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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro (Phantom Silver) $169 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Delivered by Amazon AU. $169 is for Phantom Silver colour only.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    To ensure that you won't get ear infection with these Buds Pro, every after use try cleaning it before putting it back in to the case.

    • I've been using this for a few weeks, no irritation or infection at all.

  • Is the battery life really 5ish hours?

    • Yes, hence why all TWS IEMs come with charging pouches. There's only so much battery you can fit into such a compact device.

    • It has active noise cancelling, in a very small bud. The battery life is quite good considering all those factors

  • How's Buds Pro vs Buds 2? they are similar in price and function

    • These are sonically superior to the Buds2, but it's unclear how that will change if/when the Buds2 gets an LE Audio update.

      It's expected to, but there's no hardware on the market from Samsung that currently supports it. Furthermore LE Audio was only ratified very recently.

  • OK. My Buds+ are amazing but the sound quality has been declining over the last 12 months so keen to see if the Pro's have a better sound.

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      Before you throw cash at this, when did you last change the tips, and do you clean the nozzle? Ear wax, moisture and dust have likely built up, and that may be a contributing factor.

      Further more, these work best with Samsung devices, where there is an adaptive codec in place to boost the bandwidth and bitrate coming through. If you're on non-Samsung Android devices, you can still boost quality a little by manually tweaking the SBC or AAC codec bitrate in the Developer settings on your phone, but don't expect miracles.

      It's unlikely sound quality would be diminishing due to battery failure, as you seem to be considering.

  • I've been using the pros since February and (at least as yet) have had no ear infection issues, including wearing them to sleep occasionally.

  • tempted

  • Cheers OP, snagged a pair. Have been a bit hesitant to get bluetooth earbuds as they're fairly oddly shaped and was worried about fit issues, but with Amazon's return policy it's pretty much risk free.

  • +1

    Bought some cheap memory foam tips off eBay for these. Fit a lot better than the ones that came with it.

    • Which one did you buy? I am looking to buy foam tips. \
      Also how did you choose the size?

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        Search 'Memory Foam Buds Pro' on eBay. Around $4 delivered from China. I bought myself 4-5 pairs to have some backups. Took around three weeks to arrive.

        • Cheers mate, have ordered a pack of S/M/L ones, will hopefully be a better fit than stock.

        • I ordered as well. the stock tips are terrible.

  • Same price at kogan but international model and have other colours, is it make any difference?

  • i am awaiting for one that has around 50- 60feet range ,any suggestions please from those having long range bluetooth head sets ,so as to move around during pc calls

    • Bluetooth 6?

  • oos

    • Yes but still available to order, just with unknown ETA.

  • grabbed a paid - see about the ETA.. i guess it wont magically update with pre-chrissie delivery, but who knows!

  • Had mine for a while now, they are awesome !

  • Damn, looks like I missed it

  • Arrived today, sound pretty decent for bluetooth headphones but the silicone tips they provide are the worst I've ever used. Will need memory foam eartips for extended use I reckon.

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