encountered this problem before. What input are you currently using? Is this only a problem during movies? What about TV shows using the antenna?

  • Do you leave these on even when not in use? eg how is the hiss if there's no input, and the power consumption?

    • I don't have this particular model. Mine are connected to the TV using RCAs. I leave the speakers all the time. I'd love it if I could find a 'smart switch' which I could plug into one of the TVs USB ports so that the speakers turn off when the TV does. I guess I could pay an electrician to wire up a relay with a 5V coil switching power to the speakers, but that wouldn't be very cost effective.

      Oh: and there's no hiss. Mine are completely silent when the TV is turned off. I should really measure the power draw when the TV is switched off.

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        Could you not use a smart plug that has a voltage monitor built in and have the voltage change trigger a routine to turn on smart plug for speakers?

        • Yeah, I'll look into this. Thanks.

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